Goods: Starry☆Sky in sweets Summer & Autumn (Puchi Chara Land)

Sweet sweet Starry☆sky macaron. First up Summer style! Kanakubo Homare, Miyaji Ryunosuke and Kinose Azusa.

Followed by Autumn style, Hoshizuki Kotarou, Haruki Naoshi and Mizushima Iku.

Title: Puchi Chara Land ぷちきゃらランド Starry☆Sky in sweets summer&autumn
Price: 6,300 Yen (w/tax) for box of 10.
Information: 1 box contains 10 randomly assorted designs. 7 Designs to collect including 1 secret.
Material: PVC
Size: 60mm
On sale at Animate Japan store for now Available at all your fav online stores. It’ll probably pop up elsewhere soon. Very very tempted! XD

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21 thoughts on “Goods: Starry☆Sky in sweets Summer & Autumn (Puchi Chara Land)”

  1. “versions with different color macarons” yeah this is what I mean. 4 Figure I don´t have ( 14 figures and 10 of 14 figures I have see image)

    1. @Levi: hmm I’m rather curious why the official megahouse product page doesn’t talk about the rare colours :-/

      Are you going to buy another box for them? :O

  2. I mean, that gives 14 possible figures from the summer autumn box. In the box are 10 figures. 1 of the 10 is a secret figures. 3 figures from the 10 figure twice in different versions ( I mean 4 figures from 14 I don´´t have. I don´t have the second version from naoshi, kotarou, iku and the second version of the secret figur).

    1. @Levi: from what I read from the product page, there’s only one version of each character + 1 secret. Total 7 to collect in one summer/autumn box of 10 figures.

      I just googled around and it seems that there are versions with different color macarons. I’m not sure why it wasn’t publicized in the official marketing text. They usually would if that’s the case.

      If you ask me, I think the original normal colors look much nicer :)

      Anyway, the remaining 7 are from the winter/spring set of 10 which is sold separately and are not released yet.

    1. @Levi: I can’t see the photo DX

      I don’t understand what you mean by fail? Did you have the full set + 1 secret from Summer/Autumn box? Out of the 10 inside, you’ll definitely get extras.

      The Winter/Spring set is not released yet. It’s sold as a separate box :)

    1. @Levi: yes. The 2 secrets are our 13th starry sky boy :) if you buy the 2 boxes separately you should also get the full set if I’m not wrong. But you also get extras cos of the way it is packed.

    1. @Levi: yeah they’re on my wishlist… too many things to buy, not enough $$$.

      Those two T&B figures do not have a release date yet. I’ll update when I find out :)

  3. OMG. I WANT. >: I hope they show up on ami ami or something!!!! T.T Cause…its just too expensive off Animate and since I only want the ~Summer boys :D

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