Goods: Smexy buns from Spray (Gakuen Heaven, Kichiku Megane, STEAL!)


Notice how much innuendo that kicked up in my fujoshi mind XD

Title: Spray Steamed Buns (Sprayまんじゅう)
Price: 1,000 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 29 – 30 April 2011 only.
Description: Limited edition Spray 10th Anniversary event-only item. Includes 5 bromide prints.

Since this is an event-only item, I contacted a proxy buyer to get it for me ~$$$~ Lol~OTL;; So if you wanna try to win these buns, check out my Fun at LalaParadise game here. :D

Anyway manjuu is a type of Japanese confectionery. Some information from wiki.

Wagashi (和菓子) is a traditional Japanese confectionery which is often served with tea, especially the types made of mochi, azuki bean paste, and fruits.

Wagashi is typically made from natural (mainly plant) ingredients. The names used for wagashi commonly fit a formula—a natural beauty and a word from ancient literature; they are thus often written with hyōgaiji (kanji that are not commonly used or known), and are glossed with furigana.

Generally, confections that were introduced from the West after the Meiji Restoration (1868) are not considered wagashi. Most sorts of Okinawan confectionery and those originating in Europe or China that use ingredients alien to traditional Japanese cuisine, e.g., kasutera, are only rarely referred to as wagashi.

Six cute bishonen on the package to whet your appetite.

Another view. Logo of the 10th annversary event at the corner.

The red words saying that bromides are included inside.

Manjuu inside.

Back view with the ingredients information. Contains 6 manjuu. Expiry date 26 July 2011. Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humid places. Product is manufactured in a factory that contains eggs and dairy products. And please consume quickly after opening, etc.

I also noticed that little left corner that has the names of several mangaka.

Ooh~ credits information. Higuri You 氷栗 優 Gakuen Heaven, 赤名芽衣子 STEAL!, Misasagi Fuhri みささぎ楓李 Kichiku Megane, CJ Michalski (Piyo-tan) and Arumajirou あるまじろう (Soshite Bokura wa)

I tried to open the package as carefully as I could but failed OTL;;

Opened! Damaged the wrapper. ^^;;

Woo~ time to strip the box of its wrapper :9~


Now to open it up and take a peek at what’s inside. Ooo~ BALLS!?

…I mean manjuu. What was I thinking :P

And what a lovely sight to see Keita’s out-stretched hand that reaching straight for you when you first opened up the box. Very nice thought!

Placed next to the wrapper.

Let’s take a closer look. Cute illustrated instructions telling you to keep the buns in the fridge if you don’t plan to eat them immediately, so as to preserve its freshness.

ah~ so these are the bromides ^^ Pretty!

The printing is superbly high quality. Glossy surface. 3R photo size.

Cute little manjuu.

Ageless. Oxygen Absorber. Similar to the ones I found in Togainu no Chi Canned bread but does not heat up.

Measures about 4.5 cm width and 2 cm height.

Back view of the buns.

The unwrapped bun looks rather cute :3

Top view detail.

Check out its insides. Filled with Azuki (アズキ) beans paste.

How does the buns taste? The bun is soft. The azuki bean paste inside is sweetened. I personally found it very, very sweet. I prefer something lighter but it’s a nice snack to eat with unsweetened hot tea or green tea.

If you have eaten white Asian red bean steamed buns before, the taste is quite similar. The bun’s crust is also similar to that of the Asian “mooncake” eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival but is very thin and light.

And finally, the wrapper flattened for keeps :3 The wrapper is smooth paper. Does not have the fibrous paper texture that is printed on it.

Wanna win some? Join the Fun at LalaParadise game here. :D

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Smexy buns from Spray (Gakuen Heaven, Kichiku Megane, STEAL!)”

  1. haha yeah. I occasionally check up on it. The military ones are still up but I don’t want to waste a proxy just to get those 2 :)~ LOL plus, had to pay off my may/june pre-orders so yea XD

  2. ~~”Now to open it up and take a peek at what’s inside. Ooo~ BALLS!?”

    LOL, i love your reaction comments! XD

    So that’s what a bromide is. I’ve been wondering for awhile now. The packing and illustration is so nice and colorful. I never bad bean paste but i do remember at one time i did have moon cake…my experience was not so good.;;

    1. @sigma: lol xD yep cute little Manjuu balls

      The crust is similar to mooncakes but the insides are different. There are many different types of filling for mooncakes and some are quite delicious :D

      Hmm have you eaten taiyaki before? Japanese fish-shaped pastry. The fillings are azuki bean paste too. Doraemon’s fav snack is also filled with the same bean paste.

    1. @Mayon: X3 yeah I read that some Japanese people collect these wrappers too cos their designs are very beautiful. Especially those of railway bentos that can only be bought at the train stations.

  3. Uwaaa~ lovely photos. Excellent work!
    The manjuu looks temptingly delicious. Yum yum.
    Aaaand not to mention the lovely packaging and bromides. * o *

    1. @maku: thanks for your compliments XD the manjuu is cute looking! Yesh the bromides are very nice. Hmm I don’t have all the artbooks so I’m not familiar… The bromide art is not new right?

  4. Ooo. I like the packaging the the bromides! :D Very pretty! ^^ And the manjuu’s look tasty. Haha, i love your review on this :3

    Oh man, I wanted to get the TnC canned bread too but they’re mostly sold out haha~ boo.

    1. @momo: Yeah and the bromides sold all the limelight lol~ :3 I think the canned bread will definitely make a comeback soon, so watch for them!

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