Goods: Tea for you, Bocchan? Sega EX Sebastian, Ciel figures (Kuroshitsuji)

Kuroshitsuji SEGA

Newly arrived Kuroshitsuji SEGA EX Sebastian and Ciel.

Kuroshitsuji SEGA

Saw these figures (Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive) on sale at used goods store Mandarake. They are game prizes from SEGA, called EX Figures. I’m not too sure about the details but for the price of 2,000 yen a set, I thought they’re quite a bargain. Very beautiful package boxes!

Kuroshitsuji SEGA

Sebastian stands at about 20cm tall and Ciel at around 14 cm tall. They’re pretty well-made and detailed for the price as you can see from the images that’ll follow.

Kuroshitsuji SEGA

The sculpt and painting details on Sebastian are good and well-defined, for example, his face, chains and buttons. Definitely something you can only find in authentic figures. Even the little space between his glove and his white cuff where his wrist is was painted a flesh colour. That’s some awesome attention to detail.

There are some scratches-like imprints as you can see from the left photo on the surface of my Sebastian’s pants but they are not obvious unless you scrutinise him. I guess it sometimes can’t be avoided since this is a mass-produced product.

The teapot and cup and saucer set can’t be removed but it is not a big issue since Sebby’s pose would look strange without them.

Kuroshitsuji SEGA

As for Ciel, he looks equally good and the paint work just as beautiful. No complaints at all. His staff is removable but I would leave it in his hand anyway. since he would also look strange in this pose without it.

Kuroshitsuji SEGA

They also painted Ciel’s sapphire blue ring on his left finger nicely… Very impressed :)

Kuroshitsuji SEGA

Oo~ look at those cute-looking shoes on Ciel. And Sebby is meticulous as ever. Look at them shine!

In conclusion, I have to say I’m really happy with this purchase overall, so if you come across it at a reasonable price, grab it! ^^

Ah~ HLJ is taking preorders for the next installment of Grell and Sebastian (Tutor version) figures ^^ A bit more expensive at 1,500 Yen each but now that we know the quality is pretty good, might be safer to secure a copy if you like this series. Looking forward to seeing them! Available in February 2010.

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42 thoughts on “Goods: Tea for you, Bocchan? Sega EX Sebastian, Ciel figures (Kuroshitsuji)”

  1. gah the game is really overly cute!!*_*
    (I finished it i was happy with how it ended openly an left to the player imagination. A lot of people weren’t happy at all with its ending. It’d understandable at first i felt that way too.)
    I am currently tackling final fantasy crisis core. How you played it yet?

    wow i’ll have to look up those dramas thanks!^^
    Wiki is love i don’t know how longs its been out nor when did i stumble upon it but yea best site ever created. XD

    1. I’ve not bought PSP/NDS yet *cries* still saving for it.. I totally overspent last year cos of all the sales. Ah~ an open ending also means there’s opportunity for a sequel kekeke but it can be unsatisfying :O

      My friend played crisis core but I don’t think she got past the stages before work caught up with her. I think she hasn’t finished it yet ^^;;;

      If you get the mini-drama first, you’ll find that the tracks are extracted from the main drama ^^ but it has the main action we want lol~

  2. gahh i love Sakurai Takahiro hes in eternal sonata too. He plays alot of good roles!

    Right when i read your post i went looking for bl dramas with him in it. ^v^
    I downloaded lynx romance fair….i think it is the title;; (have yet to listen to it though)
    You can recommend a good one you’ve listened to?
    Kamiya Hiroshi is great~ XD

    lol at least you can remember there names. I can only recognize from voice most of the time, i have to usually wiki to remember a seiyuu name unless they leave a good impression with there acting/character/role.OTL

    1. He is very popular! Eternal Sonata looks like a cute RPG XD

      Lynx romance fair is like sample of a few dramas in edited version. I liked Madono Mitsuaki in Tsuki to Matsurika Series… I think they included a short excerpt in the Lynx romance fair CD. You should be able to find the full drama CDs at aarin. The seme is Kosugi Juurouta. Madono Mitsuaki’s character is a blind prince, if I remember correctly. But I listened to it then when I was a BLCD newbie. Probably have to listen to it again. Maybe I’ll appreciate it even better now XD I just checked the BL wiki and wow he only has played 3 uke roles in BL (total 7 CDs and not all are full-length dramas)! Such a rarity! (but better than nothing *_*) Ah you can also try Broadcast wo Toppatsure!/Tsuppashire! for Kansai ben Madono Mitsuaki. Very cute! And the mini service drama is hot :9~

      It’s easier to find pairings if you remember their names lol… I used to keep an excel sheet of the drama cds released with seiyuu seme uke information to help me search for dramas with the pairings I want quickly. Now I just use the Japanese BL wiki after discovering it XD

  3. Yeah, like Midorin, Sakurai Takahiro is usually easily recognisable, but I was surprised not to realise it when he voiced Oshino Meme (the Aloha shirt guy) in Bakemonogatari. But once I knew it was him, it was much easier to pick out his vocal details.

    Mitsuaki Madono is good! I like his voice in the few BL dramas I listened to. Haven’t watched enough of his anime to recognise him tho. I would classify him along with Kamiya Hiroshi type? Cos higher pitched keke.

    I don’t remember most of female seiyuus names except Paku Romi, Minagawa Junko, Maaya Sakamoto. I usually remember them based on the characters I like XP

    I’m terrible but the reason I can remember male seiyuus’ names is cos I need to remember them for the purpose of recognising pairings I like. *sheepish grin*

  4. oh wow i was wondering about tetsuos seiyuu. Your right about the seiyuu sounding different in different roles. Seiyuus like hikaru (shikis seiyuu) are so easy to notice.
    The seiyuu who i had wondered about on the eternal sonata game turned out to sound way different from how he sounds in the game. Mitsuaki Madono. The game has alot of great seiyuus i was happy with the whole cast line-up. I was shocked to find Hiro Shimono,Yumiko Kobayashi, Katsuyuki Konishi and junko minagawa on there. Junko is great she can rival paku romi.*_*
    I discovered a new favorites Mika Kanai, her voice is cute in the game and Tomoe Hanba. I don’t have many favorite female actors so it’s surprising. XD You have any female actors you like?

  5. lol!! omg you make me want to take some cute photo shots with props. I think maybe craft stores might have little things too its been awhile sense i’ve been into one.

    it’s hot! *A* wah i miss the heat…
    400!!!!*just died*

    there this one seiyuu on a game i am playing that sounds so much like nano! But i don’t think they are the same person. When i get back i’ll look it up.

    1. I did a bit spring cleaning over the weekend and bought new IKEA shelves to organise stuff. Muscle aching from carrying them home lol~ It’s looking like a tornado swept across by my room now XP Youji’s tub will have to wait till the coming weekend kekeke XD

      I won’t be surprised to see Bubbub go up to that price on ebay ^^;; the Togainu cushions are selling for about US$200 and up now.

      Kk… I wonder what other anime he voices.. but I realised that some seiyuus sound extremely different in different characters. For example, Tetsuo’s seiyuu is completely unrecognisable in Kaidan Restaurant. I only noticed him cos I saw the cast list.

  6. yea that’s totally true. If only i had the courage to tell this one co-worker at work about his “problem”. Some people you can tell them but with some there so stubborn you just can’t they will ignore you an deny it like no tomorrow. I’ts only after things have gotten so bad that they admit they finally have a problem (like with Smokers/Alcoholics).

    lol good luck in finding one the only thing that pops up in my mind at the moment is littlest pet shop toy. XD

    Aww big fluffly pillow would be good right about now its so cold i just want to go hibernate! Bubbub hmmm…

    I was wondering about the seiyuus! They did a great job!*_*
    Akiras seiyuu sounds weird at times though i had to go an search for clips of hes other works. He sounds different and the seiyuu for Nano too.

    1. Yeah and it used to make me feel upset especially when the person is a good/close friend and you really wish they would listen x_x but oh well, we’re all adults and ultimately responsible for our own choices.

      Hehehe gotta check out the Toys sections at departmental stores XD Wait for me, Youji! I WILL GET YOU YOUR TUB!

      Imagining hugging the pillow in winter… neat! :9~ Mmm over here (SG) it’s hot x_x Miss the cooler weather last month. Well, let’s prepare to see bubbub go for US$400 on ebay!

      LOL~ Shiki and Rin’s seiyuu clips were flawless~ so funny kekeke… I agree Akira’s clips don’t fit so well. I’m not familiar with Nano’s seiyuu… He seems relatively low-profile :O

  7. “I think he has to get over the BL mental-barrier first…”

    Exactly what i was thinking. XD

    They accept paypal now!? omg, thank you for the heads up!

    The last epi of kuuchuu i think almost everyone has that issue when there over stressed with many issues. I ended up laughing a few times from the docter scene in bathroom.;;
    at frist i thought all those things in the bathroom coming from him it was a another case of the Youji syndrome. *shot*

    I don’t know if i’d have the time.;__;

    lol i know but thats why side shiki is there! I’m sure the company did that on purpose. XD

    i don’t understand what the words on his bag mean. The price is shocking. I can’t believe it is sold out already!0_0
    I ran into this it killed me. XD;
    (Are they really using the right seiyuu for it all?;)

    1. Lol~ I also laughed at the doctor in the last episode… but it also felt quite sadistic ^^;;; I wanted to slap some sense into him too! But I guess it is obvious to us that he is screwing himself up but it isn’t so easy to see it if we’re in the same situation huh. That’s why we need people around us to help us in this type of situation.

      I’ll looking for a small bath tub prop… It’ll be so fun to do a photo of chibi youji in it (^///^) Hope you can find the time to draw! Job is keeping us so busy huh x_x

      The cushion is big… I saw another pic online and it is bigger than the size of our upper body :O I think the words on the Bubbub bag are just there for design/decoration… ^^;;; probably doesn’t mean anything?

      Lol~ I read that the video was edited with the lines of all the correct seiyuus taken from their other works. For example, the one where Shiki was speaking to Rin, Shiki’s seiyuu, Midorikawa Hikaru was voicing another character in another anime and his sister’s name is also Rin. And they cut out bits and pieces from that anime and put in that funny video. XD

  8. i had downloaded Beniiro Tenjyou Ayakashi Kitan cg pack. OTL
    In a few pictures the artist looked like they knew what he was doing but…..all the rest it was like…yea XD
    there wasn’t much emotion are dynamic sex scenes at all. Some images to me looked rushed an undone but i guess its the artist style. There wasn’t much color schemes to create different moods for the story. He does draw front views very well though. I’m sure on his next game he will improve more if theres a next.;;

    Sadly i discovered at the last minute as always about payment…i can’t order her because they don’t except my credit card. It’s okay though. ;_;

    I can’t believe kuuchu buranko finished! I was hoping to see a epi on the doctor himself i know he has problems.

    lol because of the toilet/bathroom mention i got a idea for a sweet pool picture (bathroom harem! XD) but i don’t know i’m so busy…Bril is running a sweet pool contest
    Two of the entries are really pretty~(an ahh she has the togainu no chi pillow *crys* i want a pervy pillow too;;)

    oh, did you see makotos school bag they have as merchandise now! *v*

    1. lol~ yeah… I read that the stories of the game routes were good… pity about the CG. The artist has illustrated BL novels too… same issue XP I think he has to get over the BL mental-barrier first…

      Gaah… why? *_* How about emailing them? Btw, Animaxis accepts paypal now! So can keep them in view next time.

      Yeah, Kuuchuu Buranko’s last episode was brilliant… ties everything together ^^ hehe hopefully it is popular enough get another season.

      Ah~ looking forward to your entry! The quality of the entries are pretty good! I think I know which 2 you’re referring to. Their treatment of water is very cool :O Mmm… I shall take a deep breath and try not to wish for the pillow… it does look good! But my parents WILL give me strange looks lol.

      Makoto’s bag looks very well-made but kinda expensive *_* 18000 yen! Anyway, it is already sold out… it’s scary how fast these things go.

  9. I need to download a cg-pack of that one artists works so i can see how weird the h-scene are.;;

    i still can’t decide between that figure/the coin chibis and the plushes. OTL;;
    That one site is interesting i love the cute pictures!XD

    Yes i so freaking love this anime omg! I watched all the episodes so far. I am really sadden to find that there only going to be 12 in all. The character designs i love for all the episodes.*_*
    The run melos story killed me, i cried. i also loved the BL hints……*want more please* The greek kilts an stuff..(kyaa) there needs to be more greek anime out there besides saint seiyaa~ The animations were beautiful i love that they had a diverse group do designs. I hope there is a season two for this anime. I’m so into the old literature now such wonderful stories! I have something i want to ask about some of the episodes but i’ll wait until the series is over to ask.

    That reminds me have you ever seen a anime called paranoia agent? if not you might like it if you liked this series its like one of those OMG animes. I really loved it all the way through.

    Kuuchuu Buranko sounds neat, i’ll give it a look at.^w^

    They should of at least made yukihito’s weapon bigger. (like the lamento/togainu chibis)
    umm yea im thinking maybe they should of added a toilet to youjis chibi figure.*shot*
    wah scanning i didn’t think about that i could also try drawing my own diorama thingys.♥
    omg another three years to wait that’s painful!!X_X

    1. LOL~ get it from aarin XD

      Yummy vid! Yeah, get her instead ^^ The detail is pretty amazing… There aren’t many elf figures right? *whispers* oo~ the boys look good too XD

      Yeah, Run Melos was kinda like a surprise BL story. I’m looking forward to the next episode XD I hope they resolve their friend/relationship positively somehow *_* but with the way the other stories went, I’m not so optimistic tho’. Hopefully the anime will get more seasons… please let it be popular in Japan!

      Hmm, I’ve not seen paranoia agent… I’ll bookmark that! Thanks! XD

      HAHAHA I *LOVE* your ideas! Yes! They should give Youji his tub! What an awesome idea! I think I’ll try and make one for him and attach his head to the naked body XD XD~ Yukihito’s expression was kinda dull… like Youji and Tetsuo’s but I guess that is in-character XP They were overshadowed by the awesomeness of the other chibis. Yeah, you can draw for the background! XD Looking forward to that keke

  10. lol i remember that game though i never played it either. Yea the faces are pretty but the lower body doesn’t offer much im surprised the artist is male! He should know how to draw the male body its a beautiful thing!XD
    The new artist for the next game has nice works so far. I like the picture on website. Thanks for the link!

    Aww you got the death note chibis! ;w;
    Hmm i don’t think the hair would come off if there different from the nendoroid. I’m thinking for Araragi his hair should come off.
    Have you seen the vocaloid chibis with akita an haku? There so cute! I was thinking of getting a set but…i read that there is possibly there may be duplicates in there sense its different from the nitro chibi sets…

    yup daisuke plays great yandere characters. I was shocked too when i found out. XD

    Yea that was my problem with the clay. There was a another clay that artist use its greyish but i don’t remember the name. I think it can be mixed with sculpty too but not sure on that either. If you come across some good sites let me know.♥
    modify ready made figure? *_*

    I will wait for that figure then thanks for your help!^o^
    kya i want the plushes but i have to wait an see how much money i have left after Christmas…. *painful* if i do get them id have to drop the elve figure. choices…

    thanks for the info on the konoe set! Now i can wait to get it.^^

    I said i wouldn’t get into any animes for this season an what do i do? Actually got into one while having breakfast. Aoi Bungaku have you seen it yet? I think so far its really good but very deep/emo? made me cry….
    If im not mistaking the main character sounds like mamoru/looks like Lights crazy self.

    Oh!! an i got my figures in the other day! Omg there so cute but they seem smaller than the other coin chibis. Im guessing because of the head functions. My favorites are the lamento ones an of course makoto an nakid akira. *he remands nakid on my desktop lol* (oh an i was shocked but happy to see his piercing! I had totally forgotten about it!) Sense there is slave akira and military akira maybe there is chance for a Akira in Shikis clothes figure along with Shiki in wheelchair?XD
    The extra figure is nice i like but yea hes not doing much. The sweet pool ones were a bit disappointing too but still cute. What were you fav/least favs? Have you switch the heads yet?
    I want to do the diorama comics but i don’t want to cut up the box…
    oh an i got the plain white t-shirt one!
    I finally learn that one characters name (the witch doctor) he was my first favorite from the game before playing. I was disappoint to see he wasn’t shown much in it when i played. Aww i want the twins to be a figure too now.*shot*

    1. Hehehe that’s right… the artist kinda covered whatever was happening below the waists with big brush strokes of watercolour XD And gosh… the characters seemed really awkward during the H-scenes XD Yep, I like the new artist’s character designs! I’m watching out for the game too cos I like the period it is set in XD

      Mmm, I’m holding purchase of the plushes for now too. Hmm I think you maybe happier getting the Elf figure? Since you’ve been eyeing it for a long time. I found an awesome site for clay making and modifying ready-made figures (like Figma! Woo~custom action figures of our fav characters XD) Very inspiring. See:

      Yep, I’ve been following Aoi Bungaku since it started airing ^^ The stories are very intriguing! The first story is very emo indeed and the overall quality of the anime is really good huh. The character design for the 1st and 3rd story was done by Death Note mangaka. Have you watched all the episodes so far? If you have time, you might like to try Kuuchuu Buranko (Trapeze) too. I think it is also a hidden gem buried among the usual anime fare. Generally, it is consists of stories of patients of a genius (but wierd) psychiatrist. The style is very experimental but once you get past the first episode, it really grows on you. Psychedelic colours, live-action x anime + Seiyuu’s faces incorporated in the anime! <3 At the end of every episode, I really look forward to seeing who is going to be featured as the next psychiatric patient XD kekeke… so fun!

      Yea, the figures look smaller, right? But they're more expensive… yeah maybe cos of the head detaching feature as well? Yeah, I wish they also did a Togainu no Chi one-coin of the 1st generation figures and make their heads detachable too. Then we can stick Akira's head onto (normal) Shiki's body XD So many possibilities! Yeah Yukihito's chibi looks kinda dull huh? Along with Youji and Tetsuo. My fav is Tokiya, Shiki/Akira, Makoto gaa most of them! Most disappointed with Youji/Tetsuo and Yukihito x_x I put all of them on display XD but haven't switched their heads yet. Maybe you can scan the box and cut the print-out instead of the actual box? Mmm let's be patient… Lamento was released in 2006… it took them 3 years to release the sub-characters… maybe another 3 years? After the game after sweet pool *shot*

  11. Wha tell me about it i got more hours too i’m not home alot anymore. ;_;

    lol ah so yone is a women!
    The person who told me she was a guy was wrong then. Maybe she was wrong about noboru too. For some reason i still think noboru is a guy because yes hes anatomy is really good like sweet pools artists an the way they draw the bodies. Plus the sex scenes look more right as if a porno.*shot*XD

    The thing i love most about araragi figure is the hair function. XD

    I forgot which episode it was been along time sense i last watched it, when i get a chance an find it i’ll leave a link here k.^^
    I agree with the part about there could have been so much more done, yea i wish there was more done. I liked the secound season i think there was only two episodes for it with a new character i forgot his name. I so wanted the heroin to end up with the new character aww….
    lol that character he was so mean to the girl. i love the fact that he is played by one of my favorite seiyuus though. He looked better with his hair tied up than down not sure why.;;

    wha i tried twice that was 2 years back. I failed miserably. The big problem i had was to much pressure when sclupting. Taht an also i never had a figure of my own before so i didn’t know how they looked like in person from the computer.OTL
    Now that i own a few it makes me want to try again but nah i think i need to start from the basics until i build a good sense of how to use my hands an tools. The clay i used was super sculpy it was okay but i think i needed something more firmer.

    I’d love to a figure made by you! When you get to it post some photos!^o^
    There are alot of helpful sites for learning too.

    i have a question but im wondering whats your opinion on this site.
    I hope it looks trust worthy i want that figure so bad.TT_TT
    When i come back from work i’ll do more research on the site.

    an oh!! the akira pillow was on ebay!! but it was alot of money!!! Over 100 something….X_X
    Also the plushes are back with the two deal.
    plus this
    black ears!

    anyways hope your holidays are doing okay so far, dont stress yourself out! *still needs to Christmas shop*X_X

    1. LOL~ XD Noboru’s H-scenes do give off a porno vibe. Yeah I find sweet pool’s male bodies very manly (^///^) But not all male artists can draw BL well, the artist (小山宗祐 Koyama Sousuke) who did Beniiro Tenjyou Ayakashi Kitan ( He can draw good looking faces but just can’t do lower bodies at all XD I didn’t play the game, only saw the CG packs. Btw, I think the company’s new game has VERY handsome bishis… different artist (敷田歳 Shikida Tose… not sure about the gender since the name seems quite neutral XD) this time. This is the artist’s blog:

      *The thing i love most about araragi figure is the hair function. XD*
      Me too! XD XD I just received my Death Note Petite #1 chibis. We can remove their heads but can’t remove the front hair like the bigger nendoroids? (Or maybe I didn’t pull hard enough?) Probably Araragi’s hair function comes in extra heads? I don’t mind if that’s the case XD

      AHH~ that evil bishi was voiced by Kishio Daisuke… aka Makoto! I just looked it up! lol~ Mmm maybe tying his hair up makes him look more stylish keke. I think in the anime they deliberately left something out cos they want us to play the games as well to get the fuller experience ^^;;;

      Yeah I’ve been doing research on figure making too. I also bought super sculpy and find it a bit too soft too but I guess I’m a clay newbie, so maybe don’t know how to best use it. I also want to experiment modifying ready-made figures and see if anything good can come out of it XD

      I think Hobby Stock ( is trustworthy! If you can wait maybe till next January after they launch SAL shipping? Currently they seem to be only using EMS.

      Yeah I saw the pillow too… NO WAY I’m going to pay that much for it. lol~ cool! I’ve also put the plushes on watch list XD Are you getting them? I’m seriously considering keke.

      I actually have the black-eared Konoe. I bought the package off JPQueen quite a long time back. I was planning to write about him one of these days XP I didn’t display him tho’ Later I found out that this item is also available for order from Animaxis too (See: I found the package very bulky. The art pages are actually stuck to the front of package box. It would’ve been better if it was separated. Bad packaging design.

      You too! Happy Christmas shopping! XD

  12. lol! yea i can never really like that heroine she annoyed me alot too. I stay around to watch green haired bishi it was torture but worth it, in one of the epis he has his hair down so pertty. XD
    The heroin in the cordo de oro was likable though. I wanted to see her end up with a few of the main characters but the series wouldn’t allow it.

    you mean this artbook?
    i like that one too but its another artbook i think with white haired bishi its really pertty.*_*
    Ah so kazuki is a guy wah my two favorite game artist kazuki and noboru are both men. There style really shows. I wonder if Kurahana is guy too?XD

    WAH! Thank you for yummy links i love the keychains~
    an wah they do have pre-orders available for coins figures! They look so cute! Definitely on my wishlist.♥

    1. Sorry for the late response. How are you? *_* so busy…. STILL busy!

      That’s BEAUTIFUL! *drools* Hmm… I went to his blog… (from the photo of his hands/fingers I’m guessing maybe he is female? Unless those are somebody else’s hands XD) Ooo~ just saw HER first blog post. Okie… it’s confirmed. Kazuki Yone is a woman. See: Just below the pig picture. She wrote: 10 month 18 day Born ♀

      YES Araragi-droid!!! Available in April 2010. We have a long time to save for it ^^

      lol~ which episode was that? I’ll just watch that one XDD Yeah, Cordo de oro wasn’t too bad ^^ The heroine tried her best and wasn’t so whiny. The story was kinda draggy. It looked like so much could be done with the story and characters but wasn’t. A pity to me. I dropped it halfway after the blue haired violinist had his performance. Can’t remember the episode tho’. Ah~ I like the “seem-to-have-a-dark-side” long hair bishi. ^^

      O~ Noboru is a guy? :O no wonder~ His characters definitely look more anatomically correct (esp. in H scenes LOL) XD~ Kazuki Yone is a girl tho’ see my other comment keke. Hmm I don’t know about Kurahana… my guess is female hehe.

      Ever think of making your own figures? Have been -thinking- for the longest time. Hope can find time to FINALLY try something during the holidays.

  13. lol wah i loved suefumi’s voice too!*_*
    he was the only actually character i really liked because i never watched the series before watching the ova. Sense the story took place back in ancient japan i just had to see it. I wasn’t very fond of the lead heroin but the mini story was very cute. I heard the ending from the game with suefumi wasn’t all that good.;-;

    lol i think the only place we might find this i mandarake site ne? I doubt any fans would give them up so easily! XD
    It’s okay though i’m really interested in kazuki’s newest artbook though. *____*(at least i think it is artbook i have to find the link again;) btw kazuki is man right?

    hmm i’ll keep that in mind for when i get my figures in thanks~ ^w^
    I hope to receive a really good camera for x-mas.
    oh! did you ever get your ipod stereo?

    1. I tried watching the first episode of the series (1st season?)… I couldn’t go on after the 1st 10 minutes. I might have fast forwarded that episode to the end? Can’t remember. The heroine was too whiny!!! No amount of bishis could keep me then. Anyway in the OVA, I thought I give it a shot again for Suefumi and mentally prepared myself for whiny heroine but phew~ she has more or less matured so not as annoying now XP

      Yay Mandarake! XD Hmm… the artbook with white hair bishi on cover? XD I’m putting that on wishlist too… Yeah I think he is a man… I can’t remember if it was mentioned in the artbook (was there a photo? Have to dig it out to see). Hmm okie no photo but in the interview published, I think he was asked about girls in the art club he joined in school… well, I think if he was female, this probably wouldn’t have been a question he’ll get ^^;;; And he said something like, although there were 50+ girl members but usually only 5~6 of them show up for club activities at any one time. I can’t read much, so kinda half-baked haha.

      Yeah hope you get your wish! I’ve recently checked the price of that stereo… no sale yet :(

      Oh yah… the Hakuoki key chains are on sale at animate and movic but they don’t ship international.

      New pics of the one-coin chibis (available in April 2010) are out:

  14. I got your email thank you so much for the help!*major hug*
    It said small letter package on the shipping so i think the SAL is right.

    I didn’t know about the extra fee i’ll keep in mind for next time. For the two i did get them at great price. For price i paid is not even close for one figure. I don’t understand why they gone up so much sense they were released just this year.
    Meganes are love lol. I do prefer the older Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time the one with suefumi and Yasuaki! ^v^
    Have you watched it before?

    I can’t remember if i already wrote about this (i probably did;) but about the Hakuouki chibi figures i read that they were only sold at a special con an not available anywhere else.

    Hmm my camera is kinda like your old camera. It takes close ups blurry. I remember trying to take a pic of the small neko of nano’s. Omg It turned out looking like a black dot i just gave up. XD

    Oh happy thanksgiving though its late~

    1. @Felser: oo~ Angel Sanctuary *_* impressive! Curious how she got those wings to spread out. Must be be quite heavy…

      @Sigma: Glad to help! XD Well, maybe the demand for these figures are not as high, so the buy-back prices are cheaper. Anyway I read that Japanese people take care of their goods very well in general, so even when they sell them to used goods stores, these items are still like new XD And the ones you bought were not even opened! Ah~ I remember Suefumi coz of Sakurai Takahiro. He was the reason I watched that OVA keke.

      REALLY??? No you haven’t wrote about it… I didn’t know those Hakuoki chibis are not for preordering! *_* Oh my, that sucks! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them in case they pop up somewhere. Will keep you in the loop!

      Hehehe~ yeah, taking close-ups need good macro lens, otherwise all become an “artistic” blur XDD What I did when I use the old camera was to set it to save the photo in higher quality, shoot the figure in normal range, not close up. Then zoom in using Photoshop and crop to the small pic. It works sometimes. Try it?

      Happy thanksgiving too! ^^

  15. Nope. Had to pay for the entrance fee as we forgot to pre-register. -_-

    She’s cosplaying Lucifer from Angel Sanctuary by the way. o_o

  16. Thank you, thank you. It’s my sis and I first attempt cosplaying so we looked rather stiff. Regarding cutlery, I did not want to bring them as my bag was already full with the costume in it. We didn’t have much photos taken as we were busy hanging out in the convention hall, rather than outside with other cosplayers. Lol. So I’m currently waiting for our personal photographer to send us our images. o_o

    Yes, that’s what I noticed as well. I was towering the celebrity cosplayer Kaname by just standing beside him during the polaroid shot taken at the maid cafe.

    Those are sweet pool stickers. A member from SP community said that she would be coming down on AFA09 so I went to visit her at her booth and bought her work. Pity that she could not print out the SP clear files for sale.

    She had to walk side ways just to get into certain areas. That was what someone said. Hadn’t seen her as she came on day 2 while I turned up only on day one. o_o

    1. Nah you guys don’t look stiff XD but would be nice if there were more poses (maybe practice in front of mirror at home? kekeke) Do you guys get free entry for cosplaying? Mmm, Kaname’s cosplays look very good. I like his cloud XD His face, wig and everything seems like perfect. He did many costume changes throughout the event huh. But you can’t exactly tell his height from his cosplay pics which were very nice.

      Icic~ the stickers and artwork look beautiful! ^^)b

      Hmm… as for the cosplayer with wings… was that from Trinity Blood? Seems like the biggest and most impressive wings for cosplaying ever :O

  17. @Felser: YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!! *droolz* Very cool-looking sebby XD Your sis and friend looked lovely too! In a way it’s cool to be the only Kuroshitsuji cosplayers on the first day cos you get all the attention ;)

    Ah~ would’ve been interesting if you completed your look with dining forks and knives and pose with them when requested to take pics XD but wow it’s an awesome result for your first cosplay! *MEGA applause*

    Yea… Japanese guys are generally quite short it seems… ^^;;; My friend and I went to Tokyo once and everytime we spotting a cute guy from afar, but our excitement will always quickly be replaced by a quiet “zannen” when he walked passed us… so short! *_*

    I like the sweet pool chibi fan arts XD very cute! And wow amazing black wings for the last cosplay pic o_O how did that cosplayer walk around with those on??? The quality of cosplays are so good XD

  18. hmmm okay that killed my wallet big time X_X

    You have had more experience with this online store than me. Can you tell me is there a hidden fee for something? the grand total was came out 6 dollars more than the items plus shipping.; I’m thinking maybe tax right? I’m also paying by international money order to get sal. Wow even with sal shipping is a killer.

    lol no i don’t have all the characters these two are the only ones that appeal to me.;
    I do like the character with the bow an arrow though but nah.

    I got to get a better camera sometime. I have a fuji finepix A210.;_;

    1. Lol~ but its worth it… cos they are a bargain! Don’t think you can find them for that price anywhere else ^^;;;

      Yeah there’s a handling fee of 500 yen per order at mandarake. Still cheap considering the discounted price. Sometimes SAL shipping and EMS only have a few dollars difference so I would opt for EMS cos it is faster. But if I’m quite sure that the package is relatively small and can fit into SAL Small Packet requirements, I would request for that. However, it is only available for Nakano store (BUT I’ll still try asking anyway) You have to indicate SAL Small Packet so that they won’t mistake it for normal SAL I’ve made that mistake before and the price difference is greater.

      Since you haven’t paid yet, try asking them to quote you for EMS and SAL Small packet. You can compare the prices ;) Their service is very good so usually they’ll comply.

      Oo~ that bow and arrow one is a megane character lol~ XD

      Ah~ Previously I had an old HP Photosmart (which kinda sucked for the price T-T ) The figure photos turned out -ok- but it took a lot of effort (and a lot of shots and photoshopping) to make them look presentable. Most of the time the photos were blurry cos it can’t take close up shots well. It works alright for usual happy people shots but very painful to use for shooting figures. Some examples:
      1) CLAMP chibis
      2) Flower Lelouch – bright daylight required so that flash is not needed
      3) Naoto RAH – same as above.

      A210 is a good camera too, my mum has a Fuji A220. I used it to take some of the figure photos. The figure mangas (AkiraxAkira, Lamento and SuzakuxLelouch) were also taken with it. Play with yours too. I’m sure you can coax good looking pix out of your camera! Some examples:
      1) Surfer Lelouch
      2) Yukata Lelouch

      I’ve since upgraded to a fuji finepix S2000HD. Bought it last October, partly for work purposes and cos my mum doesn’t like it when I keep borrowing hers lol~. I chose it cos it was the only digital camera that can zoom while recording video XD The vampire knight clock video was shot with it (altho zoom function wasn’t required lol) Still not very used to it yet cos I don’t use it very often. Oops… big long comment ^^;;;

  19. *edit

    omg omg just went to madarake an saw the two figures i want they have!! What luck and also such bad luck. My budget gahh~X_X

    1. no probs~ wow you should really consider grabbing them cos they’re about 40% off retail prices *o* and both in unopened boxes… aka like new! Do you have all the characters from the series? They’re real beautiful but I’ve resisted them so far XP

      My current camera does eat batteries real fast cos of the flash… so I had to recharge the batteries once during the shoot but since charging only takes 15 mins to complete, no biggie there ^^ Good to invest in a fast charger lol~ Interesting how just a little adjustment to the lighting setup can produce these results. It’s fun to experiment. Want to capture pwwetty faces of these yummy figures XD

  20. Thanks for the heads up. ^v^
    I got to add them to my list of wants. XD
    (Currently i’m trying to get my hands on the haruka 3 figures benkei and Yoshitsune and devil may cry Dante.*_* no such luck with finding haruka figs. though)

    Wah thats alot of pictures! I wish my camera could withstand so much it eats batteries like crazy.*_*
    I really like the lighting it gives it that kuroshitsuji vibe.♥

  21. There so beautiful looking! I especially love the sebby one~*o*
    I wish ceil was doing something more interesting i am reminded of the pvc pose.

    I want but then i remember the indecent that happened when i last got my kuroshitsuji figures.XD;

    (I’m wondering how you take such good quality pictures of your figures? ♥)

    1. They’re pretty good price for the detail… I think Grell would be beautiful!

      If you want, do stalk Mandarake Japan for this set. They always add new items daily at 12 midnight Japan time. Since I got mine, I’ve seen them post the 2 figures set for about 3~4 times now. But you’ve gotta be quick cos always sold out within one day.

      Glad you liked the pictures! XD Makes the effort worthwhile… I took about 80 pix for this shoot, trying out different angels, positions and lighting but less than half was “presentable” ^^;;; and then I narrowed down to less than 10 pix for editing and these are the final ones that resulted from some photoshopping. Took a few hours to do… *sweatdrop* Well, it helps to have the room well-lighted. I took them during the day in my bedroom. I found an old table lamp in the store room this time and used it for the extra lighting effect ^^ I’m not skilled at this so it takes some trial and error to get the final results.

    1. Yeah, they are so pretty! Have you thought of making the outfits yourself? I keep thinking of making my own custom figures but haven’t got around to it yet *_* have bought some of the materials already tho…

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