Goods: Tiger and Bunny Poster Collection (Limited edition)

Official, made-to-order, limited order period Kaburagi T. Kotetsu and Barnaby Brooks Jr. poster collection…

Shocked lol~ don’t be… cos these two are the actual, SEPARATE design of each poster. These illustrations are newly created for the posters.

Price: 4,935 Yen (w/tax)
Available: Mid February 2012
Made to order exclusive:
Order period: 14 November 2011 to 19 December 2011

Set includes:
Posters of 鏑木・T・虎徹/バーナビー・ブルックスJr. One each
Instruction guide x 1
Package size: W 90mm ×H 520mm
Poster size: W 1700mm×H 520mm
Made in Japan

But with a little photoshop manipulation… Tadah~~~ what a perfect fit! Created by a Japanese fan lol~ :D Pic taken from here:

Anyway, I can smell the strong scent of official dakimakura or bedsheets of the heroes coming up very, very soon. Prepare your bank accounts if you’re a fan. Bandai is definitely going on the offensive when it comes to milking their fujoshi audience now.

After the Valentine cake figures and posters, there are also plans to make the special fried rice cutlery set (plate + spoon) with words “To Kotetsu from Barnaby” written on the bottom of the plate. About 4000 Yen and up if I remember correct. I’ll post pics when official order page is up.

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32 thoughts on “Goods: Tiger and Bunny Poster Collection (Limited edition)”

    1. @urusaiii: Well, granted they are new illustrations and rather huge… its the proxy fees that made it worse. If it was mass produced, they would earn a lot. But if we consider it as individual prints, the price of the printing cost is just about there.

  1. Hahaha! I’m sure the image of them together was made first, then they separated them. They look much too… compatible. *wipe drool*

  2. i know the pic was manipulated the second i saw it
    cos i already saw the posters in mfc xD


    something tells me there were together in the original,
    but then decided to keep them separated for business purposes xD

  3. Geez Bandai wants me to create an account but I don’t speak Japanese!! Dx Is there a way to view this item with English description? Wait do they even ship outside Japan? GAH I NEED THEM!!

  4. I think they made it on purpose, even separated anyone could join them with some image editing software, cos they simply fit perfectly! But the manipulated would be more worth to buy than the actual ones….

    1. …. I just striped Tiger down to his undies in a game of pong….
      -///u///- … I have never been so happy

  5. My wallet is not ready… Those are so expensive–!;;

    I mean, I’d definitely pay that price for the photo manipulated one, but… yipes. ~60 bucks for some posters…? e A e;;

    1. @Shirokaze: I’ll work on the edit button when I can ^^ It stopped working after I updated my blog files.

      Actually I did some calculations, if the posters were printed individually, the price is quite reasonable. But since they’ll most probably be mass-produced due to overwhelming orders lol~ it’ll seem like a rip off if we knew the actual cost of manufacturing it.

      But woah~ if they did come to life at night, it’ll be… lol~ such brillance, you.

    2. At that price, they’d better be printed on silk!

      Ahh, but then again, I guess the posters are pretty huge, huh? I’d rather have them in a stick-poster size than a huge gigantic size, because posters that large are a little hard to display…

    3. @Puchi: They’re more for collectible value… colours will fade too if we display them right? D:

      Come to think of it., we pasted them onto the wall right next to the length of the bed.. woah~ the effect would be quite good… since they’re horizontal.

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