Goods: Slurp~ Lunch tastes yummier with these Togainu boys! (Gift)

Cute Yupon style illustration of Togainu boys dressed in high school uniforms! *grabby hands*

Update 18 September 2010. Post updated with links to Animate Japan where you can buy them. Doesn’t ship internationally tho.

Gift (Japan) has announced several new items that will be put up for sale at the upcoming Comiket 78 on 13-15 August 2010. Here’s a quick run-down of what we can expect to see. Nitro+Chiral will probably be making their own announcement on other available goods soon.

1) Togainu no Chi Lunch Time Set 咎狗の血 ランチタイムセット
Event price: 4,000 Yen (w/tax)
Usual price: 4,200 Yen (w/tax)
Event only special: Print laminated badges (?) イベント会場購入特典付き(プリントラムネ)
General release at Gift online shop in late August 2010
Size: B5

Available for order: Animate Japan
Expected release mid October 2010

This lunch mat set features cute chibi characters from Togainu no Chi illustrated by Yu-pon. Set includes lunchbox, chopstick case, chopsticks, drawstring bag and place mat in original shopper bag. If you buy this set during the event, you also get cute badges of illustrated chibi Togainu no Chi characters.

Seriously *beepbeepbeep* *beepbeepbeep* *beepbeepbeep* expensive OTL *beepbeepbeep* *beepbeepbeep*

2) Togainu no Chi Chibi handkerchief
Lunch Time version 咎狗の血 ちみハンカチ ランチタイムver.
Style version 咎狗の血 ちみハンカチ スクールver.

Event price: 500 Yen (w/tax)
Usual price: 525 Yen (w/tax)
Material: Micro-fibre
Size: 250 mm x 250 mm

Lunch Time version general release at Gift online shop in late August 2010
Available for order at Animate Japan Version 1 and Version 2 available as an Animate Japan only gift

Expected release mid October 2010

Left is the Lunch Time version. Gaa… Keisuke is so cute… and so are everybody else <3 I can so hear him say… “Akira… can I sit next to you?” or “Akira… what are you having for lunch?” or something like that XD See Shiki’s pissed looking expression? Lol~

On the right is the Style version which is a Comiket exclusive item. I like the cute chalkboard style in this version as well :D Notice that “umbrella pairing” drawing that has Akira’s name written on the left? lol~ the name on the right was scrubbed off… how fittingly cute since Akira is supposed to be paired with everybody lol~

3) Private Chiral School Department Canned Bread 私立キラル学園購買部 パンの缶詰
Akira [vanilla milk flavour] アキラ【バニラミルク味】
Shiki [blueberry flavour] シキ【ブルーベリー味】
Keisuke [chocolate cream flavour] ケイスケ【チョコクリーム味】
Rin [honey lemon flavour] リン【はちみつレモン味】
Event price: 500 Yen
Usual price: 525 Yen (w/tax)

General release at Gift online shop in late August 2010
Available for order at Animate Japan: Keisuke, Akira, Rin and Shiki

Expected release mid October 2010

Canned bread! lol~ The illustrations are such love. If I do get my hands on these… it’ll be for the cans ^^;;; but I guess I’ll just wait for them to release an illustration/artbook.

4) Sweetpool Youji Strap (Plush) Sweetpool 蓉司ストラップ(ぬいぐるみ)
Event Price 1,500 Yen

No mention of a general release date but hopefully it is not a comiket exclusive. No size specs. :-]

This -IS- indeed another year of major wallet bleeding. Blood transfusion needed. OTL. There are more exciting news coming up… so watch out for them! ;)

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18 thoughts on “Goods: Slurp~ Lunch tastes yummier with these Togainu boys! (Gift)”

  1. O_o;;;
    I’m in college and it’s rare for the people here to bring packed lunch – especially in a lunch box but I’d really want that TnC lunch set. T^T

    But it’s sooo expensive! >.< That's like, two-three months of allowance!

    1. @vanijane: yea… I went (o_O) at the price too… I pack sandwiches for lunch sometimes but I think the TnC lunch box is kinda small as well and seems unlikely it can store what I usually make =_=;;;

  2. Hi! I just recently discovered your site, I love all yummy stuffs you have here \(^ ^)/
    Thank you for updating for us
    tho I must say, all this goodies are just pure torture for poor fans who live oversea (like me T^T)

  3. D: I’ll cry if it was only a special event thing! Do you know of any Japanese online auctions that I can trust and that can ship to the USA? I’m impatient (*0*)/

    Btw: I always check back at your website, it’s how I find out the latest BL thingies in Japan! >< ~<3

    1. @Gurl: Don’t panic. I’m quite sure these items will be sold eventually at a later date but not necessarily at online-shops that ship internationally tho. Usually Yahoo Japan auctions ( is a good place to look for these items ^^ you can use a proxy to help bid for it like and I’ve used their services before and so far so good :) But usually after the shipping and handling charges, the total costs can go up to 30% and more so you’ve got to be prepared for that.

      And thanks for dropping by and commenting :D Glad that the blog is useful to you!

    1. @Gurl: They were only sold at comiket but since it wasn’t listed as limited or exclusive, there’s a good chance they’ll pop up as general releases :) So keep watching this space! I’ll update when there’s news about it. But if you can’t wait, Japan Auction sites are probably the only places you can find them now.

  4. Wow, this lunchbox is adorable! I wish I can buy them, but they’re pretty expensive! ;_;

    school uniform!Shiki reminds me of those common shonen manga school thugs with the big black long coat, except Shiki doesn’t have a silly hairstyle! :P

    youji phone strap askdjhasdkjfhldkjfhald

    1. @hiroshichan: yeah… I personally feel that the set should be worth around 2500~3000 Yen or so… 4000 Yen is really too much and that’s not including all the additional fees we have to pay if we’re trying to import it from overseas :-\

      XDD Hahaha delinquent Shiki… yeah. I would like it more if Youji was a proper plush than a phone strap ^^

  5. omg! I want those! I really like the bento but >__< that's pricey….including shipping fees and other stuff…ehh I shall pass. I do want the buttons though.

    I really like the hand towel too! I just love their school uniforms! And how they're all cute Yupon style :D

    But what I really want is the Youji plush! OMG! I really want that so I can use on my phone~~~ Hopefully, I can actually grab him O:~

    1. @momo: Yupon illustrations are awesome! XD Well, some of these items will be available at Gift online shop later on, so there’s no big stress to get them right now. Only a few limited items such as the towel… and all items are slightly cheaper than the retail price if you buy them at the event. And it seems that Youji will be available at the shop too so no worries there :)

  6. want that bento so bad~ ;v;
    Keisuke looks so damn cute lol. The price i super scary though.;

    Ah is that really a can with bread inside!?0_0
    I think i saw something about that on the news. are they really doing the canned bread over in japan?

    1. @SaffronSugar: The swirly eyes are the appeal XD I love this illustrator’s style. :D I think it’s just bread packed inside cans lol~ but it is suitable for the desolated setting in the game.

      @planck-chan: Youji is cute huh… I think they’re experimenting with the new product with him. For 2000 Yen he IS expensive. It’s really like 2/3 cost of original size plushie which he is 2/3 size of lol~

      @sigma: Yeah :( so expensive! 4000Yen! After all the handling fees… OTL *dead* I’ll pass for now.

      I think canned bread is just another packing method :P Maybe it’s easier to recycle cans than plastic? Just a guess. But most probably just another novelty packaging idea.

  7. fff omg the bento box is so adorbz… too bad the colourscheme is not to my liking ; w ; But I just love their weird little swirly eyes… also, canned bread? xD that sounds disgusting

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