Goods: THE CHiRAL NIGHT -Dive into DMMd- Light bangle, folders, towel (Nitro+Chiral)

Is Aoba naked down there? XD

Nitro+Chiral reissued some event and older goods at their online store last July/August 2012. I finally saved some $$$ and got my hands on them using a forwarding service. Yep, they accept credit cards. So you may be able to save a little by using a forwarding service instead of a proxy buyer.

The links provided below are accurate as of this post. Nitro+Chiral announced that they’ll be revamping the store soon, so I”ll update them later if they are changed.

First up, let’s check out the muffler towel :)

Title: THE CHiRAL NIGHT -Dive into DMMd- Live Muffler Towel ライブマフラータオル
Price: 2,100 Yen
Available: 6 July 2012
Description: Goods first available from 「THE CHiRAL NIGHT -Dive into DMMd-」live event held at ZeppTokyo on 12 May 2012. The same towel features the illustration of Ren (dot version). 蓮ドット.
Size: 200 mm x 1100 mm
Material: 100% cotton.

Made in Japan. 100% cotton sports towel.

Just another sports towel ^^;; but we’re paying for the design so… Cute though. :D

The full length.

Next, let’s review the event set :D

Title: THE CHiRAL NIGHT -Dive into DMMd- Live Goods & Mini Clear File set ライトバングル&ミニクリアファイルセット
Price: 2,100 Yen
Available: 6 July 2012 (First available: 12 May 2012 during event)
Goods first available from 「THE CHiRAL NIGHT -Dive into DMMd-」live event held at ZeppTokyo on 12 May 2012. Exactly the same goods given out during the event, the set contains 1 light bangle and 2 A5 sized mini clear folder. It is possible to change the batteries on the bangle! Specially illustrated Aoba and Naitou-kun 蒼葉、ナイトウくん

To answer the previous question, Aoba’s privates were pixelated (literally) orz;;

Back of the packaging… so there you are Naitou-kun! Such a hottie! I hope you become as popular as Sonico!

Mini clear folders side by side. They’re glossy plastic.

Back view. Lovely designs.

They’re also selling tapestries that feature these designs but not cheap at 3,150 Yen each :( so I gave them a miss. Tapestries are at B2 size (W515 x H728 mm) each.

And back.

And the fun item, light bangle :D

Back view with instructions on how to replace the batteries. Nice! Glad that the bangle is reuseable!

Close-up under normal daylight conditions. The clear portion is made of acrylic and feels quite solid. The text is engraved inside the bangle.

Plastic portion. Event title. We can unscrew those to get to the batteries.

Non-lighted to lighted condition. But doesn’t show up very well here.

So, here goes, black background :D We can detach the pink plastic part from the bangle.

The light switch.

Switching it on… ooo blue LED. It’s quite strong :D

Creating the effect by transmiting LED light through the transparent bangle is pretty clever!

The bangle is huge. My hand could go through it without having to remove the plastic part.

Some varying angles. Love the effect!

Oooh… what’s that?

Ok I see Ren and…

Hey hey :D Its…

Aoba! XD

Yeah, I had the boys pose with the DMMd goodies.

Aoba has a little halo over his head where the bangle fitted perfectly. His jacket is removable if you’re wondering… the headphones are stuck though. Cute little fella along with Naitou-kun :D

Next up, is an old item from Togainu no Chi series :3

Title: Nitro+CHiRAL Labo Togainu no Chi Rosary T-shirt 咎狗の血 ロザリオTシャツ
Price: 2,100 Yen
Available: 17 August 2012
Description: Print-design inspired by the rosary Shiki シキ uses in Togainu no chi. Based on Shiki’s cool character image, the print is in silver.

Sizes: Women’s M and S

Material: 100% cotton.

I’ve already worn it once. Can’t remember where I left the plastic packaging ^^;;

M is a nice fit. The cotton fabric is quite good too.

Washing and care instructions. Made in China.

If I remember correctly, the T-shirt was released some time back as part of Nitro+CHiRAL Labo collection. They reissued some of the old designs, so you can get the Lamento and Sweet Pool designs too. The designs are quite discreet and won’t out us so obviously as fujoshi. Unlike the event T-shirts that shouts out with printed Nitro+Chiral text loudly :D

I also managed to get my hands on Nitro+Chiral’s Comiket 82 set and I’ll try to review when I find the time :)

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19 thoughts on “Goods: THE CHiRAL NIGHT -Dive into DMMd- Light bangle, folders, towel (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. The bangle is so cool!
    Generally not a fan of N+C but has to order!
    The folders are nice but I just hope they were full A4 size… Ugh, how stingy.
    Thanks for the review and all the pics! So beautiful.

  2. I love so much this illustration of Aoba,he’s so beautiful with this smile,,>__<,,
    But i chose bought the natsucomi set for the artbook,i wish can buy the Aoba tapestry later..The light bangle is great also!

  3. I love so much this illustration of Aoba,he’s so beautiful with this smile,,>__<,, But i chose bought the natsucomi set for the artbook..i wish can buy the Aoba's tapestry later..The light bangle is great!^^

  4. This is so cool!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I love the Nitro+CHiRAL merchandise especially the bangle and the Aoba plushie!
    By the way, cute pic of Aoba holding the bangle next to Ren. ^ – ^
    Naitou-kun is adorable as always.

  5. wow! how much did everything cost? do they come in a full set, or can we buy the items individually?

    i wonder if there will be an official dvd release of the concert footage!!

    1. @caramel: As stated in the post, The Chiral Night set… well, comes as a set lol~. Please follow the store links I provided ^^ You’ll see that they can’t be purchased separately. Spending more than 5,000 Yen per order gets you free shipping from nitro+direct store, so I only have to pay extra forwarding/shipping fees of 1,260 Yen for all the items mentioned above. They’re pretty lightweight and I chose the cheapest shipping method available (SAL small packet). They usually release concert footage for the past events, so I think this latest one should be in the works.

  6. LOVELY!

    Btw this is my first time hearing about Naitou-kun. Since when does he exist? Does he have a website like Sonico? Gosh, I really want to know more about him!! D:

    1. @Yura: He is the male-counterpart of Super Sonico… notice the headphones? ^^ But unfortunately he doesn’t get as much love and attention compared to her :( Naitou-kun, if I’m not wrong, got his name from the “night” in Chiral -Night- event.

  7. Yummy stuff! The towel is pretty cute with Ren, I love that 8-bits-like style! Clearfiles are amazing, drooling over Naitou and lol pixelized man parts of Aoba! XDD These are items that I’d love to have, too bad I’m out of money… light bangle is nice too, blue led looks awesome! The pic reminds me I still have to get Aoba and Naitou plushes! ^.^

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