Goods: Shukan Soine CD collection boxes freebie for volumes 1-12 (BlackButterfly)

Freebies arrived safely!

Remember in a previous post back in February 2012, I was talking about sending in the application cards for the freebie boxes? The boxes arrived!

Title: Shukan Soine CD “Application for All” Service 週刊添い寝CD 応募者全員サービス
Available: end April 2012

1) Buy Vol. 7, Vol. 8 and Vol. 9 to get the postcard and 2 coupons to exchange for Collection box for vols 1-6
2) Buy Vol. 10, Vol. 11 and Vol. 12 to get the postcard and 2 coupons to exchange for Collection box for vols 7-12

Although I mailed the cards together in the same envelope, they were processed separately and cost me a few dollars extra handling fees cos I had to combine the package at the forwarding service ^^;; oh well…

Technically speaking, these freebies are not “free” for overseas customers since there are forwarding and additional shipping costs involved. Frankly, they aren’t that worth it if you think practically. They’re just cardboard boxes and they cost at least 10-12 bucks each in the end D: But I guess it’s still good to have the option nowadays :)

The box is sent flat which is great cos it saves postage costs. The small note included has some information about the box and who to contact if it is damaged.

The cardboard is hard and printing quality is great!

Front of box to house volumes 1 to 6. Black background.

Back of box

Front of box to house volumes 7 to 12. Dark brown background.

Back of box

Folded up.

It’s nice of them to bother giving us these items :D

Another view of the folded boxes.

With CDs inserted. The only volumes I’m missing are Vols. 03 and 04 :-\

The design is simple but beautiful!

Other side :)

There’s also an extra vol.13 that will be released in 25 May 2012. Voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki, I’ll write about his character when I can. More info:

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5 thoughts on “Goods: Shukan Soine CD collection boxes freebie for volumes 1-12 (BlackButterfly)”

  1. I’ve loved the Shukan Soine iPhone app and the CDs, and these boxes look so good. But omg MoriMori doing one next!! I think I’m going to melt *A*!! I can’t wait to see that one too!

  2. Those box designs are really nice and that is one awesome, collection :3!! Now you just need V3&4!

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