Goods: Tiger and Bunny Valentine Cake with Kotetsu and Barnaby Chibi Figure

Valentine’s Day special cake aiming straight for the fujoshi heart

Title: TIGER & BUNNY Valentine Cake (タイガー&バニー バレンタインケーキ)
Price: 4,200 Yen
Available: February 2012
Preorder page:

According to the official site, the chocolate cake will be available in limited quantities and needs to be refrigerated. Shipping costs 840 Yen. It will also come with figures of the Heroes couple in patisserie attire. Its supposed to be a gift from the couple to make our Valentine’s Day special but WE are paying for it lol~

Bunny says he is working hard with Kotetsu on making a delicious cake but Kotetsu keeps trying out the taste of the chocolate, they can’t seem to make any progress (Tsundere-chan must be very happy to spend so much quality time with ojisan lol~)
Kotetsu says that he may be confident when it comes to fried rice but he’ll have to work hard with Bunny to make the cake. (Working hard or getting HARD? Ooo~) He wants your support so that he can wildly make a delicious cake! (That means… SHOW ME THE MONEY Folks!)

Size of the cake is 12 cm in diameter. They’ll also decorate the cake specially for you. Sure looks yummy… but as this is a mousse cake that needs to be refrigerated, shipping this cake is not possible unless you try special courier delivery which will cost a bomb.

The cake comes with 2 chibi figures of the couple. Barnaby’s face fails ^^;; Anyway the heads can be moved from side to side. Cute detail on the aprons showing their mascot icons. And the set comes with a mask for Koutetsu. Illustration card of the characters wearing patisserie attire is also included. The figure bases have a “monument” design.

The figures are about 10 cm tall so… it just hit me. The cake is small! :O I think the bulk of the money goes to the figures. Sounds like a rip-off ^^;; The figures don’t look very attractive to me. If you really must have them, I suggest hiring a proxy to order it for you but only send you the figures. Let the hardworking proxy enjoy the cake.

I think the following photo shows the actual size comparison.

Have a bank bleeding Valentine’s Day 2012, Tiger & Bunny fans!

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17 thoughts on “Goods: Tiger and Bunny Valentine Cake with Kotetsu and Barnaby Chibi Figure”

  1. lol that is so cute! Japan knows how to have fun.;v;
    I have to wonder what fan of this series who don’t approved of this have to say?XD There is a lot tiger x bunny goodies they know what drives the market! XD

    1. @sigma: They know that when girls get obsessed, we spend like crazy! Gaining uber popularity for anime is like a hit or miss thing. So since they have a winner in their hands, they might as well milk the fans dry while they can.

  2. Looks like good idea but I am not willing to spend the money on it. Plus the characters have weird looks on their faces.

    I have spent enough money on POT items and I need money for my cosplays in 2012.

    1. @TasukiHoneyBunny: The idea is cute and full of fujoshi goodness :D If the figures were cuter then there would be a greater struggle over not having them. It’s fortunate for some of us that they look strange lol~

      With the OVAs coming out, you will have even more opportunities to spend on POT items… yep, definitely have to prioritise!

  3. again

    i’m not if this counts as the most random product where you *insert anime here*
    just to get money out of fans (i’m sure not)

    in your opinion, which would be the most ridiculous/random/wth product u’v encounter, ponytale?

    ps: the figures look weird :c

    1. @Shirokaze: You’ll be surprised ^^;; I’m sure fans will buy. They’re planning a “from Barnaby to Kotetsu~” fried rice plate set too lol~ I’ll update when official page is up lol~

      Hmm… I’ve seen so many items like this made and after a while it seemed like the norm for popular anime :P You can say that anything can be sold… tea, snacks, wine, cutlery… if you can name it, we can make it!

      Yeah… the faces are quite fail.

  4. This is a very nice Valentine’s day special. I’m not very fond of mousse cake, but I eat it sometimes. This cake looks nice thou.

    The figures don’t look appealing to me, too… Kotetsu & Barnaby looks… weird somehow. Maybe if they were more chibi they would look cuter.

    1. @planck-chan: Lucky for us that we don’t like the faces, right? 4200 Yen + fees! DX

      Wow such beautiful customs! I think the Nendoroid Bakuman boys seem like really useful for making customs lol~ The sculptor also used Kyon’s Disappearance version for the bodies. I love looking at the progress pics the sculptor posted. It’s helpful for us if we want to learn :D

      Hmm… its about time somebody made Nezumi and Shion indeed… Do it planck-chan! Sculpting skills can be learnt too XDD

  5. Oh geez, those faces. Pfffff… I’m half-tempted to order this cake, half-because I like cake and half-because those expressions are priceless…

    1. @Puchi: The whole idea is very cute :D But fortunately I don’t need to struggle cos I don’t find the faces attractive. Phew ^^;; And 4,200 Yen + 840 Yen + Proxy fees… I personally don’t think its worth it.

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