Goods: Shizuo and Izaya… now in squeezable 3D! (Durarara!! Plushies)

Izaya: “I Love People! Except Shizu-chan… that is…”

Then why are you two holding hands? lol~

TADAAAA~ Behold! Shizaya Plushies!!!

Title: Durarara!! Plushie Heiwajima Shizuo デュラララ!! ぬいぐるみ/A 静雄
Title: Durarara!! Plushie Orihara Izaya デュラララ!! ぬいぐるみ/B 臨也

Price: 3,150 yen (w/tax) each
Release date: 21 October 2010

Material: Cloth
Size: about 210mm x 250mm x 80mm
Available only from Animate Japan and already sold out from Animaxis by the time I discovered them.

Official Durarara Plushies of Shizuo and Izaya… :-] Unfortunately, they look kinda “cute” in the “ugly but adorable” way to me ^^;;; but it’s fortunate for my wallet though…

What do you think?

Then again, as I’m editing this post, I find their faces beginning to grow on me OTL. They’re not manufactured by Gift. Should be Ascii Media Works if I’m not wrong.

And check out their side views!

Gosh… They are so flat, they’re almost 2D already lol lol lol XDD Maybe we can push their heads from the side towards the middle and make them rounder? If you decide to buy them, do let give us an update lol~

I’m actually more interested in the smaller mascot plushies instead which are prizes from game machines.

Each mascot plushie is about 12 cm tall. I managed to find a really small pic of them.

They’re supposedly available end September 2010.

However, I found that they’re sold at a few select Japan-only stores as either:
1) Shizuo/Izaya set of 2 at 1,365 Yen or
2) Shizuo/Izaya/Celty/Mikado set of 4 at 2,100 Yen.

Good luck hunting them down! :D

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Shizuo and Izaya… now in squeezable 3D! (Durarara!! Plushies)”

  1. As much as I like them, the plushes aren’t that cute.

    But I do adore their little mini mascots. I’d totally use them as keychains or something. That’s too bad though, I can’t get my hands on them. T.T

    1. @banoni: Well cos they know who the popular characters are lol~ I think most people will buy the pair rather than all 4? AH! Junjou plushies would be sweet! Their chibis would look perfect as plushies X3

      @momo: Agrees… ugly but adorable. I’ll pass *_* Hopefully I can find the mascots too!

  2. I’d prefer it if Shizuo had blue shades and yep, you’re right that they are kinda flat. ^_^; Let’s cross our fingers that Gift will release their own versions.

    Lols. The set of 4 is cheaper despite the same size! haha. Manufacturers~

    I sure wish there also was a Junjo Romantica plushie set..sometimes I’m tempted to commission one set off of deviantart. Haha.

  3. Not as high-quality as those plushies manufactured by Gift. But hey, maybe Gift will give justice to them in the future, since they are known to release plushies of canon pairings and fangirl-bait characters *coughTnCcoughluckydogcough* XD

    Oh, and to be honest, I’m kinda surprised that companies are still making Durarara!! merchandise. I know that the manga and novel are both still on-going at Japan, but those merchandise are based on the anime anyway.

    1. @kettenkrad: yeah… they look… rather… ugly OTL;;; The side-view totally nailed the coffin. I’ll save my money for the upcoming Togainu cuties :3 unless like what you said, the makers decide to give them some loving Gift treatment.

      Mmm, that’s striking while the iron is hot… cos these anime trends come and go quite rapidly. If they’re lucky the fever can last for years. But in case it doesn’t, they want to make the most out of it when they can. Are you following the manga and novels? What do you think of them? I’ve only watched the anime to be honest but am quite caught up by the wave as well. One of the reasons I watched DRRR was cos of Kamiya Hiroshi. I believe casting Ono Daisuke as Shizuo in DRRR!! was definitely a calculated move for fan service. And it works. Look at all these merchandise created for the duo (pairing) Those Shizya bedsheets are a dead giveaway as proof of that lol~

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