Goods: Spray Kichiku Megane goods at Comiket 78

Kichiku Megane fans will be happy ^^
Upcoming goods for sale during Comiket 78. Newly illustrated CD Box, Desk calendar and more…

Kichiku Megane goods

1) 鬼畜眼鏡グッズ『ドラマCD第2シーズン発売記念グッズセット』:4,000 Yen (w/tax)
Kichiku Megana Goods Drama CD second series launch commemoration goods set

CDを6枚収納できる、「みささぎ楓李 描き下ろしCD収納ボックス」をはじめ、計7アイテムを集めたグッズセットを、1,000セット限定販売します!
CD box can hold 6 CDs. Illustrated by Misasagi Fuuri. Goods set includes 7 items. Limited 1000 set release.

Plastic Bookmarks, wiping cloth and tote bag

Clear folders and fan

  1. みささぎ楓李描き下ろしCD収納BOX(CD6枚収納)CD Box
  2. トートバッグ Tote Bag
  3. 卓上カレンダーセット(7枚組) Table calendar set (7 cards)
  4. プラ製しおりシート Plastic bookmarks
  5. 眼鏡拭き Megane/Spectacles wiper cloth
    クリアファイルセット(A4版・3枚組)Clear folder set of 3 A4 piece
  6. 柘榴うちわ Fan

Availability of goods after the event is not confirmed.

2) 鬼畜眼鏡グッズ『アリス×クロスグッズセット』:4,000 Yen (w/tax)
Kichiku Megane Goods Alice x Cross set

  1. カード収納ポーチ Card pouch (Size: W90mm x H130mm x D45mm)
    夏らしいビニール仕様! Summer feel (?) vinyl
  2. デッキケース Deck case (Size: W97mm x H71mm x D51mm)
  3. マイクロファイバータオル Micro-fibre towel (Size: B4)
  4. スタンドクッション Stand cushion (Size: W150mm x H250mm)
    スムースニット生地を使用した手触り抜群のミニクッション!Smooth texture material.
  5. 不織布バッグ Unwoven cloth bag

Goods will also be available after the event at Animate Japan store from 28 August 2010.

Note: Alice x Cross is a trading card game

3) 鬼畜眼鏡グッズ『鬼畜眼鏡 抱きしめクッション』:5,000 Yen (w/tax)
Kichiku Megane Hugging Cushion

Big sized Saeki Katsuya double sided (Hug me!) cushion. This is an event only limited edition cushion.
Size: H700mm x W440mm

They should have made a more sexy one since we all know Misasagi-sensei can draw yummy poses. *shrug* :-\

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