Goods: Slyph Limited Figurine HiroC strap again (DGS Dear Girl Stories, Kamiya Hiroshi)

Guess who I caught snooping around my room today? XD

Title: Comic Sylph August Volume (コミックシルフ8月号)
Furoku Freebies:
1) DGS Hibiki HiroC Strap Again「DGS響」またもや立体化ストラップ ヒロC
2) Brothers’ Conflic Bath Poster 「ブラコン」お風呂ポスター with 椿&梓
Each issue costs 680Yen (w/tax)
More info:

About a year ago Comic Sylph made the first mascot straps of DGS (Dear Girl Stories duo) HiroC and OnoD (Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷浩史 and Ono Daisuke 小野大輔). You can read more about them at my post here. This year, they’re back with two newly designed mascot straps of the boys!

And after I learnt the hard way with the expensive EMS shipping because the comics were so thick and heavy (See review post) I’ve made sure I find a book store that ships by SAL small packet this time ^^;;

The package arrived safely although they took longer to ship due to the shipping method. In this issue, there’s HiroC mascot strap and a Brother’s Conflict mini bath poster.

Here’s a look at the box. No frills packaging similar to the previous year’s freebie.

Quite a big box (12cmx9cm) for something so small. HiroC is about 3 cm tall.

Front view details. Very very cute and good quality <3

Another side view. Love the chibi design :D

Here’s his back view

A shot of the other freebie. Mini bath poster. You can stick it on the wall in your bathroom. It’s slightly smaller than A4… B5 size?

Quite a cute looking pair, aren’t they? Kinda remind me of Kaname and Zero from Vampire Knight. Anyway, they’re actually twins from an otome girls’ game/manga, Brother’s Conflict ブロザーズ・コンフリックト by mangaka Kanase Atsuko 叶瀬あつこ. The story centres around the heroine who now has a number of brothers (5~6 of them with varying ages? I can’t remember) after their parents married each other… if I’m not wrong. So they live together under one roof and they’re not blood related siblings. With this premise, all her “brothers” are her possible romantic interests ^^;; The manga is serialising in Comic Sylph magazine.

I don’t usually buy the magazine and so far have bought them only for the sake of getting the mascot straps ^^;;

And TADAAAAHH. Next issue will feature OnoD’s new mascot strap XD Must get! <3

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26 thoughts on “Goods: Slyph Limited Figurine HiroC strap again (DGS Dear Girl Stories, Kamiya Hiroshi)”

  1. @ponytale.

    I am actually not very interested in the story either but those two caught my eye XD
    I checked out in yesasia and they have them as three books so far so I dunno, might order them but I’ll just flip through the pages since my japanese level is way too low XD

  2. The brothers conflict image is awesome =O
    I’ve been trying to find the manga but to no avail, that and engage knights from the same magazine but no one is scaning it x_x

    1. @Rukia: I’m not sure if the manga chapters have been released as a book yet or it is still serializing.

      It’s cute but I’m not very interested in the story :)

  3. @ponytale Yeah, you’re right xDDDDD. It depends of my mood, sometimes I can go through it, others I just want to erase the game XD

  4. XD that’s so cute!

    I got to look up Brother’s Conflict, Love the artwork. Does remind me of Kaname and Zero.*_*

  5. OnoD kind of looks like Keisuke here XDDDDDD.

    And about that game’s story, anything for the sake’s of sexy boys XDDDDD.

    1. @Asamisa: well if the plot isn’t good it’ll take a lot of determination for me to get into it but I don’t have the patience to do that nowadays lol :3

    1. @Planck-ck: no worries dear! :D sharing info helps us all save $$$!

      God knows how much I’ve overspent. If my rational mind had it’s way I can’t be buying anything else for the next few months OTL;;

      With wonfest just starting and I look at all those upcomings I want, I think I have to work a second or third job already ^^;;

    1. @momo: you won’t regret it XD how I wish they would sell them as they are without the comic magazine then we can all save on the shipping.

    1. @MisakixUsami ahh~ now that you mentioned it, he does! Lol especially during the times Italy was caught or shouted at by Germany XD

      I love Kamiyan too <333

  6. AWW. I missed this one!! ;___;!! He’s soooooo cutee! Kamiyan is my favorite seiyuu~

    i have his first version, which is cute too but this one, is even better!! >.<! I like his omd haha!

    I want OnoD too~ But yeahh, they cost alot for just wanting the strap alone!

    1. @Shirokaze yeah I don’t like the plot either. They’re trying to appeal to the BL market by getting the twin brothers to be real close with lots of brotherly love and skinship :P

  7. Oh, it’s so cuute! <33 I really love how it looks like the strap is actually clipped to the back of his shirt and he's being dragged about~ <33

    …I'd probably feel uncomfortable pinning that bath poster up in its intended location though, ahah~ ////;; It's so sexy… I'd be too embarrassed to take a shower with that up!

    1. @Pucho: me too! It’s a brilliant idea xD

      Lol it’ll be nice if the bathroom wasn’t a shared one xD so many new and fun ways for the fujoshi to get weird looks from the family lol!

  8. When I saw these ones, I went in despair, NO! Again noes! XD I got the 1st straps of HiroC and OnoD and with proxy and shipping they cost me a little fortune. This time I think I’ll pass them, but they’re truly cute! And what a hot bath poster, do want, guys look so handsome! This Sylph always brings nice things!

    1. @Planck-chan: yeah I happened to see the advert in one of the magazines I bought. Had to have them! Do you want to try ordering directly from a JP book store? Although it’s still relatively expensive, I believe it’ll be cheaper than a proxy. Try they ship internationally with SAL. This time I saved 1500 yen cos it wasn’t EMS ^^;;

      I wasn’t that interested in the brothers conflict story but yeah the boys look cute in the poster <3

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