Goods: Samurai Champloo action figures (Triad Toys)

I was searching for something else and I was seduced by this… o_O (ah~ megane)

Samurai Champloo Jin


Samurai Champloo Mugen

Somebody save me!!!

Info text from the maker’s site (Triad Toys)

Samurai Champloo サムライチャンプルー is one of the best anime series ever created. Consisting of twenty-six episodes that was originally broadcasted on the television network, Fuji TV, Samurai Champloo was later broadcasted on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in 2005. Created and directed by the legendary Shinichiro Watanabe, whose previous work, Cowboy Bebop, became a cult hit and continues to be a fan favorite.

Jin (First image) (Seiyuu: Sato Ginpei 佐藤銀平)
Quiet, dignified, disciplined and enigmatic, Jin is in every respect the polar opposite of Mugen. A classically-trained swordsman with a precise and lethal fighting style, Jin has lightning fast draws that leave few opponents who can match his skills.

Mugen (Second image) (Seiyuu: Nakai Kazuya 中井和哉)
Raised in the rough outskirts of Ryukyu, Mugen is an eccentric tough-as-nails street fighter. His unique free-for-all fighting style which he calls “champuru kendo” leaves few opponents who could match his unpredictable moves. His lack of respect for authority constantly gets him into trouble, with which Mugen shrugs off with his sword in hand.

Both Samurai Champloo Jin and Mugen 12 Inch figure features:
– New Triad Toys Otaku 2.0 body with over 35 points of articulation!
360 moveable eyes system allowing full independent rotation of the eyes!
– ATAC modular weapons system allowing customization with other Triad figures!
– Sword blades, dagger and jewelry are full metal!
– Highly detailed clothing and gear!

Damage at US$119.99 each
Available on 13 February 2009 (Friday 13th! Hopefully they don’t turn out to be nightmares ^^”)
Delayed: 27 March 2009 and Delayed again: 24 April 2009 (will it turn into a delaying nightmare? They’ve already charged my credit card *_*;;; ) BUT as long as they do deliver within reasonable time frame and give us quality products, I’m willing to wait a bit. DELAYED AGAIN: 29 June 2009. AND AGAIN: End December 2009? FINALLY!!! Released on 18 December 2009 *I wonder why there were no tears of joy* Too long… the excitement had waned. x_x Anyway… have yet to receive them. Should be good tho… I believe.

I’m most interested in the eyes… compared to Medicom Toy’s static faces, the option to be able to pose their eyes as well make these figures seem even more attractive ^^ I’m sold! Let’s see how they really look like when they arrive.

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15 thoughts on “Goods: Samurai Champloo action figures (Triad Toys)”

  1. @Fuuga: Yeah..boys will love it.

    Actually if TRIAD really make tht ‘bobbing’ feature..i’m gonna sue them becoz in the beginning it was my bright idea not them. LOL!!!
    Any of you buy that 3D mousepad? the one with errmm..boobs or dunno what leh.

    1. HAHAHAHA XD Better quickly patent that breast bobbing idea, my dear!

      Ooh the 3D mousepad with the boobies are supposed to be good for wrist support! Now… if they came up with male versions… … … *nosebleeds*

  2. @Fuuga: Yeap… that’s what I read. I think she’ll be really cute too XD and you maybe right. She’ll probably have her pet ^^ since Triad is so generous with the boys’ accessories.

  3. @Akiyama

    XD! Bobbing ability of her boobs! LOL!


    You mean there working on a Fuu one? Wah that’s one i would love to see, maybe she will come with her little squirrel pet.’v’

  4. Kekeke… as long as the boucing breast fan-serivce doesn’t happen so many times until it distracts, I’m fine with it :P

    Hmm… probably just this particular RAH Light cos I didn’t have to be so careful with my Naoto and Lulu. They were more flexible. Reminds me of a blog post/review I read ages ago about someone also breaking a part of his RAH Light.

  5. Just trying to be dirty LOL~’s juz to obvious with Faye Valentine.
    You’re right, tht’s a fan service boobs..remind me of Orihime-Bleach and plenty other characters in anime-manga world.
    It’s a good thing they don’t age. otherwise they’ll have a serious back bone problem in their senior days XD

    Poseable but not playable?

  6. *nods* The animation is very fluid. Awesome sword battle scenes with entertaining story and characters. Soundtrack is cool too.

    I don’t mind as much if Medicom doesn’t sell accessories since we can always get them from other sources. I’m more upset when I can’t replace broken parts x_x Maybe RAH really wasn’t meant to be played with. But one thing about this particular Light, remember I told you his joints were tight everywhere? I tried to loosen them but to no avail and now he ended up with a broken arm *sigh*

    I’m impressed by the SC head sculpt and all the accessories given by Triad for the price. They’re definitely worth it. Hehe… yeah I’m an action figure girl and you’re the art statue collector XD

    Hahaha… there’s also a main female character in Samurai Champloo with big bouncy fan service breasts lol~ and her Triad figure is currently in the works.

  7. Will probably catch up if have the time. Heard good reviews about it from friends…

    Yea i think not-selling spare-parts and accessory sets/props are MEDICOM’s biggest sins XD
    So far MEDICOM’s RAHs have good color and im not complaining but the lack of barbie-ish gizmos makes me bit disappoint.

    As for TRIAD, the eye-feature is something new and seriously will interest lots of collector. A breakthrough i’ll say…
    Aside from budget issue i’m more into non-movable figurines :D (makes me sound like a static person)

    Watch out for tht real-metal weapon! Hai-Ya!!!! (scares the hell out of Lulu and Suza)

    i’m being dirty but if they have Cowboy Be-Bop (probably) the eye-thing won’t be the main feature of Faye Valentine.
    The breakthrough will be the bobbing ability of her boobs. ROFL
    Gosh, im so pervert.

  8. @Fuuga: indeed, considering the popularity of Cowboy Bebop… I think these Samurai Champloo Triad Toy (US company) figures probably coincide with the upcoming Funimation DVD re-release (they took over the licensing from Geneon) Perhaps if Cowboy Bebpop has a new animation OVA or anniversary special, we might have action figures of the anime ^^

  9. @akiyama: Yeah… tell me about it… *_* But this is the first time I’m getting a figure from Triad so hopefully they don’t disappoint. The reviews for their other figures are not bad though and in general I think their figures may have better articulation than Medicom Toy’s RAH.

    Project BM! doesn’t have much problem with most poses but I broke my Light’s arm while trying out poses with him (T_T) so now he is on the operating table awaiting surgery. I’m a bit too busy for now to help him. The least Medicom could’ve done was to sell replacement parts… but they don’t. *&@^#%(*

    It is HORRIBLE whenever anything RAH breaks *cries in exasperation*

    Anyway I like the eyes innovation in this new Otaku 2.0 body of Triad Toys… I’ll update again when the figures arrive :)

    Btw, the story and style of the anime is cool. Since you like rap/hip-hop influences, I think you’ll enjoy it ^^ To think that I missed out on this one…

  10. omg mugen figure!XD
    It looks nice but way outta budget range~ XAX;
    The eye thing is unique ive never seen that in a action figure before. I’m surprised they dont have cowboy bebob one. I think those would have sold out like crazy.

  11. ho ho ho definitely not figma price LOL

    Nice, but not gonna buy it. not really keen on the series and the characters.
    the eye-thing is interesting but MEDICOM’s got better color ( i think)

    Action figures got more and more innovation. really interesting to see the competition.

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