Goods: Togainu and Lamento Chara Luxury Collection

Togainu and Lamento Chara Luxury Collection

Just a quickie post in case you guys wanna get your hands on some yummy goods.

Not a must for me cos I don’t wear accessories but I kinda like the posters and the box tho. I think these accessories are not same ones that were sold as the gashapon Little Accessories Collection Charm. Anyway, I’d rather save the $ for a figure. Besides, I’m already broke.

You can get ’em from Animaxis: Lamento Set and Togainu Set ^^

Both are at 5,040 yen each.

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22 thoughts on “Goods: Togainu and Lamento Chara Luxury Collection”

  1. The yukata on the link abt USD 128 but it says no shipping fee (airmail)
    Juz to be sure i think we should make inquiries upon the shop. (for reference), their payment method is CC thru paypal

    My J-cousin cannot help me because currently he’s on overseas assignment until early Dec.
    Thanks, plz update me if you have more news.

  2. The yukata on the links are lovely! Are the prices reasonable? Euro x_x

    I’ll update you after I check the prices. The shop seems to be selling authentic stuff.

  3. kekeke~ Great idea.

    I cannot make one too, it’s mission impossible. I know there is local tailor for it but i think the person is charging too much.
    I dun think there’s no shop tht sells ready-to-wear yukata around here. (saw on
    I heard there are fakes too…
    Doesn’t have to be completely red, red x white is nice, red x black is dramatic. ^-^v

    Check out this page:
    Lovelies. Imagine with afro wig XD

  4. lol~ XD that’ll be great! We can also clip a big red flower on the black afro. Looks rather cute too!

    Do you have any good leads to get the yukata at an affordable price? It is highly unlikely I can make one myself. I’ll look around for it. I remember there is a shop here that sells yukata. We’ll compare the prices and see? Don’t have to be completely red right?

    The exclusive feeling also plays tricks on our minds and makes us part more easily with our $… same as the words, Limited Edition! First Press Edition… *sweatdrop* XD

    Yep yep! The fun thing about action figures is the diorama! See my 10,000 hits Lulu pic :D I bought the re-ment sushi from HLJ:
    Yukata from yahoo auctions and everything else from Daiso.

    Btw, a naked ProjectBM Lulu isn’t a pretty sight… for the first time, I finally stripped him for the yukata. He definitely looks better clothed although he does have a nice, skinny ass :P

  5. Yea, i think i should get the black afro wig instead the rainbow. I dun wanna be mistaken for afro ken Ha Ha.

    The question is, How and where are we going to get red yukata???
    the obi color should be errr black??? it gives the impression of slim. ha Ha i wish XD

    Yea so far RAH is exclusive thing, it’s good to have exclusive items but when i’m thinking about the cost, i’ll go Waaaaaaaa….
    Currently im helping my friend making food miniature from clay for her RAH diorama.
    Making clay-thingy is cheaper than than re-ment (im eye-ing tht know XD)

  6. *fufufu… occasionally I do see good looking Light cosplay pics on the web ^^

    Lucky Star is a fun, slice of life anime that has references to otaku culture. I enjoyed it very much. The characters are very cute too.

    I believe 2 yukata wearing girls with exploding afro wigs would catch your booth some attention? XD

    I think RAH with all the licensing costs involved would most probably still be around the same price range but yeah it’ll be nice if they’re cheaper ^^

  7. Light is very popular *slaps him again* hard to do his cosplay, not everybody can carry his refined look.

    I heard Lucky Star is pretty wacky. Some friend recommend it to me.

    It’s beautiful. Im bookmarking the page for company reference. thanks

    Business comes first. As for cosplay paln for expo, the only thing possible is now Yukata-cosplay. We can still use some the afro wig Ha-Ha

    Tht’s the beauty of RAH, you can use it as reference. It’s a great innovation in figure-collecting. I hope RAHs is becoming less expensive in the future.

  8. lol~ yeah but still a lot of people like Light. *slaps him too* XD

    I guess once you have the lovely vinyl statues, its hard to like action figures cos of the visible joints. However, I like RAHs and actions figures precisely cos they can change poses. They can be used as references if you need to draw an action or pose keke.

    I think this is very beautiful. Lovely detail on the kimono.

    Quite tempting to me even with my no-statue collecting policy ^^; cos no space to display anyway. Akira and Shiiki were exceptions.

    Yea I like the Lucky Star anime kekeke :D The vocaloid figmas are nice but not as cute as the nendoroids ^^

    Be patient then :D and wait for the year end Christmas sale!

    Mmm red is company colour right? Itz okie la… business comes first mah ^^ Think will be very pretty ;)

  9. handsome and deserve a slap in the face.

    Oh well VCD sounds better, i’m not into RAHs and not crazy of changing them pose.
    Once displayed, they remained there and like that forever.

    Ah, so you have tht Lucky Star figma.
    Yea saw those Vocaloid siblings pic at HobbyJapan. Nice but still getting a ‘no’ from me.

    I figure out even with bungee price the DVD set still expensive.
    oh well, have to face the fact that i cannot HAVE everything. XD
    Too many GACKT not good for my health and sanity of my wallet.

    Speaking of our little cosplay plan *sigh* i think im forcefully encouraged to wear red yukata.

  10. Yesh~ he is a handsome boy… can’t say as much about his personality tho XD he is another drama queen

    Medicom’s VCD is Vinyl Collectible Dolls… Just happen to chance upon the term on online shop :P they are statues. RAH and Project BM are action figures just that the difference is the body they used hehe

    Is this the Kamen Rider Black that you want to buy?

    I’ve already pre-ordered Zero (2nd Lulu) from my local retailer ^^ They didn’t carry the first Lulu so mine was ordered from HMV Japan. First Lulu is sold out at most places now.

    My second fixation is figma… =_= gosh I have so many figmas at home now. Lulu (I manage to pre-order Suzaku too XD), the Lucky Star gang (not including the pre-orders), the Suzumiya Haruhi gang… They’re also releasing street fighter figmas later this year. The cute nendoroid vocaloids that I pre-ordered will also be figma-ised! News revealed in the recent Winter Festival. My ~$~

    Buy the Gackt collection from HMV Japan. I think they have bungee price for it :D Or wait for their 25% discount?

  11. I think Light RAH is a major success and turns out pretty good.
    His outfit is pretty detailed and looks nice.

    I think im bit confused with those terms tht’s why i just typed RAH too make it quick. Abt the Kamen Rider Black, actually i dunno if it’s RAH, BM, VCD, or even statue.
    I just try to save $ to buy one of those.

    Are you gonna get tht 2nd ver? I saw Zero pics, cannot comment on tht becoz im not Geass fan. (Sorry Lulu XD)
    Anyway, another attack to my wallet coming from Gackt, who will release ‘DVD something blah blah’ with the lovely price of 20,000 Y
    The package contain several DVDs of live performances and really put me into temptation.

    The price we have to pay for ‘liking japanese stuff’ is berry berry expensive.

  12. RAH Yagami Light was that one figure that started me down the dark path of bishonen figure collecting *_*

    When I first saw the initial release of the figure, I was like… wah so handsome… I wan… but at that time he was either sold out or extremely expensive online. I struggled with my wallet and didn’t buy it. Not worth loh, especially when the shipping cost half the product price.

    When they re-released the Death Note RAHs of Light and L last December and I found them on pre-order (with discount) at a locally run online store, I finally placed the order. It wasn’t without struggle tho. Imagine spending so much on your first figures =_= Then I had to wait like 8 mths before I see them. What a long wait… that’s why I just couldn’t make myself open the boxes yet. Too precious x_x and significant (to me) lol~

    Is the main difference between RAH and VCD the body they used for the figure? I thought so but a quick search online doesn’t confirm my guess. There are ProjectBM series of Kamen Rider Black tho ^^ which uses a different body from RAH.

    Ooo (Code Geass Season 2) R2 Lulu (Zero) will be released end Sep ^^ but I saw on my retailer’s site that it may be released end Aug instead. It is more expensive but has and additional helmet (or head) that is trademark of the Zero character. I still prefer school boy Lulu’s face tho. Zero’s face has evil look :P

  13. Yeah, i remember the jacket.
    It’s quite stylish, i wish i have tht kinda jacket but not that kinda guy. XD

    Speaking RAH, im saving some money to get Kamen Rider Black RAH or perhaps VCD (Vinyl Collectible blah blah)~not sure abt the difference.

    Any news from the ‘new’ Lelouch BM project??

  14. I’m not sure actually but since the clothes are fabrics, they can probably be handwashed ^^ However Light’s jacket fabric seems quite delicate so should also use very gentle detergent. I haven’t taken him out of the box yet so I can’t really tell.

    Hehehe.. wrap bento XD and go for picnic!

  15. Ha Ha same here. Bought similar cloth and cleaner few years ago.
    it’s even more annoying becoz i have to clean it thou not wearing it everyday.

    The scarf doesn’t feel very much like an art piece as in figures. XD
    maybe can use it to wrap some bento haa haa…

    Owh,…does clothing in RAH washable? my friend wants to know, i think her Light RAH clothing got dirty.
    (i dun remember a thing about the clothes being washable or not)

  16. Hehehe… probably! Silver needs regular cleaning but on me it tarnishes too fast ==” my friend also agreed. I even bought those cleaning solution and cloth… it just got kind bothersome after a while.

    icic I think the scarf would look good as an art piece :D

  17. Maybe i have the same condition bcoz silver easily tarnished too.
    so it’s related with sweat huh?
    but silver accessories must be cleaned regularly, i think im too lazy for tht Haa Haa.

    Yea it’s square (70 x 70 cm, 100% cotton) but i think it’s cheaper than 3500Y, maybe around 2000Y.
    Maybe it’s suppose to be a scarf.

  18. Yah man… I think they may pop up on mandarake in the future, so buy 2nd hand at a lower price should be ok :P

    Ooo… is it the square one that has the Lamento logo? You can frame it for display. It looks pretty cool ^^ Was it about 3500 Yen?

    Same here… I can’t even take silver. Only gold. And I think I have super acidic sweat. The silver tarnishes really fast when I wear it.

  19. I really like the box and posters but i’m going to be an absolute sucker if i order them just for the sake of the box and posters.
    Still traumatized by buying Lamento ‘Konoe’ cloth/scarf, which is absolute useless.

    Also agree with you, rather save $ for a figure.
    I have certain allergic with accs, i cannot wear earring unless it’s gold or silver. (even silver makes my ear itch sometimes)

  20. Oic so those were the ones I saw… at that time the pre-orders on the Animate website for these 2 sets were long sold out already. There were no photos so I wasn’t sure what they were, only feeling frustrated that they got sold out so soon without me even knowing what they looked like x_x lol~

    Yea, unless we buy them for the sake of collecting and possible resale value later XD

  21. Yup yup seen this at ANIMATE’s last month catalog.

    I like Togainu but will not think myself of wearing the accs (ring, earrings etc)
    Especially no one will recognize it..except ponytale. XD
    I dun wear accs unless special occasion and i prefer the box and the posters Ha Ha

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