Goods: Shukan Soine CD collection boxes freebie application (BlackButterfly)

Remember the cut-off date is end of February 2012!

Title: Shukan Soine CD “Application for All” Service 週刊添い寝CD 応募者全員サービス
Exchange period cut off date is 29 February 2012.
Available: end April 2012

A recap… cos I was so busy I nearly forgot ^^;; If you bought the First-press Limited edition of the new series of Soine CDs, you can collect the coupons inside and exchange for 2 different collection boxes to keep your CD collection.

1) Buy Vol. 7, Vol. 8 and Vol. 9 to get the postcard and 2 coupons to exchange for Collection box for vols 1-6
2) Buy Vol. 10, Vol. 11 and Vol. 12 to get the postcard and 2 coupons to exchange for Collection box for vols 7-12

What’s so good about this service is that you don’t have to attach a Japanese postal order in many other similar services to pay for the shipping and handling of the freebie… it is REALLY a freebie. Well, that’s if I understood the instructions correctly. We just have to mail the coupons back and they’ll send us the goodies in April. Please correct me if I’m wrong… but it’s too late for me since I’ve already mailed it out lol~.

IMPORTANT: What you need in addition to the coupons is a Japanese forwarding address because it is stated on the website that they do not ship international. I used and filled the back of the cards with the forwarding address given to me. You’ll have to pay for the service but I think the price is reasonable.

Match the coupons to the correct card, then glue the cut-outs onto the cards that came with 2 of the CDs

We are supposed to fix stamps onto the cards individually and post them like postcards within Japan. But since I have two cards and I’m mailing them out from overseas, I decided to put both cards into one envelope and mail them together.

Remember to write “Japan” in the address on the envelope, so that your local post office have no problems sorting them out.

I’m assuming it should be ok. ^^;; Hopefully everything goes well and I can get my freebie boxes in April :D

Ugly handwriting orz;;

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Shukan Soine CD collection boxes freebie application (BlackButterfly)”

  1. Woooh! I mean, Hi again :-) I also sent them away, but I used my friend’s address instead. Do you use often? I have considered trying them out, but was scared if they’re trustworthy and such.
    But I think you should be ok sending from overseas. I did the same, sending a Gintama zen-in present thing last year (or was it 2010?) and I got it. Of course, the goodie’s sent to friend’s addy in Japan. But at least, they accepted the postcard with a USA stamp :D

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