Goods: Sengoku Basara Action Figures! (Revoltech)

Highly poseable and looks pretty awesome…
Pre order now and get the First-press editions that includes extra parts for the figures.


At 2,400 Yen (w/tax) each… to be released in November 2009.

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8 thoughts on “Goods: Sengoku Basara Action Figures! (Revoltech)”

  1. konata? no i have a miku too
    hmm i wonder if my miku has the same problem it doesnt look broken but its not so sturdy when holing her leek; i think maybe those kind of figma break alot more easily; Im surprised they havnet released kaito figma .i’d definitly pose him for art XD.

    lol aww poor raito~
    wow you fixed it though *_* thats amazing i don’t even know anything about joint parts are fixing them;

    at least you can pose him now^^

    1. Oh oh… I forgot *_* Yeah its at the wrist joint. Gosh those tiny bits are so thin and fragile. Mine is slightly torn. I wonder why no Figma Kaito too! I would love to get him! XD

      Well, when you’re desperate, you’ll learn ^^;;; I went on the net to look for tutorials and help, and also shopped for screws etc at hardware stores… Anyway, thankfully he was broken in such as way that was replaceable but I had to sacrifice another base body (figure) to do so. Damn that boy was expensive!!! DX

      Some of these RAH figures are so specially created that if you break something, that’s the end. If Lelouch was broken, there won’t be any base body on sale that can be used to replace his parts. *_*

  2. XP missed out this comment. I have a saber revoltech, yotsuba and Jun (the pink beer drinking rabbit) very cute… but never took them out of their boxes ^^;; not much space to display. You have a Konata figma right? :D

    I nearly broke my Miku figma’s wrist of one of her interchanging hands when I tried to change it.I was like noOoOoo. It is now hanging on for dear life while still holding on to her leek. Not bad for a damaged wrist.

    And then I also broke Raito’s arm when posing him for this photo DX *cries*. I was like darn, his arm is so tight, *bend bend bend* then *PRIAACK*. Oh~ YAY~ I managed to get him to pose the way I wanted it now! But then suddenly I realised that I just broke his arm. GOSH I felt like an idiot. Anyway I finished taking the shot and for a really long time continue to feel idiotic every time I saw him and his dangling shoulder. He sacrificed his arm for “art” lol~

    Took me more than 6 months looking for replacement parts. x_x Fixed him in the end by dismantling him and using a “base” Medicom Toy figure which shares the same body type as he is ($$$) but now he has a different colour shoulder joint. Not obvious with his clothes on tho. Such a pain. Well thinking positively, at least he was repairable ^^;;

  3. Yea i wish they had better pictures of the faces the pictures are so small i could hardly see. im not to fond of Dante which surprised me but yukimura he looks awesome.*_*
    the way you can pose them is great i only own one figma she hasn’t broken a leg yet think god. XD

    lol its a trap!

  4. omg…..OMG pony your killing me!XD
    *crys* they look so awesome an pose is a major plus! aww aww why always at the holidays they come with the best?;v;

    1. These figure makers are killing US! My small complaint is that their faces could look better… I find that Figma seems to make better-looking male faces compared to Revoltech XP But Revoltech figures have a much bigger range of poses compared to Figma (without breaking a leg or two). So in this case, I guess I have to give in to the compromise cos Masamune and Yukimura just won’t look as good if they can’t do those kick-ass fight scenes poses! XD

      But you’re right about all these cool stuff coming out around this time… be it music, DVD, games and figures… like OMG everything at the same time! I’m already so broke x_x

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