Goods: Sniff… Hakuouki fragrance to seduce your Shinsengumi guy with

Yep. Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan perfume!

Title: HAKUOKI eau de toilette (30ml) 香り水
Normal edition: 5,040 Yen (w/o tax 4,800 Yen)
Special edition: 6,195 Yen (w/o tax 5,900 Yen)

Purchase from:
Also available during Comiket 79 and at Shinjuku Marui One (新宿マルイワン) from 20/12/2010 (normal) and 23/12/2010 (special)

The bottle design is based on the container for the Ochimizu 変若水 which turns a human into a rasetsu 羅刹 (oni) upon consumption. The fragrance is created with the image of the sakura, a sweet, heartrending scent of the raseteu.

This is quite a beautiful and elegant perfume bottle if they can recreate it accurately… Would be nice to have :3 The fragrance seems like what I might like too.

Special edition has a specially designed box packaging and carrying pouch.

It also comes with a framed illustration of the characters in chibi form

Packaging for normal edition.

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2 thoughts on “Goods: Sniff… Hakuouki fragrance to seduce your Shinsengumi guy with”

  1. I was able to buy the limited edition. To me they did recreate the bottle accurately. The fragrance has a nice smell. Some of the fragrances made for different characters from anime or games smell terrible. Although I love Shiki from TNC, I didn’t like the smell of his fragrance. Akira’s smelled much better.

    1. @yudashin: That’s awesome :D It’s always a risk for us to buy these anime goods cos we can’t sample them… And they cost so much too :( Would you like to share a review or some pics with us?

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