Goods: Shiki and Akira are BACK! (Kotobukiya)

Update 21 Sep 2010: Movic cancelled production [@ikiru mujitsuno thanks for the heads up]


5 July 2010 update: Good news… Animate’s preorder deadline is removed, so we can take our time while waiting for a general release (hopefully) :3

1 July 2010: Shiki and Akira are quietly making their comeback in September 2010. Does that mean that the anime will be out in Autumn/Winter?

Animate Japan is taking preorders and the deadline is 4 July 2010! Sheesh! Why are they so quiet about this? I didn’t even read or see anything that mentioned about it anywhere! Not even Nitro+Chiral’s website! I wonder how long they have been running the preorder… :-\

Animate doesn’t ship international. I’m debating if I should order them cos I’m not sure if this is an animate exclusive reissue OR that they will be available for general release in September. DAMN IT.

Damage: 4400 Yen each
Available: September 2010
Preorder deadline: 4 July 2010

1) Animate link to Akira
2) Animate link Shiki

Update 3 July 2010: Another Japanese anime goods store that also doesn’t ship international, Movic is taking preorders for them and they didn’t list a deadline… so maybe… JUST maybe there will be a general release when the release date draws near :) Let’s hope!

1) Movic link to Akira
2) Movic link to Shiki

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24 thoughts on “Goods: Shiki and Akira are BACK! (Kotobukiya)”

  1. I’ve got an update for my personal order about this. I have a friend who’s currently living in Japan because of work-related matters. I’ve already asked him if he could get one for me prior to its release, by pre-order, or by scrounging through numerous figure shops for brand new or second-hand and he said that it’s fine. So now, I have fair amount of confidence that I won’t be able to miss this chance to get both of them this time XD

    1. @kettenkrad: I’ve been told that the new production has been halted. I believe you’ll still be able to find them on sale at figure stores in Japan at a reasonable price. Good luck XD Share your pix when you get your hands on these boys!

  2. Movic cancelled the production of the figures. that said my contact of Japan. u-u … sorry for my bad english zs

    thanks n-n

    1. @ikiru mujitsuno: Did you place an order for them and received any notice? Cos since they were only available from Animate Japan, I didn’t place my order and was waiting for a general international release.

  3. animate doesn’t ship international?
    so, does that mean i can’t buy it? if i do want, how?
    i’m from singapore

    1. @hananeechan: thanks for dropping by! Mmm… my suggestion for now is to wait for a general release of these figures and hope that other stores carry it. since the anime is coming up in a few month’s time. But if you don’t want to take the risk, you can try those middlemen service like and to buy then ship to you :) Their prices are pretty reasonable. So far I have no problems when I use them.

  4. *mega-HUG** Ah, hotmail’s still misbehaving! But I’m glad I decided to check this blog the normal way again xD I almost missed this yummy post~! It’s bookmarked now ;) And oh yeah, I’m into my second week of my eight week holiday ^__^ I’m loving it, but I need to find something to do real soon though xD I’ll drown in my own lazyness if I don’t =w=;;

    Man, you are worse of than I am! xD;; I’m just sticking with a new Sebbie and omg, Ciel nendo (FINALLY *__*). I really want those DRRR!! keychains of Izaya an Shizo, though *w* They are so cute, and lol, I’d almost buy the game for them… but I’d need to know Japanese first though orz||| Luckily, they have those voice mascots comming soon I am seriously tempted to buy the set, and know what they are all saying *__*

    I think I’d mostly regret not knowing what was going on… x( There are so many things I just like to stare at, but end up not buying, though feeling sad if I found out to late about it xD; It’s kinda like internet window shopping! Look, drool but not buy in the end, cause something is holding me back. I remember bumping first into this blog with the sexy Togainu post as the first entry I read, and I was like “Ohgod, WANT! But how do I get… wait the deadline’s over ALREADY!? Noooooo…! ;__; and who the heck is Animaxis, can’t they just sell things on HLJ. That site I do understand!” xD;; I’ve gotten better with shopping ;D

    Well, I don’t know if you did order them, but out of the two figures, I think Akira is the most beautiful! The blood from his wond looks real, his open fly is sexy, the sword is actually really sharp and pointy (I shit you not, I almost stabbed myself O__o), and his face matched the art it’s based on *hearts* the paintjob is really well done! Shiki can be kinda boring, though. He is just as beautiful and sexy as Akira, but I find his pose kinda… yeah, boring… He’s still a must, though! They look good together too! I really hope for international release! But will I have enough money for possible NEW Togainu figures by then…! D: I really hope for new releases too!

    Also, I bought this really cool figure just a while ago! :3 Dante from Devil May Cry! He’s so sexy and cool in this one too! I just hope the figure that I bought isn;t a bootleg though… I mean, he’s normally 16590yen, but I got him for 2980 yen on YAJ. There were no bootlegs for these so far, but with my luck…

    Aww, you have to work too? :( Everyone around me is working through the vacation period. It makes me kinda happy that I’m still a scholar, but sad that everyone around me has work. I just hope nobody around me envies me too greatly… And yay, keep going to look out for those two weeks! Are you going on a vacation this year? I’m going to France for a week *__*

    1. @imacatlover: lol~ I would love a good break again! X3 There’s quite a number of things I would like to explore and try out but needs to allocate longer time in order to focus properly.

      I think when you buy those Japanese-text-only goods like games and such, you’ll be motivated to learn XDD *trying to think positively* lol~ Gaa I’ll definitely grab those DRRR!! voice mascots! Thanks for the heads up! I would love to see the official product pics! From the way the anime ended, you think there will be any sequel? I miss Shi-zaya already (T_T) And the cute “ba-ka-ple” Selty and Shinra hehe~

      Well, when Nendoroid Kaito first came out, I made a conscious decision to pass him cos I had no budget that month AND I thought they would reissue him as quickly as Miku. I was sooooo wrong =_=;;; A decision that haunted me until now lol~ But I’m glad I didn’t cave in and buy him for 9000 yen when he was on resale for the past year. I’ve also learnt a lot about online shopping too… :P I think during the initial months, I spent so much more extra cos I wasn’t aware of better shops around =_=;;;

      Mmm, agrees, I think Akira is such a strong male beauty XD Well, he has to be, in order to be lusted after by everybody in the game lol~ As for the two TnC normal version PVCs, I’ll wait for the general release (cos I’m super broke). I have a strong feeling it would happen. It HAS to! XD Cos Animate has since removed the deadline and just taking preorders normally now. I’m also hoping they release figures featuring new poses too X3

      Wow that’s an awesome looking Dante figure!!! :O I think you most probably got the real deal at that sweet price ^^ cos although bootlegs do occur on YAJ but the probabiilty of that happening is like minuscule compared to ebay nowadays. Enjoy him when he arrives!

      France!!! Enjoy your holiday! I can’t help feeling envious kekeke… are you going to bring any figure with you to shoot at the Eiffel Tower? (Yeah sound kinda silly hahaha but why not? X3)

  5. Whoa, I was expecting TnC re-release of figures but this is fast. And fast deadline of pre-orders too lol. Well, here is me hoping for the military versions instead. I’ll join the pre-order bandwagon at a speed of light the moment that would happen XD

    1. @kettenkrad: They’ve removed the deadline! Movic is also taking preorders too. I think there’s a high possibility of a general release when the release date is nearer X3 Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I believe the normal military uniform versions may make a comeback too since it was reissued once when they launched the PS2 game but strangely they didn’t reissue the original versions at the same time.

  6. *______* DOWANT SO MUCH!

    …but 4-3 days? That would be way too crazy for me right now… And for them to come out in the same month as the Ciel/Sebastain Nendo’s… orz||| I hope they also get available in international shops too! I swear, I’ll get a double out of every set!! T___T

    Also, silly blog-site-thingy has ended my subcribtion to this blog somehow! .__.;; I thought you were rather quiet these days, until someone made an post about this entry on Tsukiboard (in the yaoi club me and planck-chan admin, yay! xD). I just saw you had loads of other yummy entries way back too! Maaannn, I feel stupid right now… orz||| I thought you died or something xD;; Stupid hotmail acount too…

    But anyways, hows life? :3

    1. @imacatlover: ***Huugz*** Yep, I’m still here~ phew… (pokes ur misbehaving hotmail XD) lol~ you must be enjoying your holidays now! :D I’m so envious kekeke.

      Yeah, its terrible right??? I mean so many goodies all due late Aug/Sep! Lucky dog 1 plushies, Black Butler nendos, Junjo petites, DRRR!! PSP game and OMG the DRRR!! clock too. And some items can’t be cancelled (and I don’t want to cancel them either) OTL;;;

      Sometimes I don’t know whether it’s a good thing to know all these info or not =_=;;; But I know I’ll definitely regret it if I didn’t know about it and missed the chance to at least make a conscious decision to buy or not. I’m really quite torn about the TnC PVCs… I started collecting figures quite late so these are figures I don’t have (T_T) I really really hope there is a general release *cries* cos my shopping list is full and I really don’t want to spend extra $$$ on the proxy/delivery services.

      Decisions decisions! DX Well, enjoy your holidays! I’m very busy with work but looking forward to an upcoming short break in two week’s time :D

  7. eee! I sure hope the Anime will be out in time for my birthday, I’m a September kid :) I feel that autumn tends to be filled with good releases, or is it just me? I remember being super excited about last year’s fall releases as well…

    1. @SaffronSugar: XD that’s sweet! My birthday is in May and I’m always hit by mid-year exams during the period OTL;;;

      Towards the Autumn/Winter period, there’s always pretty exciting anime releases and figures to look forward to XD

  8. I so hope there will be general/international shops that get them. The more if Koto really re-release the uniform versions.

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