Goods: Tiger and Bunny Wild Tiger Cake with Waiter uniform Kotetsu Figure

Wild Tiger themed cake up for order. Just because they can.

Title: TIGER & BUNNY Wild Tiger Cake (TIGER&BUNNY ワイルドタイガーケーキ)
Price: 3,990 Yen (w/tax)
Available: June 2012
Preorder page:

According to the official site, the cake will be available in limited quantities and needs to be refrigerated (under 18 degrees Celsius). Expiry date is one month after delivery. Local shipping within Japan costs 735 Yen.

The set will come with a 14cm tall PVC figure of Kaburagi T. Kotetsu (鏑木 T.虎徹) in Waiter uniform (ギャルソン姿の虎徹). The figure includes a base.

Created in the image of Wild Tiger’s hero suit, ingredients of the green colour sponge cake is made up of green apple moouse cream, diced green apple, etc. Looks yummy!

The figure’s design and ojisan’s face is not bad. Detail of the figure.

Size of the cake is 12 cm in diameter. There is also a chocolate “plate” on top of the cake..

Just sucks that we won’t be able to eat the cake even if we ordered it. This is similar to the limited edition Tiger and Bunny Valentine Cake (with the chibi figures) a few months back.

Bunny’s cake is being planned and will be available for order in April 2012. Bunny’s cake is most likely strawberry cake lol~ Sakura flavour would be nice.

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17 thoughts on “Goods: Tiger and Bunny Wild Tiger Cake with Waiter uniform Kotetsu Figure”

  1. For once I’m grateful that I don’t live in Japan, otherwise my savings would be empty. JUST TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY T&B!!

    1. @mon: but we don’t have to pay extra for overseas shipping orz so for the same amount of money we pay, we can buy more stuff /sigh/

  2. Love the idea and the looks of it but the figure’s face seems iffy and not very Kotetsu looking.. Idk I think it’s just me ><

  3. XD I love the detailed diagram! It’s like; there’s yummy bits here here and here! That green outside is pretty vibrant!! Only in Japan~

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