Goods: The first anatomically correct, 18+ male figurine (Sweet Pool)

Youji PVC
This info is not new but I only found out about it today. Sakiyama Youji 崎山蓉司 from Nitro+Chiral’s 18+ boy’s love game Sweet Pool will probably go down in figurine history as the first officially licensed, anatomically-correct, half-naked, 18+ male figure to be produced for mass consumption.

And we can expect more to come, since the maker, MEGALOMANICUS ( or will probably continue to license BL male characters from Nitro+Chiral. Akiyama, we did live to see the day… of naked male figures (although a garage kit) and it came so much earlier than expected ^^;;;

The appeal of the finalised pose is… well… oh well… erm… *cough* debatable. It is based on one of the unused drafts in the Nitro Chiral sweet pool official works artbook.

Youji PVCI can’t imagine displaying this figure if I get it. x_x The base stained with Youji’s discharge is just impossible to explain to the casual viewer. Probably have to buy him a toilet and put him on it LOL. Nice ass btw… ^^

There are lots more photos of the prototype at the maker’s website. You can pop by and take a look. Youji’s dangly bits will be clearly seen in the figure but they are censored by mosaic for now tho lol~

But it sure captures one of the main elements of the game. *mega sweat drop* … but now sweet pool feels like sweet poo… x_x;;; Maybe we’re too used to seeing beautiful things. However, I think Youji’s pretty face is very well-sculpted ^^ Can’t comment on the other details since we can’t see it.

Hmm… I wonder if he would be stopped by customs when he is finally released. *_*

Anyway, this figure will be available during Wonderfest (Summer 2010) around July 2010.

Youji PVC

According to the blog, it seems that he is a resin PVC (garage kit) that requires self assembly/painting. I prefer completed figures tho… o_O painting it would be a real challenge for newbies, isn’t it? We’ll have to wait and see.

The maker will be taking orders from their website during the WF event. WF website ( will probably also be open for ordering.

Title: 崎山蓉司’at sweet pool official works
: 5,000 Yen (to be finalised)

Want to own a piece of male figure history? Watch out for updates :)

Update: 2010 June

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting the opportunity to own such a unique garage kit/figure of Youji so soon. The makers recently updated their website and said that they accidentally damaged the original prototype when trying to make modifications to it. It cannot be used for reproduction anymore (T_T) I’m really disappointed and saddened by the news! :( I hope they don’t give up making the figure for future release!

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46 thoughts on “Goods: The first anatomically correct, 18+ male figurine (Sweet Pool)”

    1. @Asamisa: The questionable pose grabs your attention and much I find it a struggle to display, I have to admit that it is very awesome this way :P It’s a real pity it’s damaged and we won’t be able to buy it anymore :(

      Zenya’s ending is scary OTL;;;;; I feel really bad for Youji much as he looks hot *_*

    2. Well, I guess you’re right xP. We’ll have to wait until they decide to put the figure again in the market, without damages, of course XD

  1. @sigma – I will if I can! XDD

    Those white stuff should be silicone. They pour it over the created clay figure so as to make a mold for it. Are you referring to that? Then after they get the mold done, they can clone the original clay figure using other materials like clay, resin, etc :) Otherwise they have to sculpt the figure over and over again and it takes too much time.

    I’ve done some prior research on figure making and stuff and one of the problems I face is that I don’t have an area at home where I can use for these projects :( cos I read that these chemicals can be quite toxic. So you need well ventilated areas. I can’t do it in the kitchen, my mum will kill me since it can get quite messy :-\ my house is really small! One thing I hope for if I sign up for the class is that they have a studio with all the equipment we need to do the above :P

    If he is garage kit he’ll most likely be sold at conventions or events. Probably be sold at a online store that the maker is working with?

    Ooo.. glad you asked! Cos I think I was using the free and the comment subscribe plugin came with the blog automatically. Since I migrated to my own server I had to install it manually ^^ aww *hugz* it’s okie hehe. You don’t have to reply to everything you know X3

  2. Ahh so lucky!! I want to join~ take me with you! lol
    The thing i want to figure out is how they have that white stuff, an they make a box for it an pour the liquid in. Yea this is how very little i know of clay/sculpt i can’t even describe things right.;;

    If he is a garage kit where would they be sold at? I only usually know of online stores that sell figures and pvc but not really model/garage kits. There not really big in the BL community sadly. : (

    Thank you for the plug-in! *v*
    I remember you had a option like this before awhile back but i would always forget to use it before i hit the post button. XD
    I’m definitely not forgetting this time!

  3. @sigma – I think it’ll most likely be a garage kit… and he sure looks gorgeous. The making process is so interesting and educational lol~ XD I’ve always been really curious about how they are made. Let’s hope that this time we’ll be able to get our hands on him!

    Oh my, I just found a weekly class here that teaches action figure sculpting!!! :O I’m really tempted *_* but I’m afraid it might clash with my Japanese class next year cos our schedule for that is not out yet :-\ But f I manage to sign up for it, I’ll be sure to share some tips on the blog :D

    That’s a great suggestion! Let me search for a wordpress plugin for that and test it out :D

  4. The recent update on that site is pure win. I love the muscles on that figure! If he gets released he might be a garage kit. I wouldn’t care though i’d so get it (an go broke)! XD

    sigh i would love to take sculpting class too. I don’t know of any around were i live though…

    btw do you still have the option, the one where it that’s let me know when you reply to my post. I’m not so good with remembering where i last post lately.;;

  5. OMG!! That is pure *insert nosebleed here* awesome!*_*
    The anatomy is mind blowing whooa~
    Is she new to the figure business are has been being doing figures for other companies for awhile? I’d love to see more of her works. There inspiring~ *_*;

    What story is the sweet pool illustrators character from?

    1. @sigma: YES! It’s very inspiring to see ^^ makes me wanna go sign up for clay figure sculpting lessons or something. Not sure but I don’t think she’s doing this full time.

      I think that character is specially created for this project :3 The character’s name is Joshua, Age: 26. I don’t get the translation well but it seems his character setting is something like an underground information collector.

    1. @sigma: yeah :( but she’s currently making a new figure with sweet pool’s illustrator’s original character. And he is hot! X3メイキング2/

  6. It’s hot, other than the fact that it looks like he’s taking a poo. The stand doesn’t help either; makes it look like he’s pooing out his internal organs.

  7. Ahaha, yes maybe some of my friends will buy this for sure. I don’t think they will hesitate to buy it! But they got shocked as well, shocked to see such a moe figure, to see Youji’s something…lol

  8. My pleasure, I will be thoroughly stalking this blog from now on x3
    As for TH, I don’t think I have the bawls to ask him myself! Can you be handed a restraining order over the internet? Oo lol

    1. You’re always welcome! XD Hmm I think I’ll buzz him nearer to the release date and see what he says lol~ XD I’ll keep you guys updated!

  9. @bangin-san: Thanks for dropping by. Yeah shocking right? LOL ^^ But as for us, we’ll be spared the embarrassment because it will only be mail order for us XD so we won’t meet the cashier!

    Please let us know or post in your blog if your Fujoushi friends buy him ok? I know all of us overseas fans (who probably won’t be able to get him) would love a review or something :)

  10. EEEEERRR!! What is this!? Omg, Yo-chin! This is really hiliarious. But I can’t take it to the casher! It’s so embarrassing!! lol

  11. I ‘d love to buy Youji only if he would be in other kind of posting ! It would look like that if I buy this one I’d have to hide it somewhere otherwise people would definitely ask me about him !

    I got myself Shiki and Akira plushie , want the others too but couldn´t afford them all. I saw that Hakuoki also released Plushies too, and I missed my chance again !

    1. @Wilhelmina4: Yeah… so embarrassing XD but it would be interesting to have. I would love to get one just for his history making value lol~

      I bought the TnC boys too! Cute! I’m saving up for the rest of the plushies. No big hurry yet cos the stocks seem to be holding out. And my gosh… I’m also saving for Ai no Kusabi DVDs x_x hope they’re not too expensive. And now that TnC anime is announced, here to another bank busting expenditure (T_T)

      Hakuouki plushies are cute too but fortunately I’m not a big fan cos I haven’t played the game *phew*. I like the beautiful CGs tho :D

  12. Umm…ok, I haven’t played Sweet Pool the game, but why exactly is the figurine looking like he’s taking a dump?! (O_o)

    1. Lol… weird pose huh but it definitely catches your attention, doesn’t it? But if you played the game, you’ll understand why there are “things” that come out of Youji’s ass when he isn’t taking a dump ^^;;;

  13. i searched an there are a few tentacle figures…quite disturbing; O_X;

    OMG *glomps*~~keisuke!! *O*
    I saw someone had a great deal on the plushes on ebay but someone got to it before i could when i came home from work. I shall wait an see if they person gets some more up. Hope to see keisuke up to. ;A;

    1. ^^;;; well, if they do the BL tentacles, hopefully they give us a less disturbing pose. (if it is even possible :P )

      Try this ebay seller Tokyohunter. I think so far their price is the best for a pair of TnC plush! I can’t remember if he sold the other plush besides Akira and Shiki. Anyway, all the plushies are out for sale already but I’ll get them if I strike lottery or get extra $$$ Also have to wait and see what other figures are coming out cos of the upcoming anime. Budget budget!!!

  14. ~”Let’s hope xD Tentacle rape BL figure!!”

    lol! wah, i don’t even know if they even have a girl-type figure of tentacle rape yet? I’d have to search if they have ones for the girl figures than is high chance someday for the bl figures. 0o0

    Yay that’d be cool ^v^

  15. Dark keisuke would be awesome/an disturbing at the same time.*_*
    Yea lamento was light but if you include the tentacle rape it’s almost the same.XD;;

    Awww where to find a middle man trustworthy enough? Maybe we get lucky it shows up on ebay for a good price i doubt it though.;;


    1. Dark keisuke would be interesting to see. Let’s hope xD Tentacle rape BL figure!!! Woo~ That’ll be hardcore *_*

      Let’s wait and see. When the time comes, maybe we can try ordering together to get a better handling price ^^

  16. Ah i just visited the website an saw all the photos! The figure as a whole is so cute!;v;

    Aww garage kit are not i want i hope they do shipping out of japan are i’ll be one sad fan.;

  17. “Yeah, for the sake of owning a piece of history and supporting BL male figures, let’s all get our hands on Youji(’s ass again)!!! XDD”

    lmao! Yes literally!XD i honestly glad they started the first yaoi figure to be youji sense the artists style is very mature. (be neat if they did more of the main heros of the games to get sculpted!*o*
    Hmm i wouldn’t mind another bloody fig with akira as for konoe id think something light showing off his tattoos from the curse.)

    There are actually some very nice sculptor painting tuts out there on the web i think it would be fun an interesting to try it. Would be hard to try to mix the exact colors though. Masking fluid is your best friend when it comes to things like this.♥
    (lol omg painting down there would be a nightmare you’d need a really fine brush an steady hands! Does the sculpter have that photo out are still pixeled? Maybe he left it unpainted?XD;;;;)

    OMG no its a perfect place to put him! Because sebby is adjusting his gloves it looks like he would be ready to give him a prostate check! A very messy one at that~ XD

    1. @sigma: yeah and in a way, it’s kinda grotesquely artistic and not p0rn for pr0n’s sake like many of the x-rated girl figures out there ^^;;; when I think about it this way, I feel happier ^^;;; don’t know how to explain it tho. And you’re right. Without his base, he looks cute when you put him in different positions like the sculptor did in the website pics lol~

      If they carry along this line, then that Dark Keisuke CG where he dances with Akira’s insides will be a good choice :P Comparatively, Lamento just feels a lot milder huh.

      I think the sculptor painted Youji’s bits cos the pixels look coloured LOL~ XD I think buying this kit would be a great motivating factor to learn how to do it properly. It’s 5000Yen! x_x Doesn’t seem likely to ship international. I think we’ll most probably need to get a deputy service or middleman to buy it.

      HAHAHAHA prostate check! XD you’re a genius <3

  18. @imacatlover: XD yeah… I think most of us don’t have any experience with garage kit and painting figures… maybe it’ll be a good chance to learn *_* but I think we have to practice it on other items before painting on the actual item. screwing up 5000 Yen would be painful! Not to mention having to buy the paint and other equipment like brushes and sprays. Mixing the paint to get the closest/right colour is going to be a challenge too. Oh unless they also come with instructions then maybe it won’t be so bad. Sending to professional painters hmm… that’s a possible option (embarrassing tho XD)

    I think the maker probably made the figure first, then approached Nitro+ for the license and got it to be official! And cos they’re not sure of the appeal *cough* they’re releasing it as GK to test the market. MAYBE they might decide to go into full production of this GK as a completed PVC in the future! :D

    @sigma: Yeah, for the sake of owning a piece of history and supporting BL male figures, let’s all get our hands on Youji(‘s ass again)!!! XDD

    Mmm, I never tried before either x_x and screwing up the paint job would be quite devastating and imagine painting hairs on his down there *sweat* And his face too… that would be seriously challenging. We have to start practising now! From the choice of pose, I think all the boys would probably given the grotesque treatment?

    I can imagine a raised eyebrow on Sebby at a squatting Youji lol~

    @Amana: Agrees! XD It’s a huge step forward indeed. Let’s look forward to more XD

    @joysatrandom: Definitely… there’s a reason why he is doing that and btw, it’s not sh*t lol~ XD It’s quite dark and gory tho’ but overall an amazing game story-wise :)

  19. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I first saw this. Why is he taking a sh*it?? Haha. I don’t know anything about Sweet Pool. If I play the game, would I understand?XD

  20. Oh mon dieu! C’est inimaginable à quel point cette figurine est gore! J’adore!
    Owwyes! It’s like a pornographic horror male figure! As you said, the creator had chosen the more fucking strange thing of SweetPool to adapt! I LOVE IT! HAHAHA!
    “Sweet Poo”>> Excellent! But it is a big step to the future of BL figures!!

  21. OMG UGTOLKAUDDFJ! Shock-!! Omg i still want it despite whats on the bottom of him ~! XDDD *hides*

    I would have loved a erotic pose too but for the first yaoish figure this is not bad to start it off with something simple an straight forward with out it being straight out there (XD) with how its sculpted,;; I think there doing this to test it out if these type of figure sell then we can look forward to more advance poses in future.

    I hate the fact that it is resin kit. i never tried one but i know i’d fail unless i look an try to mimic the figures that i already own. I definitely wouldn’t want to send it to someone else to paint id be really embarrassed! ;_;
    Hmm….Where would i put it…..maybe i’d put him next to sebby to balance things out!(elegantly dressed figure next to exposed figure)XD *shot*

    Wah i want makoto figure too…wait…..i can already see were this is going if they do decide to make all the characters. I hope his won’t be messy…XpX

  22. “I can’t imagine displaying this figure if I get it. x_x The base stained with Youji’s discharge is just impossible to explain to the casual viewer. Probably have to buy him a toilet and put him on it LOL. ”

    Bwahahahahaha xDDD I laughed for three minutes straight! :’) I’m so sad this figure is a garage kit, though. If it was already painted, I would’ve liked to give it a try, but right now, I can only inmagine me screwing up Youji’s face, cause I wasn’t holding the brush right in my shakey hands, or something :(

    There seem to be people in Japan and America (and probably some other places in the world too) who are proffesional figure painters, and offer their services/help for money. But that would probably mean you have to pay twice for shipping, paint, the painters and the figure itself… I don’t want to know how much that’s going to cost me.

    I do like to hear about more Nitro+Chiral male figures, though :D Let’s hope that the next ones are not limited GK’s!

    1. Ri: LOL yeah… why didn’t the sculptor choose an erotic pose ^^;;; but this figure will definitely grab you for its… incredible “honesty”. Hehehe… glowing toilet bowl… XD

      It’s going to be a garage kit x_x that diminishes my desire to buy it somewhat… I don’t know how it works.

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