Goods: Slyph Limited Figurine HiroC strap (DGS Dear Girl Stories, Kamiya Hiroshi)

HiroC and Lelouch

Oh~ HiroC… why did I have to pay more than 2000 Yen for you…

Update 31 May 2010

Thanks to the very thick and heavy comic magazine + the KILLER EMS shipping. *stabs self*

Unless you can get him shipped by SAL small packet, be prepared to pay a lot. *stabs self again*

Anyway, HiroC’s figure itself is about 2 cm tall, not including the hook and strap. He is very well-made and cute indeed. I’m not disappointed by the quality and cuteness but 2000 Yen … *cries* *stabs stabs stabs*

Comic Slyph, HiroC, Hakouki
On the bright side, if you’re a Hakuouki fan, the comic magazine comes with a special 87-page booklet with coloured pages (anime and character setting, lead character seiyuu interviews with Miki Shinichirou and Tsuda Kenjirou + other info) as well as a mini manga.

I shudder at the thought of paying for shipping for OnoD *_* Must hunt for cheaper alternative.

30 May 2010

I was supposed to get him last week! But I missed the mailman… sigh. Well, watch out for a quick review next week when I get my package from the post office.

Hopefully he is big, cute, worth the trouble AND $$$. I paid a hell lot of shipping for the comic magazine even though each copy is just 580 Yen, it ended up like more than 2000 Yen per copy *cries* DX I HATE YOU, EMS! In this case that is. If only comi comi ships SAL small packet :( It seems that this is the commemorative first issue for the magazine that has begun to serialise monthly, so it comes with many other things so is much heavier. =_= oh well… I’m just griping.

Regretting it quite a lot, so I’m praying it won’t be a disappointment. *sniffs*

Anyway, have a fantastic new week everybody! XD *staying positive*

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Slyph Limited Figurine HiroC strap (DGS Dear Girl Stories, Kamiya Hiroshi)”

  1. Hi,
    Is it possible to get the magazine now? I want onoD. I search at Amazon jp but they don’t ship international. Can you help me?

    1. @michelle: They’re out of print everywhere. Amazon JP main store ships usually international but you’ll definitely flip at the shipping cost. Those who are carrying the back issues are sellers through Amazon. You can try using a forwarding service like and ask them to ship to their Japanese address.

      Or you can use a middleman to get it through Yahoo auctions too

      My suggestion is that if you only want the OnoD strap, you should try to ask the seller/middleman to discard the thick magazine to avoid paying for the weight cos it is very thick and heavy :)

  2. =__=;; Ah, that’s a bummer! But is comicomi the only one who sells them? It would have been wonderful if HLJ sold it too. They are having a pretty sweet paypal deal right now! *hearts* And yeah, school is totally unbearable with homework right now. I mean, yesterday, I had to write 2 pages with concepts and plans for a magazine cover, the cover itself and a 12 page flyer about an upcomming show in one evening! @__@;; The first 4 weeks we did practically nothing, and my I’m working my ass off ;__; But good new is, that I misread, and that summervacation is inj about two weeks! Almost there!

    And wow, that’s a really big Lulu doll *___* But ommpf, I just looked at the original price, and man, he’s very expensive @__@;; Probably even more now that he’s rare. You are lucky to have him, though! And Suzu! He needs a Suzaku to accompany him :( I always hate it when companies make the main figure, but ignore the important partners (wheter they are enemies or friends). But yeah, your wallet must be relieved though xDD

    They do fluff up pretty nicely, no? :D Now it all makes sence to me now. At first I thought only my first pillow had been graced with enough fluff, but the first pillow that I had bought has been hugged plenty of times ;D Maybe they can feel the love? xD

    Yeah, they do v__v;; I’m very carefull with the customs now! I watched the information page on their site, and it told me that everything that comes above €45 is very likely to get caught, weather it’s SAL or EMS (Although SAL gets checked less). I happened with my Gintoki already once, so now I’m more careful when buying figures above 5000 yen :'( It makes me sad though, cause I really wanted to buy a Natsume figure, but had to decline, because of the HUGE risk he takes with him. Somebody told me he would come in a big box (as all af Altar’s figures apperently do), and he would be the most obvious custom bait ever! I hope to buy him later though, via ebay, selling boards and YAJ.

    Haha, I knew you would like! xD I was looking for Len stuff on ebay, when I came arcoss my fav wanna-have pillowcase, but he was sold at another seller. So I clicked the link, and ta-daa! There was the link to these ones! ;) But these pillows won’t sell quickly, I think. Just like the Len/Kaito case, I’m sure they’ll be remade at least 1000 times, before we never see them again xD Now we only need bootleg Lamento and Togainu pillowcases… *w*

    1. @imacatlover: I only found out recently that another online store sells it and can ship SAL OTL (T_T) but it was too late. I’ll be ordering the comic that has OnoD from them now.

      Gosh~ hang in there! I’m sure you’ll produce great work ^^)b and then enjoy the long vacation!

      Yeah all Medicom Toy dolls are around that price. He is worth it in my opinion cos he has very high enjoyment value XD Much more than the Zero version. Maybe they think Suzaku wouldn’t sell so well :( but they are dead wrong. I would definitely silence my wallet’s cries and buy him in a snap lol~

      Mmm… icic :-\ most PVC figures cost more than 45 Euro! Customs tax is terrible DX My friend in Indonesia told me their customs tax is US$50 I was also like o_O;;; gosh!

      Yeah! It’s the love… let’s hug them more XDD Lol~ agrees… we need some yummy poses for Lamento and Togainu dakimakura XDD lol 1000 times… and probably more. That’s bootleg for ya~

  3. Wow! *w* So this was the super cute phone strap Planck-chan talked about! He looks so sweet! Is he really a figure/phonestrapthiny of a Seiyuu, or an anime character? I think someone told me he was a Seiyuu, but I am not sure anymore… .__.;; ? Too bad for killer EMS, though. I hope you can get the next one trough SAL. SAL is waaay better anyway! xD

    And that Lulu looks awesome! I wonder how big he is, if he can hold an figure of two centimeter in his palm. I love his real looking clothes… Lulu… *__*

    Sorry for late-reply-ness yet again though T__T;; School’s been loading me with homework these days, and I can’t seem to find a break sometimes DX Luckily, summer vacation is just around the corner! (well, four weeks or so, but whatever) Oh yeah! *w*)//

    Have you gotten your yummy yummy Togainu pillows yet? Or plan to make a post about them? :3 I got my second first edition pillow on friday, and now my sexy pillow army is complete (for now xD)! Got it without customs too *w* I think that if there is a third pillow comming, I am going to drop the EMS bargain and buy two pillows sepparately! It waaay cheaper to do it this way. I’ve learned my lesson, 2 pillows = bait for customs Dx

    Btw, I found out something interesting just now! I was annoyed that my second pillow came out all crinkley and unfluffy out of his bag, so I tried to fluff it up. I didn’t get much fluffy-er than before, and even seemed less fluffy than all my other pillows. But ok, whatever. I was more annoyed at the crinkles, so I had the random thought to iron it carefully, and well, it works like a million bucks! oAO;; Not only is my pillow now crinkle-free, but he also fluffed up more! Maybe that is the whole secret behind the pillow xD Fluff it up with [s]your body heat xD[/s] warmth! I smell another conspiracy xDD

    1. @imacatlover: always nice to have you here XD hang in there! School’s important! And yay for vacation! Mmm he is based on the manga version of the seiyuu, Kamiya Hiroshi. Yeah I would use SAL if I could =_= but comicomi only ships EMS.

      That’s Project!BM Lulu from Medicom Toy. He is a 1/6 figure, so he is around 30cm tall ^^ definitely my fav figure out of my whole collection. I took the most pictures of him too X3 If there’s only one Lulu figure you ever own, he has to be the one! His head sculpt is beautiful, his clothes are made of fabric and you can strip him too! XD But he is so thin, he looks better clothed! (o///o) <— blushing Lulu lol~ *kisses the sweetie* :3 The only imperfection is that there isn't a Suzaku figure to pair him with :( unlike his figma counterpart.

      Yeah, I got my pillows! Have been busy too so I haven't got round to taking pics of them. You are right! I also noticed that hugging the previous pillow to sleep really fluffs it up a lot more than when I first opened it XD so maybe it really has to do with heat? XDD

      Icic, so the combined value of the pillows hit customs limit? I also learnt about customs the hard way in the past too and paid a lot of tax T_T Now I never ship anything together with a combined value more than the customs limit if I can help it.

      Gaa~ thanks for the Hakuouki pillow link. I AM SO tempted! It's that exact one I wanted but I'll have to wait till the next payday before buying anything. Completely broke now (T_T)

  4. It’s so cute! I love the extra goodies too. Kazuki yone pretty artworks~ ;v; is mini manga Hakuouki related?

  5. I got mine last week. Hate to dissapoint you but it’ s a bit small… But it’ s cute!!!The bonus from new kadpkawa shoten( dunno what the name… The one with azumanga daioh) is better… A pillow case. Too bad it’s a girl… A lil bit cute though…

    1. @planck-chan: That’s a great suggestion! I should have done that too :( I’m hoping comicomi lets me cancel my OnoD preorder for next month. I seriously didn’t expect the shipping to be so expensive.

      @Ri: Sigh~ how I wish I didn’t have to pay for shipping. I’m really envious of you (T_T)

  6. Yaaayyy! So you’ve got yours! Congrats!! Please do pics! I’m happy knowing he’s a lil bigger than we expected…
    EMS is terrible, I’m gonna buy this mag and some more items through a proxy, so it can be shipped to me via SAL. Only for curiosity, I’ve simulated a purchase in and the shipping fee was 5100 Y. I went: WTF????? XDDDDDD no way!!! And the problem with CiomiComi is that EMS, it’s even pricier when it’s to South America…

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