Goods: Sweet pool Reason and Instinct Bath (Nitro+Chiral)

While we’re at the topic of bath time fun, now you can also have your own too!

Title: Instinct and Reason Bath set

Price: 3,000 Yen
Capacity: 180g x 2
Location: Shijuku Maru One. Nitro+Chiral Labo.
Available from 18 September – 26 September only

The Red one is Instinct and the Blue one is Reason.

I remember Nitro+Chiral selling this during the same event last year, so the set is not new. Thought I would mention it since I just got my boys their own miniature tub lol~

The marketing copy says you can recreate the same bath scene at your own home! ^^ lol~

How to use? Add 20g to every 200ml of water and mix before pouring into the bath water.

There are other old and new goods on sale too, including Konoe’s cloak (Lamento) and Gunji’s parka (Togainu no Chi).

Official page:

Available from 18 September – 26 September only
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5 thoughts on “Goods: Sweet pool Reason and Instinct Bath (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. the bathsets sound so neat! I love the new items! Especially the mini purses an cat tail key charms ~
    Are these only available at there site? ;_;

  2. I seriously need to buy a bath right now ;w; Makato is seriously the cutest in the whole game *w* I wish he could also be a love interest instead of a friend ;w;

    But what I love even more are the TnC shirts and PURE LOVE, those Lamento tails! *w* They’d kinda be useless, though, if not a little morbit, but they look so soft and fluffy *___* By seeing these tails, this strip: suddenly makes a lot more sense too xDD Too bad I’d need middlemen to get everything from that site, though :C I’d pay for them on Amiami~

    1. @imacatlover: yeah, Makoto didn’t have a chance the minute Tetsuo appeared. It’s scary actually, if you listened to the ever-blue drama CD. You get to hear Makoto’s POV. His growing obsession for Youji were literally consuming him. If they were normal boys without all the bloody stuff, then Makoto might have a real shot at a relationshup but unfortunately, it’s Sweet pool universe.

      I love the TnC blouse! I’ll totally wear it if I could get it. Sadly they are only available during this period at the physical store. The tails can be quite cute depending on where you hang them :D You can hang them at your bag and it’ll look like you’re hiding a kitty in there XDD Ah~ That’s a cute comic! Rai was like, I don’t mind using that if I have Konoe’s tail chain while he uses mine but Konoe was kinda slow… cos he said If I’m not using my own tail chain, who should be using it then? Then Rai replied… if that’s the case, do you want to write your own name there as well? lol~ Baka-neko indeed.

  3. haha, they make it deceptively cute, while it was totally creepy in the game! I don’t take baths because I have low blood pressure, but if I did I’d totally get these…

    1. @SaffronSugar: Gosh… don’t faint in the bath tub! *_* yeah, the game was creepy X3 I’ll buy this cute bath set if they have it on sale normally but I think we have to go through a proxy to get them, so I’ll pass for now. I don’t have a tub at home tho…

      Just realised something too… I think the soap bubbles created will be blue and red respectively XD No wonder they said something about recreating these sweet pool scenes at home. Now that’s going to be weird. If I ever get my hands on them I’ll post an update lol~

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