Goods: Time for bed and some smexy action with Takaba Akihito Male! Dakimakura (Viewfinder, Yamane Ayano)

Ooo~ that come hither look. Can you resist it?
Nothing explicit here but potentially NSFW. You’ve been warned :D

First available during Animate Girls Festival 2010 in October 2010, this dakimakura cover (抱き枕 hugging pillow) of Takaba Akihito 高羽秋仁 of Viewfinder manga was specially created by mangaka Yamane Ayano やまねあやの. He is now available exclusively from Libre B-Boy online store.

Title: Yamane Ayano illustrated [finder no hyouteki] Takaba Akihito Hugging Cushion/Pillow cover
やまねあやの描き下ろし「ファインダーの標的」高羽秋仁 抱き枕カバー
Price: 8,800 Yen (w/tax)
Size: 170cm x 50cm
Material: soft and stretchable cloth
For international orders, you can use a proxy buyer like fromjapan or from this online store. Search for “Takaba Akihito”. Compare the prices with your proxy and middleman service and see which is more affordable :)

Title: Stuffing/ Dakimakura Pillow Body (Made-to-order)
Price: 6,000 Yen (w/tax)
Info: Made-to-order so it will take at least a month before it is shipped.

I had to use a forwarding service to get the dakimakura cover but overall the ordering process was painless… except for the damage it did to my bank account.

Front and back of the packaging. The folded smex lol~

Measuring at a height of 170 cm x 50 cm width, Akihito dakimakura cover is the probably the longest I’ve seen out there in the market. When I lay him down on my queen-sized bed, he is almost as long as it is! *_*

His size is so exclusive that you must buy custom-made stuffing/pillow body from Libre’s store if you wanted him to be filled up properly (my brain fired a BL-filter there) and snugly. However, that would set me back another 6,000 Yen! I was hoping to get away with using something cheaper other than that custom-made pillow but I have to admit defeat. The longest cheaper available pillow bodies are only 160 cm in length.

Anyway the material used is really smooth and soft. You can definitely feel the quality. This is my first dakimakura, so I’m not sure if the material is any different from other dakimakura. The material is stretchable too and doesn’t seem to trap heat. I like that :D

If we compare it with smexy cushions of Akira/Shiki, the cloth material of the dakimakura cover is much softer and smoother.

The printing is fine and the colours are warm and lovely. Not too bright or saturated. The watercolours of the illustration are very subtle and pleasing to the eye. Also, the cover doesn’t have a nasty “petroleum” like odour that you sometimes get from low quality printed cushions. You can pretty much use it right out of the package.

The back of the cover is white in colour and printed with Libre’s logo. Yeah… this cover is only one-sided. Definitely useful if you want to be discreet. You can turn it over to the blank side when your parents are watching or have guests over lol~

ooo~ doesn’t this look like he was naked? *nosebleed*

There is a zip right at the bottom of the dakimakura for you to insert the pillow body.

Since I didn’t buy the pillow body, I tried putting Akira inside him *cough*

The result! Well, since the cushion is much shorter, it only managed to fill up till Akihito’s chest area. However, the width is a quite a good fit. The left pic shows the cover without a pillow body, and the right pic shows the cover with Akira cushion inside. Nice!

Finally, here are the washing instructions and information about the custom-made pillow body.

Ah~ so the cover was made in Japan! No wonder it is so expensive… *_*

I’ll update again when I get my hands on the pillow body. OTL but that’ll probably be some time later while my bank account recuperates from the blood-letting. The high currency exchange rate doesn’t help either DX So back into the plastic packaging he goes.

Have you guys bought the cover and pillow body?

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28 thoughts on “Goods: Time for bed and some smexy action with Takaba Akihito Male! Dakimakura (Viewfinder, Yamane Ayano)”

  1. can somebody please tell me where to buy it i really need it for christmas, and when i show my mom she’s gonna be like “WTF” and im gonna be “my prescious**” in a creepy voice and then just lick the computer screen

  2. Congrats on being the owner of the dakimakura xD
    I am thinking of getting one and I was wondering if you could help:
    How much (did it cost) for the middleman service?
    There are some by libre_publishing on the net somewhere, but they only ship to the USA and I live in a Southeast Asian country T.T
    But I don’t know how much it would cost for the forwarding since they don’t provide the mass of the whole package.
    I’m hoping very fervently that you would help @.@
    Please and thank you very much ^_^

    1. @fanyi: I can’t remember exactly how much it costs OTL yep I’m in denial but I think by the time it got to me, the total is about 35-40% additional to the selling price. Including shipping. But that is because I used a more expensive middleman at that time.

      You can try this shopping service which I believe will give you a final total which is much less.

      Let me know how much it cost for you in the end :P for curiousity sake lol. Thanks! XD

  3. wow, the dakimakura is juuuust so sexy!!!! I wish i could buy it but there’s some problems. i’m only 13 years old and if i buy this my parents will say “what is THIS?!?!” BUT if they Junjou Romantica dakimakuras i would totally buy them even if they’re pervy!!

    1. same here , and the shipping’s pretty expensive too . it’s sucks being 13 . ;n; i want one badly.

    1. @Blymeyaoi: Yes, that’s official goods from Yamane Ayano-sensei x Libre too but they are not dakimakura covers of Asami and Fei Long. They are both actually on -ONE- bedsheet X3 Look closely at the photos ;) It was released a few years ago and was reissued once. I don’t have them cos I wasn’t so crazy about Yaoi then. Now they have become my wishlist items too.

  4. @ponytale: Lol, lucky you. I regret my decision now, for not having it send via EMS as well. Though most definitely you didn’t have to spend $255 for it? That’s how much it went for on ebay. ^^;; Yeah, the exchange rate, the shipping, and the middle man fees will add up to make the pillow to be around $100-ish. ><;; Fortunately for me, there's a place not far from where I live where they sell them at wholesale prices so it would only cost $20 at most to make a pillow that size (went to check last weekend). And we have a sewing machine at our house so hopefully I can make one. :D

    1. @mai: aww… Akihito will be with you soon enough!! *hugz* no, I think I spent about $100+ too (darn exchange rate) on him, shipping and all. *_* woo $255 that’s good money! And without shipping costs yet? If somebody offers me that much… I just might sell XDD (poor Akihito)

      That’s great! :D Cos importing the pillow body would be another $100 bucks due to the size and weight (T_T)

  5. *o*!
    my god~ *speechless*!
    Those nipples and underwear! *faint*
    You are so lucky to own this. I really think this is the best daikurama ever. I love the artwork. The thing he is holding is cute; it displays our reaction neh? (lucky tomato are whatever that thing is;;)XD

    1. @sigma: hahahaha XD yea! I was wondering what that round thing is too! Looks like an anti-stress ball? :P

      *cough* yep those nipples and underwear OTL;;; Rivals the first Akira sexy cushion :3

  6. You actually bought it, wow!! Dudette, with your ever awesome and helpful website and posts, I feel that I owe you cash for your hard work! Someday, I’ll be able to donate some to your site, someday!! *fists of fury*

    Aside from the wonderful smexy-ness of our favorite uke, I can stare forever at sensei’s work of art painting. *_* She inspires me to test our her sort of painting style! (those brushes she uses probably costs a fortune…)

    1. @mai: Yea… I haven’t regretted the decision fortunately ^^;;; although I feel the pain when the money went ~$$$~ I shipped EMS so he came real quickly (BL-filter fired once *cough*). I’m torn about the pillow body too. 6000 yen! (T_T) But buying the cotton and all that from the crafts store may add up to about the same? Cos I think the quality of cospa pillow body should be quite good and supposedly worth the money. It’s the exchange rate that’s making it a real pain DX

      @planck-chan: Lol~ wipes planck-chan’s drool XD I think he won’t be sold out yet. Sigh, if I managed to buy the Togainu plushies last week, then I probably wouldn’t have bought Akihito’s pillow cover so soon. I haven’t figured out how to display him XD I’ll worry about it when the pillow body arrives :P *brace for even more weird looks*

      @Ri: Korean trip will be worth it! I think if it’s meant to be, you’ll get your hands on him one day right? :D

      @Jima: Maybe its the angle of the photos. Akihito on the actual pillow cover looks quite pretty ^^ But I also deliberated on the decision to buy him. Cos I also prefered having the semes lying beside me instead lol~ I wouldn’t need to consider at all if it was Feilong or Asami. I would also buy them in a snap. Totally. XD Glad you enjoy my posts!

      @hiroshichan: OTL;;; yep and fortunately I haven’t regretted the decision. Have to work hard for the bank account to recuperate now! Thanks for your sweet thoughts! *hugz* I’m glad you enjoy my posts XDD

      Yeah, the details of her water colours came out nicely. Very pretty! Give it a shot! I’m sure you’ll be as good or even better than sensei one day!

  7. I was considering getting this but I have a problem with his face–it looks odd to me but the rest of his body looks fiiiiiiiiiine. ;)

    I would have much preferred an Asami dakimakura (or Feilong). I hope Yamane Ayano sees how much we fans want an Asami dakimakura and decides to make one in the near future–now that I’d buy in a heartbeat! Having a hot, sexy seme like Asami lying next you? YUM! DO WANT SO BAD.

    Thank you for the review and lovely photos as always. :)

  8. A…AA…AAAAA *speechless…YOU GOT IT….waaaaaaaaa~~~ *urayamashiiiii~~~If only i didn’t plan to go to Korea end of the year, i will grab that pillow at the event.. T_T. Money oh money…

  9. So you got it! Congrats!!! Such a sexy Akihito *¬* luv the pics!
    LOL so much with the part Akira goes inside Akihito! XDDD oh my, our perv minds hehehe
    It’s a lovely item, only hope I have more money to get it, but dunno if I gather the courage to expose him on my bed, I don’t live alone – hahaha ok, I have this Aki pillow anyway but… even though I consider this total worth buying.

  10. Oh, you bought it!! So nice~ As always, thank you for the pics and the review! I put in my order last week, so it’ll take approx. another 2-3weeks before I can get my hands on it. Can’t wait! I’m still hesitating whether to purchase the pillow body, 6000 yen… >.<;; Maybe I'll ask my mom to teach me how and I'll just make it myself.

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