Goods: Sengoku Basara gets the complete Groove treatment (Pullip,DAL,Taeyang,Byul,Isul)

Let’s Party the Groovy way!

It’s kinda strangely amusing to me that they don’t look good at all when they are posed together in the same photo ^^;; Or is it just me?

Out of all the dolls, I like the faces of Taeyang Motochika Chosokabe and Isul Mori Motonari most.

I’m very impressed with the costumes. Wonderful details! But the faces lol~ cute but funny XD

:D is all I can say.

If I have the money, I’ll only get these two. They look great together. Do you know they’re also often paired together in Yaoi doujinshis?

1) Pullip Sengoku BASARA Date Masamune
2) Dal Sengoku BASARA Sanada Yukimura
3) Byul Sengoku BASARA Sarutobi Sasuke
4) Taeyang Sengoku BASARA Chosokabe Motochika
5) Isul Sengoku BASARA Motonari Mori

Price: 13,000 yen each
Available: mid June.

Maybe Medicom Toy Real Action Heroes versions coming up? *_*

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Sengoku Basara gets the complete Groove treatment (Pullip,DAL,Taeyang,Byul,Isul)”

    1. @planck-chan: Mmm, Pullip and these dolls are not my priority too but wow look at the costumes! They’re awesome :O As for the nendo, well, better later than never! I’ll be patient XD

  1. *calmed down* XD

    Now that i take better look, Dante is absolute must buy. They did such a great job on his outfit!!*_*
    I like him pairing with Yukimura but i don’t like the child like (uke?) face.OTL
    Love the one in green. The look and outfit, It looks just like him! So cute! >w<
    The one in purple is so nice too! but i already own a Taeyang i should maybe not get him.;;
    I didn't know they were paired together often. Don't think i have read any doujinshis with them are even Dante and Yukiumura yet. ;o;
    And yea they look weird when put together in photo. XD

    1. @sigma: lol~ :D Yeah his outfit looks fantastic! I’m just disappointed why he was a pullip OTL;; I like Taeyang’s face better especially for characters like him. I think they assigned the characters to the doll types according to their height ^^;; I like him pairing with Yukimura too but you’re definitely right about his DAL version having that baby face *_*

      Hehe so I’m not the only who thinks they look weird together XD

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!!!! OMFG why must you do this to me pony!! lol! omg my poor wallet why why *cries* DANTE doll!!*spazes and yukimura!!

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