Goods: Sweet Pool, Dramatical Murder 3D post cards (Nitro+Chiral)

Point exchange goods from Nitroplus Direct.

Nitro+Chiral announced sometime ago that they’re going to revamp their online store soon. They warned that the current shopping points system will end and asked customers to use their points before the store shuts down for revamp. A recent announcement revealed that the store will close on 1 November 2012 and the new store will reopen on end December 2012.

I bought some items in the past and found that I had enough points to redeem two 3D post cards after they reduced the points required to exchange for the cards. I wasn’t very sure what they meant by 3D cards but since I had the points… so although the cards were techically “free” (cos postage is free) I paid a forwarder to get them sent to me.

Title: 3D card sweet pool 3Dカード「sweet pool」
Price: 400 points (usual 500 points) each

Title: 3D card Dramatical Murder 3Dカード「DRAMAtical Murder」
Price: 400 points (usual 500 points) each

Both cards arrived recently. Front of the cards. The illustrations are the same as the ones used for the packaging of the BL game.

Back of the post cards. No special effect. Size: 100 mm x 148 mm each.

A close up to see the texture of the card. It is relatively thick due to the extra layer applied to create the 3D effect.

Can’t really tell the effect from a single still picture though.

There is only one 3D area on Sweet Pool card and more 3D areas for the Dramatical Murder post card. The effect is nice. I haven’t owned something like these since I was a kid ^^;;

Watch the 3D effect on the Sweet Pool post card

Watch the 3D effect on the Dramatical Murder post card

Consider exchanging for these exclusive goods if you have enough points… Nice to have if you don’t mind paying for the forwarding fees. It would have been cool to get the Lamento and Togainu cards too but they’re out-of-print.

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Sweet Pool, Dramatical Murder 3D post cards (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. This is really cool. I love the DRAMAtical Murder post card and also the Sweetpool Post card. Youji is cool as always and the DRAMAtical Murder characters are awesome as well. ^ o ^
    Thanks for uploading the videos. The effects were cool. ^ – ^

  2. Saw some of the new items that they put up. Forgot that they have an artbook for Dramatical Murder. Really digging the new Sweet Pool cup, but I think these items are event items.

    1. @bt_tara: The artbook is good! I should make a quick post on it. Nitro+Chiral is going to sell the artbook by itself during AGF 2012 and probably after that on their online store. I hope they will sell all the AGF2012 items at their online store later. I don’t have the extra budget this year to spend on event proxy :(

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