Goods: Satisfy your inner-M with do-S Yusa Kouji every day! (Personalised Voice Alarm Clock)


Title: Angel Alarm Clock homme Yusa Kouji 「天使の目覚し時計 homme」 遊佐浩二
Price: 9,240 Yen (w/tax)
Available: Late February 2011 (Order before 5 January 2012 if you want to customise your name) No cancellations allowed.
Important: This item is made-to-order only and Comi Comi (ships internationally). Search for keywords: 天使の目覚し時計 homme
Official site:
Comicomi Order link:
Update 11/2/2012: Order before 20 February 2012 and you’ll also receive a special Yusa Kouji freetalk track!

I never expected the next clock to be Yucchi!!! Holy *&^%#@%^* I’m so happy!!! My heart literally skipped a beat then pounded really hard when I saw the page.

The 2nd clock was Ishida Akira 石田彰 and the first voice clock featured Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川智之).

Like the first two, you can choose how you want Yusa Kouji to call you by when he wakes you up. There’s a name list the company provides but if you can’t find your name, you can submit it if you order before 5 January 2012.

Take note: We have to write “___name___でお願いします” at the comments box when we check out, so that Comicomi know the name we want.

In this clock, Yusa Kouji voices 3 characters that you can pick to wake you up. There is one wake up voice for each season and a normal wake up voice pattern, so total of 15 voices to choose from as well as special voices like Oyasumi, etc.

Character bios! \(^0^)/
Ufufufu Do-S megane doctor and yukata-clad chara! Moe of my dreams!

1) Surgeon 外科医
Vital stats: 30 years old (30歳)
Description: He thinks that it is his mission to cure with his surgeon skills. Does not think its necessary to use anesthesia for small cuts/injuries. He has a slightly sadistic characteristic to him. In other words, do-S!!! I’m not sure if we should take the translation literally? Or are they all pointing to a sadistic personality. (切って直すのが使命と思っている。小さな傷は、麻酔を使わなかったりする。ちょっとSっぽいところもある)

2) Sake brewery’s young master 造り酒屋の若旦那
Vital stats: 29 years old (29歳)
Description: Although he projects a rather soft or frail impression, he is very strong-willed. He treats people from the same trade and customers with similar contempt. He can be arrogant or haughty. (やわやわした雰囲気だが、芯が強い。同業者や取引先になめられまいと。尊大にふるまうこともある。)

3) Trader トレーダー
Vital stats: 26 years old (26歳)
Description: He is always able to keep his calm. But sometimes fails to do so when he gets excited. He still needs to practise more. (冷静になるべく常に心がけているが。つい熱くなって失敗することもある。まだまだ修行が必要)

I guess since I already have an alarm clock with Yucchi saying sweet things as Harada Sanosuke, I’m really looking forward to listen to him being the S-adist that he can be (seme Mido-san lol)

I also hope that the young master of the sake brewery speaks in kansai-ben (accent). What’s that you ask? If you watched Aoi no Exorcist 青の祓魔師, one of the main sub characters (Shima Renzo, a cheeky, pink-haired boy) that is voiced by Yusa Kouji speaks with that accent.

Anyway, \(^0^)/ I’ve already sent in my order!!! Who’s with me??? XDD

List of names you can choose for Yucchi to call you by (The list is different from the other seiyuus):

Updated 8/1/2012!
ハニー (Lol~ Honey! XD I was so tempted to submit this!)お前/あなた/きみお嬢さん

Technical details:

1) Alarm 目覚し時計
– Can set up to 3 alarms.
– You can choose the voice you like or own music.
– 5 minute snooze.

2) Player. 2G memory
– Format: mp3・wma
– It can copy audio from your PC with USB cable.
– SD card usable
– Random play, sleep function.
– Sleep function between 10 to 60 minutes

3) Speaker
– Can be used as a speaker for PC and mobile phone with line-in cable.

Link To This Page
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

71 thoughts on “Goods: Satisfy your inner-M with do-S Yusa Kouji every day! (Personalised Voice Alarm Clock)”

  1. Received my Yusa Kouji clock yesterday. It’s so cool hearing my name! I love it when he says “Pamela-kun” and “Pamela-chan”! So cute!

  2. Ah so that’s how it is, now I feel little more calm about this.
    I was so worried but hopefully my name will be ok and then I can order future clocks also.
    I must ask my proxy to let me know as soon as they get any new information from Comicomi.
    Thank you~ so much for replying and helping me with this! ^_^

  3. Ponytale dear, Happy New Year! ^.^
    Just wondering, has your payment for the clock been completed?
    My order is still on the ‘waiting for payment’ status (入金待ち(クレジット決済は決済待ち)…
    I understand that the shop was closed until the 3rd, and only fully re-opened for business after the holidays on the 4th, but today it is the 5th, and still the payment is pending >.>
    I gave them my brand new credit card for this order, but I’m 100% there’s no problem with my card – I cross-checked, no blocking Japanese transactions or anything, and I’ve already completed other transactions with this new card.
    My most recent order with comi was less than a month ago, using my other card,
    and still it took them a few days to complete the payment –
    I was getting the same ‘waiting for payment’ status for a few days….
    So, would you say I am overreacting?
    I want to think it is just that they take a while due to the previous holiday break…
    I did place my order right before they closed for the New Year break after all ^^;
    How was it with you? Did they already complete the payment for you?
    And if yes, did you only pay now for the price of the clock now?

    1. @Gwendolen: Happy New Year! Comi-comi will only charge your credit card when the order is ready for shipping. As along as you received the acknowledgment email that indicates the customised name you wrote, you should be ok :D Don’t worry!

    2. @Ponytale, I didn’t receive any email indicating they acknowledged the customized name I wrote O.O I only received the usual e-mails acknowledging and accepting my order T^T
      What e-mail was I supposed to receive?
      Please let me know so I can send them an e-mail asking them about it…
      Oh so I won’t be charged yet for the clock?
      Only when the order is ready to ship later in February?
      So my order status will remain ‘waiting for payment’ until then?
      Is that your current order status as well?
      Sorry for the multiple questions…but it will be bad if they haven’t received my name >.<
      I sent my request for a specific name as they instructed,
      I wrote in the comment box “ジェニー でお願いします” before completing my order,
      and chose for the comment to be sent to 受注窓口…

      I just saw my name in the e-mail they sent me accepting my order….
      written in tiny letters that are easy to miss lol
      Thanks again for bringing that to my attention, I totally overlooked it…
      I totally freaked out, oh boy xD

    4. @Ponytale, yep, everything is good xD
      sorry for the hassle m(_ _)m
      Looking forward to February even more now ;)
      It’s my Birthday in February too, will be getting a very sweet present this year *grins*
      Just one last thing, to make sure, so I won’t be charged for the clock yet?
      Only when they are ready to ship it to me?
      The fact that my status has changed to ‘waiting for payment’ confused me a bit…

    5. @Gwendolen: Wow that will be an awesome birthday present! Yep, they won’t charge until the order is ready to ship. So they will only charge our credit cards in February/March when the clock is ready to be shipped.
      I think the status for confirmed orders of all preorder items are always “Waiting for payment” once they acknowledged it.

    6. @Ponytale, yep, it will be a great present ^^
      Oh, so that’s how it is! Thanks for clearing that up as well!
      I thought the status only changed to ‘waiting for payment’ once they were ready to charge you for the item.
      Because another preorder I have placed for a magazine that will be released this month still has the 受注受付メール送信済/’sent order acceptance mail’ status.
      I am asking because the credit cards I use at comi are all debit cards, so I have to charge them with money only when I want to pay for stuff ;)
      And if I don’t have to pay them now for the clock, I’ll just go ahead and send payment for the Midou/Mr. R dakimakura I had Tokyo Buyers order for me yesterday instead xD

    7. @Gwendolen: I usually order and forget about it unless the order is delayed. That’s when I’ll login to check my account :P
      Generally, if comicomi is having trouble with getting payment, they’ll send an email first. Usually they won’t cancel it without giving you a chance to rectify the issue.
      Hehehe yeah, you can do that (get the dakimakura first) XD

    8. @Ponytale: I can now confirm how things work, in case other buyers from ComiComi have a similar question about the status of their orders…for my pre-orders of less than 1000 yen, my comicomi order status remains as “sent order acceptance mail”, and only after the release date I get the “waiting for payment” status and completion of order. For more significant pre-orders, say 3000 yen and more, my status is quickly updated to “waiting for payment”. This is to show the pre-order has been confirmed, like you said, even though they don’t actually request for payment until near/after the release date. And you are right, if comicomi is having trouble getting payment they’ll email you, and they won’t cancel before they receive a reply from you. Just in case fellow buyers were wondering^^

      Can I ask you for a favor? I’d like to hear how your Morikawa Toshiyuki clock sounds, the one with the “my angel” greeting ^^ Is it possible to upload a sound clip for us to hear? I’m seriously considering buying that one as well, after I receive my Yusa Kouji one xD And I am tempted to choose the My Angel name, but I’m curious about how Morikawa says it^^

    9. @Gwendolen: Oh icic thanks for the detailed analysis :D I’m sure it’ll be helpful for others too!
      Sure, I’ll try to upload that soon! ><

      Those are gooood, I’ve heard Yusa call these names before in CDs, uuuuuu, what a pity T^T
      No, I will not buy a second alarm clock, I will resist *cries*

    11. @Gwendolen: Aww… don’t be sad, you can still order them from the maker through a proxy later when you have more money! The additional names are announced for the 2nd round usually after they compiled their 1st round of requests. These generic name requests are then added onto the updated list. I was tempted to submit “Honey” and “darling”, etc but figured that if I only have money for 1 clock, then its got to be my name :P

    12. @Ponytale: Thanks for the info, now I know why they add the new generic list names later^^
      I am a little bit sad…but since like you, I can only buy the one clock, I also prefer it is my nickname and something more personalized than ‘honey’ or ‘young lady’. And you have a lovely name, it would really be a shame not to personalize your clock with this name ;)
      And no worries, feel free to upload a sample of Morikawa’s ‘My Angel’ sound clip whenever you have the time. I’m definitely not buying the Morimori clock anytime soon with all the goodies I recently pre-ordered…Omerta clear files & manga, Brothers Conflict strap & clear files and Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata drama CD to name a few, not to mention ALL the PC & PSP BL/Otome games, like DRAMAtical Murder xD Been busy making my wallet bleed, as you see xD

    13. @Gwendolen: Yeah, I’ve been busy depleting my bank account for lots of yummy BL and otome goods too… D: yeah including 2 of the upcoming BL games *_* DVDs, a number of otome and BLCDs, dakimakura, magazines, books and other goods…

  4. Hi I have question that you might be able to help me with but first I must say
    thank you for having such a fun & informative blog. I’ve been lurking around here
    for a couple of years now and I wouldn’t even know about this amazing alarm clock
    and the whole world of figures *_* without you and your blog, but I just had to come out
    of lurking for this wonderful man that is Yusa Kouji <3

    Anyway, I had to use a proxy to order the alarm clock and they wrote
    to me in their email that they don't know at the moment if my name will be accepted or not.
    This is what Comicomi wrote to my proxy:

    I've been wishing that they would make a alarm clocks with Yuuchi and Mikishin
    and yay one wish is granted so far and I will cry if I cant get my very own clock.

    Is this unusual, have you or anyone else had this problem when submitting their name?
    I'm hoping for the best/miracle but what will they do with the clock I've ordered if
    my name isn't accepted?

    1. @Lili: Glad you enjoyed my posts XD Gotta share the love! *hugs*

      Comicomi wrote that disclaimer on their order page and your proxy has cut and pasted it for you lol~ but don’t worry, I think Comicomi has to write that in case somebody submits obscene/offensive names or names the manufacturer don’t accept for any reason. I’m sure it’ll be ok! So far I submitted 2 different custom names for my Morimori clock and my friend has ordered both clocks released (Morimori and IshiAki) and we got our customised names done properly :)

  5. does Yusa Kouji have a deep and sexy voice? give me some examples of characters. i know i’ve heard him before many times, but i can’t always place all the seiyuu’s names. to have him say my name sounds awesome! i don’t think i’ll be embarassed to hear pamela. ^^

    1. @yudashin: Well he is Harada Sanosuke in Hakuouki, Gin in Bleach, Shima in Ao no Exorcist, Lau in Kuroshitsujie etc. For a fan, its definitely a dream come true :3

  6. …Well first off, Merry Christmas and second.

    *smashes keys* wtf! o.o Yusa Kouji?! I want >: But I promised myself I wouldn’t get another clock (unless its Kamiyan) or else, I’ll be so broooooookee!

    GOSH, Yucchi~ I wanna hear your sexy voice calling my name *blush* ^o^!

    1. @momo: Merry Christmas dear! ( ^3^) chuu~~
      Yeah, so unexpected orz;;; so your friend here has already ordered it or I’m sure to regret ^^;; The funny thing is two of the characters he is voicing seem to be do-S lololol~ this should be quite an interesting change compared to Morimori’s sweet morning calls.

      I think this company has definitely found a cash cow with me feeding it :P I didn’t order IshiAki tho.

  7. …that….that…THAT HOLY FUCK AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I was really hoping they WOULDN’T do this. If they end up doing Suwabe Junichi, too, I am so dead. my wallet, too.

    I…I will probably get that for myself, as my own birthday present in February. …except, I am afraid if they write the real price on the outside, German customs duty will stop it and it’ll be even more expensive. Ahhhhhhhhh. How much would an order plus shipping to Germany be, I wonder? My knowledge of Japanese doesn’t go much beyond kana and the simplest of kanji….

    1. Ah, I guess I’ll have to swallow that risk and cross my fingers BECAUSE IWANTIWANTIWANT. Thank you~

      But do explain to me: I can still order after January 5th and before its release date, I just will not be able to ask for a custom name, right? or do i need to order before January 5th no matter what?
      (Whether I’ll be able to read and enter the necessities when ordering is another thing altogether TAT)

    2. @Celestie: Usually after the 1st deadline, they’ll open orders again about a month or so later. Yeah, for the 2nd order you will not be able to customise your own name. You can only choose from the list provided.

    3. @ponytale:
      Alright, I think I order now to get a custom name. Registering was a pain but it worked (thank you, Google Chrome~), now….oh fu–. Do you know if you can pay with PayPal instead of Credit Cards….? ;_;

    4. ahahaha, nevermind, I just found the payment FAQ. ACK, HOW CAN I BUY THE CLOCK NOW ;_; (I have no Credit Card yet *sobsob* and I know no-one who has-fuu)

    5. I…don’t know any proxy and I never used FromJapan before, so I dunno how /fails forever. Hm, do you have any tips? The deadline is only two days away, I really don’t have much hope. Noooooes ;_;

    6. Ah, but I think it’s too late now. (Besides, I don’t even know how to ask when when I search for the item, I find none of Yusa.) When I was at my working place, I wanted to do as you suggested, sadly, the cashier computer didn’t have Japanese characters (and I wasn’t supposed to do that anyway, ahahaha xD)

      So, I’ll have to settle with a given name (which is fine, too, just not as awesome as have a custom name xD) and get a Credit Card until then. Do you know when second order will be available?

    7. >8) I so have a credit card now (now I hope I can buy that clock now /shot), but before I order (gotta wait for my paycheck, anyway), I have to enter ___name___でお願いします in the comment even in this second order and choose from the list (that you updated?! I didn’t notice until now xDDDD) …right?

      …do you notice how I abuse you for help? My Japanese is still at waaaay beginner’s level, so sorry TAT

    8. @ponytale: No problem, thank you~~

      Can you help and tell me if second preorder is already open, though? I haven’t proceeded past the credit card option since I am still waiting for my paycheck in one week. I am sorry I am asking you so much TAT

    9. Aww, thanks so much *A*
      Lot1? there are different lots? I thought there’s only one kind of alarm clock, or did I miss out something? (Sorry, I feel so stupid for asking /shot)

    10. @Celestie: there’s only one type. Just that the first you can request your own name. Second round of preorders if I’m not wrong you can only choose from the list provided :)

    11. Oh, yeah, that xD I though the first one was closed already? If the first round is still going, I am getting the custom-name *A* (But your review says it was only if you order before January 5th, right?)

    12. Okay, so, just to make sure, if I order now (or in a week, when my paycheck arrives) it’s the second order, right? Second order round is running now already, right? 8)

    13. @Celestie: Yeah the 2nd order round is running now already. Don’t wait too long or the order may close. If that happens you’ll have to order directly from the manufacturer using a proxy :)

    14. Wah, okay, I plan to order now, but now I am at the credit card payment part…If they ask for 名義人 (all I can read is na/name and jin, googletranslate says nominee?) do I need to input my name?

      分割選択 is somehow translated as selecting the split. …what split? (Bulk, Ribonucleic and Split?) And the option below is how many splits. What splits…?! Bawww, I am sorry I am such a noob about credit cards TAT

    15. Hm, or rather, if I DON’T want to split the payment…do I choose ‘Bulk’ or ‘Ribonucleic’? (I guess Bulk but the options don’t make much sense to me, so I rather ask TAT)

    16. Waaaaah, thank you~~ ….shoot, Now I see in your registration tutorial that I can’t enter my name in Romaji? That’s a problem because I live in a flat apartment where more than one family lives (and whe habveno further distinct info other than the name…) and I am pretty sure my postman cannot read katakana or hiragana. (Adding to that, I have the l/r problem with my name). And I am sorry I ask you this out of the proper post TAT

    17. Holy asdfghjkl it worked and it arrived but somehow, nothing (or not that sum) has been distracted from my account even though I put up all my credit card information and, well, it arrived and all. Now I am worried they didn’t get my money…? (or is it something about credit cards I dunno?) I-I don’t want to be charged for not paying when I am more tahn ready to pay…. ._. xD

    18. @Celestie: That’s great! XD The clock is awesome right??? XDD I believe they have charged your credit card but it may only appear on your bank statement in the next month :)

    19. Oh, okay, then it#s fine~ Didn’t have the chance to try it out (but having it already makes me happy~) because I need an electricity plug converter. But I’ll get one today. Yucchi, soo I’ll be coming for you~ And thank you so much for your help♥

  8. TAT!!! YUUUSAA saying my name is too good to be true TAT *Cries* zomg this is too awesome !! ponytale chan! THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR THE NEWS! Now I know I am totally going broke this month OTL! that clock is 120$! OTLLLLL

  9. Thank you for the prompt reply hon ;)
    Hahaha, you are right, it’s not to late to wish for Christmas even now!
    Yep, I have been pretty good but busy…how about you? ^^
    Been considering my options for postgraduate studies now that I graduated from college at last ;) I will be doing Japanese Language undergraduate studies in London next year xD
    Just waiting for the study fees to become a bit more reasonable again before I go lol
    So, I don’t need to send them a separate e-mail requesting the not-in-the-list name?
    I just write “ジェニー でお願いします” at the comments box when I check out, and that’s enough? Please confirm so I can place my order ASAP xD
    I would have prefered my real name that starts with an X, but I’m sure poor Yusa will have the hardest time pronouncing it, so I chose a nickname of my real name, Jenny xD
    I think I will not add the chan after all, hehe.
    So how was the Morikawa clock you bought before? Is the sound good quality-wise?

    1. To be more precise, should I write in the comments box when I check out, and in Japanese of course, something like this => “my name is not in the list. ジェニー でお願いします”
      Will it be enough? What did you write when you placed your order this time? ^^

    2. @Ponytale, thanks a lot, I will just write “ジェニー でお願いします” in the comments box then!
      Wow, can’t believe I will have a personalized clock with Yusa’s wicked voice to wake me up xD

    3. @Gwendolyn wow sounds awesome! You’ll definitely enjoy yourself. Some of my friends who studied or worked in London loved the place.

      The sound quality is good! But its embarrassing to hear morimori call my name ^^;;; I haven’t found the time to review the clock but I think it’s worth buying, especially for fans of the seiyuu. Since it’s unlikely for most of us to ever meet the real person (;_;) face to face and have them call us by our names… sigh.

    4. Just placed my order xD *dances*
      I wrote in the comment box “ジェニー でお願いします” before completing my order,
      and chose for the comment to be sent to 受注窓口, as they say in the item page instructions.

      @Ponytale, thanks sweetie, I have been to London for holidays a few years ago,
      stayed there for about a month, and liked it a lot^^
      It’s also ridiculously close to Greece, my home country, so it’s convenient ;)
      I also hope to have a great time there ^^

      Nice to hear the sound quality is good!
      I bet it’s going to be embarrassing hearing Yusa call me by my nickname, but worth it xD
      I am a big fan of Yusa Kouji, and if they come up in the future with Suzuki Tatsuhisa or Hatano Wataru versions of these clocks, I will be so happy *nosebleeds just imagining*
      Yep, no way we’re meeting them in real life so this is as close as it gets xD

    5. @Gwendolen: Yay! You can double check your order confirmation. They’ll indicate the name you sent inside.
      I’m envious XD never been to London/Greece before! I’m sure you’ll have a great time!
      Yeah, I think I’ll be suckered into getting those clocks if they feature my favourite seiyuus in the future. That includes Waccha too (;_;) braces self for the next clock announcement!

  10. Hi sweetie! How are you? It’s been a while^^ Merry Christmas, though a bit belated xD
    Can I ask you about the Yusa Kouji clock? I want to customize it using my real name, so do I simply write “___my name-chan___でお願いします” at the comments box when I check out, or because it is a name that is not included in the list I have to do something more before I order it? Hope you can let me know soon so I can send in my order before the deadline xD Hugs and kisses <3<3<3

    1. @Gwendolen: Hey ya :D been busy? Merry Christmas too! There are 12 days of Christmas hehe!
      Yep if your name is not in the list, you’ll have to indicate it when you check out.
      I think it’ll be helpful if you spell your name in katakana to help Yucchi pronounce it correctly ^^ Just write [your name] でお願いします. Chan is optional. :D

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