Goods: Sex sells! Getting frisky with more bishonen hugging pillows (Shukan Soine dakimakura)

HOT! Yukata PJs~ my kinda guy (right) lol~

And because Kazuya (right) is voiced by Toriumi Kousuke, delusion level up! :D And because of the way that yukata looks on him… it’s giving me ideas.

Gosh~I wished they published better quality pictures of the hugging pillow covers OTL.

The guy on the left reminds me of Ichigo from Bleach ^^;; hair and colour scheme is like… exact. The guy on the right has a very Torikou-vibe. What do you think? *delusional* XD

Ah~ in case you’re not sure what this is all about. BlackButterfly is releasing two new dunmy-head microphone voice CDs to tantalise and tease us while we sleep at night again! Find out more in my previous post.

And like their previous releases, they’re also making these character hugging pillow cushions to smex you up along with those delicious whispers.

Full pic grabbed from the official site. I think response must have been good despite the price. Pic on the left is Vol. 5 and to the right Vol. 6.

Yep. These man cushions cost a Freaking 7,000 Yen EACH!!! :D

OTL;;; Fancy them getting the tip from pricing these dakimakura like the ones targeted at guys…

Dakimakura preorder period: 24 June 2011 till 31 July 2011 only!


The cds are up for preorder already ^^Remember to grab the limited edition releases so that you can listen to the bonus track of the seiyuus using the dummy head mic for freetalk! :D

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20 thoughts on “Goods: Sex sells! Getting frisky with more bishonen hugging pillows (Shukan Soine dakimakura)”

  1. yeah. no idea who it is :P
    hopefully I’ll get someone who is at least curious about the wonderful world of yaoi :D

  2. @ponytale Yeah, it looks so XDDDDDD.

    oohhhhh, money, you can make fujoshi so happy and so miserable at the same time! XD

  3. Uh , 7000? It’ll be like buying a figure then, only this time I can use the excuse that I’m making my flat “comfy” for others. /already making mental excuses
    Had a couple of pvs and doujinshi merch pending for July but I’ll really have to see if I can either afford all or if I can afford to toss a pvc out of the equation.

    Ah, the torment of liking pretty stuff. And yeah, his design is definitely a plus. I think it actually looks really calm, mostly due to the white clothes, and the orange pops out without disturbing the scenario. A bit of colour, not too much going on and a very relaxed pose. His front view pretty much sealed the deal for me.

    1. @Oru: well if you put it that way I guess it seems a bit more ok to buy ^^;; also making mental excuses lol. Can j say it was instant lust towards him for all of us xD

      This quite a successful design for something non-suggestive indeed.

  4. @ponytale lol, I know! I was like *___*! I wonder when it’ll go up for sale ~ lol, though, I hope I have funds to buy it~ Summer has too many new stuff coming out >3<

    1. @momo: If it makes you feel any better, I mistyped the price… its 7,000 Yen each! (but I guess if you factor in the proxy it’s about at least 9,000 Yen lol) X3

      Oh they’ll be up for preorder from 24 June~31 July only! So mark your calendar!

  5. Yay! I love Torikou voice too, but the Ichigo-like dakimakura got my atention almost inmediately. I love Ichigo, and this guy has the pro that he’s not a jailbait like the former XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    But the other one is not bad, either :D. I love yukatas

    1. @Asamisa: I think quite a number of us have the same taste for colour scheme in our men XD lol lol~ so far almost everybody who commented wants the Orange hair guy~ If I had all that extra money lying around I would so buy both tho. But alas…

  6. … First time I am tempted to buy a male character dakimakura, even though they make them so tame D:

    Luckily for me I’m out of money (saving for other stuff) BUT… I might buy this for my birthday, seriously tempted by mister fierce-hair.

    1. @Oru: Me too! Altho I prefer Torikou’s voice, when I saw both dakimakuras, I was very tempted by mr orange hair too :P His design looks very attractive for some reason, compared to all the other designs. Maybe it’s the colour scheme? Pose looks great too.

  7. *^* Those pillows have pretty hot guys but, so expensive!! :D And you’re right, the one on the left totally looks like Ichigo but I think he gives off a more sexy feel? (so not making sense). But his pose, looks, outfit and everything, lol so my type~

    The one on the right is nice too~ but I’m not too much of a fan of that hairstyle :D

    ^.^ I’d like to get one of these~~

    1. @momo: I agree! I like Torikou’s voice but when I saw those two designs, my eyes went straight for Ichigo-lookalike ^^;; Too smexy! Out of all the 6 dakicamura designs, I like this one the best. If he wore the yukata it would have been perfect. And I think if budget allows, I will seriously get the one mr orange hair.

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