Goods: Scent of the sea Tsugaru Shizuo ~Aroma Fragrance~ Review (Durarara!!, cozywave)

So, how did cozywave interpret the fragrance of Tsugaru Shizuo?

Title: Tsugaru Shizuo ~Aroma Fragrance~ 津軽
Price: 5000 Yen
Size: 25ml
Available from Animate Japan and Movic Japan.
Fragrance stream: 香りの流れ
Top note トップノート: Aqua, leaf green アクア・リーフグリーン
Middle note ミドルノート: White flower bouquet ホワイトフラワーブーケ
Last note ラストノート: Woody animal ウッディーアニマル
Description: Top is aqua, leaf, ginger, citrus fruit, image of the sea of Tsugaru (Western region of Aomori Prefecture)
Middle is magnolia, lily of the valley, jasmine, iris’s bewitching scent. As well as creating an image of beautiful kimono.
Last is musk, amber, woody, the image of a strong and tough man.
トップのアクア、葉、ジンジャー、シトラスが津軽の海をイメージしている, ミドルのマグノリア、すずらん、ジャスミン、アイリスの妖艶な香りが, 和服の美しさをかもし出している, ラストのムスク、アンバー、ウッディーは強靭なオトコをイメージさせる

Although the description is so fabulously masculine, to me, the scent actually smells EXACTLY like that of a chubby and happy baby who is fresh out of his bath lol. But I have to make a disclaimer though… cos my sense of smell is not very sensitive and I’m not good at discerning scents.

I got the perfume during Comiket 80 through a proxy, so the goods included the microfire cloth freebie as well as the sample scent card given out during the event (More info at this post)

Front and back of the lovely box. It is about 15.5 cm height by 5.5 cm width.

Product information. Eau de Toilette. That explains why the scent is so light I could hardly smell it unless I sprayed more of it ^^;; Erm yea… I have a rather bad nose.

Side view. High-quality, glossy print.

Side view of the back and opening.

The perfume bottle is about 13 cm tall.

Simple and clean design.

Common spray nozzle. I mean what are we expecting right ^^;;

The freebie towel.

Polyester 80%, nylon 20%, washing instructions, etc.

The towel is 20cm x 20cm. It has a very smooth texture and nice sheen but maybe because of it, the illustration printed on the material is not very sharp. If you look closely, it looks like the material couldn’t hold onto the colour well. But it looks fine in general though.

Sample scent cards of Psychedelic IZAYA and SHIZUO ~Aroma Fragrance~

Unfortunately, by the time they reached me, the scents are hardly discernable. (T-T) I took very deep sniffs and I can only say that Psychedelic Izaya and Shizuo scents are probably quite fresh and nice too.

So is the perfume worth the 5,000 Yen+++ price tag? Hmm… to be honest, it is a relatively nondescript scent. “Baby fresh out of bath” as I’ve said at the beginning of this post lol~ Unless you have extra money lying around, I wouldn’t really recommend it for the price ^^;; Then again, I’m not a perfume expert… so I can’t suggest a similar scent in the market that you can compare it with. It would have been nice if we can sample it before buying. Oh… I’ll definitely be using it since it is quite pleasant.

Anyway, I’ve turned into a sucker for Shizuo Tsugaru version., I’m quite tempted by these upcoming goods that feature him :-\ I’ll hold off ordering them for now tho. That Morimori voice clock has definitely done a great job at depleting my bank account OTL;;

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12 thoughts on “Goods: Scent of the sea Tsugaru Shizuo ~Aroma Fragrance~ Review (Durarara!!, cozywave)”

  1. I might eventually get them all, the illustrations worth everything (^O^) despite the lack of scent though ^^;
    It’s good to see the character covers into merchandises now, they need more love xD

    1. @Tikycat: I would love to get all of them too if I have extra money left after getting my priority goods :P And it’s definitely great to see more Tsugaru, Psychedelic goods XD I love the designs!

  2. gotta love ~Shizuo<3
    I thought that the smell would be stronger sense it is for men(?). maybe because they thought women would buy it? I'm not really sure.XD
    Though the Togainu sprays aren't made anymore i would love to try that. Have you heard anything about those? Also have you heard anything about those wine drinks?XD

    1. @sigma: I thought so too but it was definitely made for women :P

      I may get the Togainu ones one day. Luvi said she had the 1st series which had 5 different mini scents. This current one which only has Shiki and Akira isn’t as good I think.

      I managed to get the wines in successfully! XD I haven’t got round to drinking them yet ^^;;

    1. @Mayon: according to fans…
      [Quote] Errr not sure how much you know so ignore if you already know much of this, but Psyche and Tsugaru were illustrations on the soundtrack CD jackets that came with the special editions of DVDs 4 and 3 respectively. Also, with the Tsugaru one, there was a Shizuo cover of Tsugaru Kaikyo-Fuyugeshiki (enka song, and is where the name Tsugaru comes from). Unfortunately there isn’t a Psychedelic Dreams song. They’re really both just illustrations, although fandom sometimes treats them as Vocaloidy things, since they’re associated with music.

      Read more about it here:

  3. How nice~~ I wanted those scents but they cost so much I had to back off. LoL, Oh yes! I saw the new products~~ I want them too. LoL, I actually quite like Tsugaru Shizuo and Psychedelic Izaya :D I might put an order on the keychains tho.

    Fufu, thanks for the review :)

    1. @momo: yeah I think they’re too costly. Now that I’ve tried it, I think maybe 3000 yen or lesser is a more reasonable price especially for the strength of the scent. I can hardly smell it unless I spray more of it OTL;;

      I like all the designs but I’m partial to guys in yukata lol. Yeah I think I’ll grab the phone straps first too.

  4. OMD. Shizuo~~! *with a russian voice*
    He is so dreamy.

    “Although the description is so fabulously masculine, to me, the scent actually smells EXACTLY like that of a chubby and happy baby who is fresh out of his bath lol”

    1. @KOKURAN XD trying to imagine the accent lololol

      Ah wearing the scent now :3 oo baby~

      But just 15 minutes on, I can hardly smell it already ^^;;

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