Goods: Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku Sticky Smexy Love Love Blanket

Update 29 August 2013: Now available for order from Comi-comi (ships internationally) Deadline 31 August 2013! Link

For much lesser $$$ than the life-sized bedsheets, you can own a smokin’ hot blanket of the boys getting sticky with chocolate.

Last update 6 May 2013:

Title: Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku love love blanket ラブラブランケット
Price: 6,825 Yen(w/tax)
Preorder deadline: 31 August 2013
Available: Mid November 2013
Description: Double-sided printing.

Hey Class President official goods specially illustrated by mangaka Monchi Kaori 門地かおり. Dressed as butlers, Chiga x Kokusai Valentine Kiss illustration! Melting chocolate kiss decorates one side of the blanket and over 100 cute chibi characters fills up the next side! A slightly bigger size (100cm x 72 cm) than usual blankets, it is great to use on your bed, sofa and even as a lap blanket!

Will you bite? :DVery cute! Great to have this side for the general audience… until sticky fingers flip the blanket over lol~

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16 thoughts on “Goods: Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku Sticky Smexy Love Love Blanket”

  1. @Ponytale
    Yes,I’ll go to Chiral Night on the 6th^^
    I already preordered 4 different versions of Finder 7! I also applied for the signing sessions here in Kyoto!

  2. @Ponytale
    I couldn’t resist XD
    Btw,have you seen that Clear and Mink DMMd plushes will be pre-sold at Chiral Night in July?
    And all the information about the new Finder volume?

    1. @lucy4: Yep, I knew about them :D Thanks for the headsup. Are you going to Chiral Night? As for the Finder volume, don’t forget to get both the Animate Japan version as well as the first press limited edition. Both will come with different extra booklet :D

  3. Is it weird that I find this blanket hot? O O I wouldn’t mind if he ate that piece of chocolate cake from my mouth. Sorry for being inappropriate. >///<

    1. @ Ponytale

      Well, that’s good to hear! I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt that way. XD

  4. @Shirokaze

    You should preorder by the 31st of August. If you pay by credit card you can use BiJ’s forwarding service to order at Animate’s online shop. That is most likely what I’m gonna do. It’s only 500 Yen^^

    Animate only charges your credit card when they ship the order,so in November ;)

  5. @lucy
    i know o.o
    but i’m assuming it’s made if preorderd? so even i preorder it, or i dont get it at all.

    well sadly, i had to cancel my aoba :/
    after much thinking, even tho aoba’s figure is impresive, his price for my pocket is just too much. even more considering that i don’t really like DMMD.
    if it was a character that i really loved, then i would had payed. but i was feeling “meh” about aoba. i dont even find him cute/attractive .-. he’s just not my type ^_^U

    1. @Shirokaze: I guess its not a real loss especially since you don’t really like the game or Aoba. Why did you order it in the first place!! lol~ good thing u cancelled it! *o*

    1. @Shirokaze: there’s something due every month orz;; have you received your Aoba yet? That’s the biggest single figure package I’ve ever received lol.

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