Goods: Sleep deprived? This figure is for you! Plus! Limited Edition Figures and Mecha at Anime Festival Asia 2008!

Sleep deprived Mickey Mouse

Oh.. I mean, looks just like you XD lol~ well, at least I know that’s how I felt like once after I pulled an (almost) all-nighter 2 consecutive days for a major project. When my head finally hit the pillow, random folks/friends who usually wouldn’t call me at that time of the day, rang my mobile phone one after another, So… zzZzz 15 minutes… Riiiing!!! =_= yakyak… bye… ZzzZz 25 minutes… Riiiing!!! *_* (repeats again) *&*@^%%$#@%!!! xD

I only shot photos of limited edition / overseas event exclusive items on sale/display and some random figures I find interesting at the recent Anime Festival Asia 2008, Singapore on 23 November 2008. I didn’t go crazy like the first time I attended a convention like this, so I didn’t shoot everything on sight. (Toy and Comic Convention 2008 was my first ^^) No wonder my batteries lasted this time round even though it was a bigger event with more on display :P

If you were a Gundam fan, you would be really happy. There was a human sized Gundam statue, Gundam dioramas on display and limited-edition items on sale.

Limited edition Gunpla

Limited edition GunplaThere were three limited edition Bandai Gunpla on sale. I kinda like the pinkish red Gundam (1/60 GUNDAM EXIA Trans-AM version ~ Limited) and that blue-coloured one (HG 1/44 GUNDAM EXIA Clear Color Version ~ Limited). *sweatdrop* Seriously no idea which series they’re from. I sound so like a random mecha idiot ^^”

They were retailing from around S$70~100 or more each? I forgot to check the prices. But according to my friend, they were a bargain. The pink one was snapped up within 30 mins or so after the doors opened on the first day. And by the second day, the blue one was sold out (I think). I’m not a fan, so I don’t feel the loss.

The grey one on the right is supposedly rare too… only a few left that day but I prefer coloured XD

The figures look better on display and my limited camera skills don’t do them justice ^^”

Next up, transformable Overseas Event Limited Armoured Core Mecha by Kotobukiya. Pretty cool huh ^^ Red! I like. I’m so glad I’m not a mecha fan. The sheer number of collectible figures available is incredible.

Kotobukiya Armoured Core Overseas Exclusive

Just a while ago, I was saying I prefer colour? But I make an exception for Medicom Toy Real Action Heroes, LIMITED EDITION WHITE CHUN LI! Nobody told me there was something like this planned?!? What a beauty! xD~ But I already pre-ordered the normal blue version at S$180 (early-bird discounted). This knowledge came at a really bad time. Broke already (T_T)

What a beauty. RAH CHUN LI Limited Edition White

It is limited to 300 pieces only at about the same price (17,640 Yen with tax ) but after currency conversion and shipping/handling charges, I think it will cost me more than S$300 in the end. I will give it a miss *sobs* If you’re interested, head on to this website (Japan only) for exclusive order. Available in January 2009.


Okie, coverage of limited / exclusive items are over so here are two CUTE and HUGE Katekyo Hitman REBORN figures by Organic. XD Another hit series among fangirls that spawned uncountable mountains of BL doujinshis lol~ However, I didn’t have time to watch the anime after the first episode. Speaking of which… I don’t remember seeing any BL items on display (T_T) or did I miss them? Please enlighten me if you were at the event and knew better.

Katekyo Hitman REBORN

Square Enix‘s Masterpiece Arts Final Fantasy Advent Children Cloud Strife and FFXII Judge Master Gabranth statues. I didn’t see Sephiroth though… :-\

Square Enix Masterpiece Arts Final Fantasy Statues

Some random cute items, also by Bandai. A real sushi roll maker (how can I resist ^^), UNAZUKIN fairy and Marionette in a Bottle KINTO.

Big Sushi Roll Maker

Bandai Toys

Jun Planning which is famous for its big head Pullip dolls. Dal Cinnamon Roll (who is not new) and a Punk rock Bishonen Taeyang Arion (13000 Yen w/o tax) who is fortunately only available in January 2009 so that I did not succumb to an impulse buy.

Cinnamon Roll Dal
Taeyang Arion

What an unexpectedly long post… phew~ So that’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did ^^

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15 thoughts on “Goods: Sleep deprived? This figure is for you! Plus! Limited Edition Figures and Mecha at Anime Festival Asia 2008!”

  1. Great if Naoto have one of those sofa. sitting cross-legged with a whiplash on his hand and a tuxedo perhaps?? or animal print-shawl??

    hahaha lots of D.I.Y…….

  2. Yay… the weekend is finally here! Private Tamama preparing for mission XD

    Agrees, and those inedible materials look very realistic from the displays I saw. Ok for older children but definitely not for the younger ones. ^^ Hehe my brother took a great shot.

    Mmm, so far I haven’t seen those furniture items on sale here. LOL~ does that sofa look like its used for S&M? OMG… it never crossed my mind xD

  3. Same here. It means more if it’s edible…
    more expensive definitely XD
    it can be quite dangerous if those non-edible thing look quite realistic or very colorful.
    (this topic remind me of cute pic of your nephew/niece talking together)

    Same here, JPY currency is going nuts. Local shop dun carry it ne?

    Whoa nice…i like the sofa. like one of those S&M prop XD

  4. *tama tama tama* xD

    Yep I saw that fake ice cream maker too ^^ but I was thinking… I’ll try not to buy something like that :P in case my nephew/niece think it was edible. I’ll buy the real sushi maker tho’ cos I can also eat the result lol~ (at the end of the day… I’m a glutton kekeke)

    The dressing table is also part of the Jun Planning Pullip collection ^^

    I’m eyeing a couple of items that may be suitable for my Figma diorama/photoshoots. A few examples:

    Previously I bought some items from Azone but they’re too big for figma and too small for RAH *exasperated* As for these newly discovered items, I’m just too broke already, so they have to wait. Current JPY currency rates are crazy (T_T) so expensive.

  5. Thank You private Tamama

    kero kero kero *chants*

    There’s also ice cream maker for non-edible material. spot tht on local KINO.
    My cousin said the sushi-maker is a spoiler XD

    anyway tht dressing table on the background issit from rement?

  6. Hahaha… I wouldn’t mind a special limited edition SG durian version!

    There is also a sushi maker for non-edible material on display but I took the pic of the one that makes real sushi XD Okie~ will report to you after weekend!

  7. Fruit ver.
    Since they’re made in japan there will be no Durian XD

    Yea sushi maker is nice-hopefully cheaper than the soba making machine.
    Seriously at first i tot it’s sushi maker for play doh kekeke~

  8. I’ve emailed you the links to the pix ^^

    My cousin told me that unazukin was sold out in Taka :O There are 3 versions, flowers, fruits and gift. Which one do you prefer? I’ll drop by this weekend to take a look as well and hunt for the sushi-maker ^^

  9. well our-Iwaki can do something about it. he’s a good designer XD

    im very very interested in the sushi-maker. nice for making Chrisan’s lunch@school
    when its available @TAKA plz lemme know the price.
    Does Taka have unazukin too? i really want to buy a box. i bought a whole box years ago in Japan…so cute. A box it’s like 10 or 12 (i forgot really)
    But my cousin couldn’t find it anymore.

    haha its been awhile and i totally forgot to ask during your visit here.

  10. XD Thanks! But this is small resolution so it looks ok. The high res files are not as sharp…

    Yep yep… It is one thing to see the figure on screen and another to see it on display for real. Chun Li RAH is gorgeous! I was looking out for your Masked Rider RAH too but I didn’t see the prototype…

    Sushi maker is for making REAL sushi! XD Awesome huh… I’ll buy it next time. It is not limited edition and should be available at Takashimaya keke… I didn’t buy the soba making machine cos I wasn’t sure I can find the ingredients later on :P

    The unazukin display was very cute XD maybe you buy a few more and add to your current one and do something similar?

  11. OMG!! MArvelous pictures.

    Can’t wait to put some of in KOHAKU#5 (with your name on the credit of course)

    CHUN LI Blue ver. is also good lah…i like it in fact. seems more original. she’s a beauty and i must admit tht i didn’t expect it’s going to be so good. Lucky you~

    anyway i lke the display for unazukin and the sushi maker is for clay right?
    Ah yea been while but i want to ask about tht soba-making machine? you pre-order it, rite?

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