Goods: Saitou Hajime Voice Alarm Clock (Hakuouki, Toriumi Kousuke)

Saitou Hajime

♥ ♥ ♥ Ohayo, Saitou-san ♥ ♥ ♥

Two years after I bought my first Hakuouki voice alarm clock of Harada Sanosuke, I was lucky enough to chance upon the supposedly out-of-print Saitou Hajime clock on sale at Animate Japan again three months back. What did I do? I grabbed it orz;;; Finally found the time to record the audio and do a quick review.

Title: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Saitou Hajime Voice Alarm Clock
薄桜鬼 音声付目覚まし時計 C: 斎藤 一
Character voice: Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔
7,140 Yen (w/tax)

The clock is powered by 3 x AA batteries. Metal and plastic body. Size: 125mm x 110mm x 48mm. Shaped like traditional/retro clocks but without the actual ringing function.

Hakuoki Clock

Voice alarm clocks of the following characters were released:

Hakuoki Clock

Like I previously mentioned, once you’ve seen the back of one voice clock (Vampire Knight Voice Alarm Clock, and Ouran High School Host Club) you’ve seen them all. For the benefit of those who haven’t, here’s a back shot with labels again.

Hakuoki Clock

The sound quality was as expected. Not great but the lines said more than made up for it.

These are the lines that he said. They are really cute and moe! It’s little wonder why Saitou topped the voting for the most popular otome game character very often.

1) 起床の時間だ。
It’s time to wake up.

2) 起きたか?・・・ん? なぜ同じ布団にいるかだと? 忘れたのか?・・・そうか、それなら別に構わん。
You’re awake? Hmm? Why are we sharing the same futon (bed)? You forgot? … I see, if that’s the case, it doesn’t matter.

3) 「お前が好きだ。愛している。」 ・・と言えばお前が飛び起きると副長に言われたが・・図星だったようだな。
“I am fond of you. I love you.”… If I said that you’ll probably jump out of the bed. That’s what the vice commander told me. Seems to me that he has hit the bullseye.

4) 準備は出来たか?今日はお前と一緒に出ようと思うのだが。 お前と共にいると心が安らぐ。これからもずっとそばにいて欲しい。
Are you ready? I thought of spending the day out with you. I feel at ease when I’m with you. I want you to always be by my side from now on.

5) お前をいとおしいと思う気持ちは、言葉だけでは伝えきれない。 お前に触れてもいいか?
Words can’t express how precious you are to me. Is it alright for me to touch you? ♥ ♥ ♥ /nosebleed/

Another fanart of Saitou I found on the web. Drunk Saitou-san is so hot! (^///^)

Saitou Hajime

More about Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan 薄桜鬼 game/anime series by games maker Idea Factory at the official sites:

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16 thoughts on “Goods: Saitou Hajime Voice Alarm Clock (Hakuouki, Toriumi Kousuke)”

  1. I’d like to know if somebody can purchase for me the harada sanosuke one.
    I don’t understand a word in japanese so it’s very difficult for me to look for it…
    Can I have so help?

    1. @Marieebe: These clocks are out-of-print. You’ll have to try your luck on yahoo auctions and mandarake japan (available in english). Good luck!

  2. Haha yeah wish me luck with that, I’m working hard to get it lol and I’ll be sure to share the wake up calls with you all, we need to share the love hahaha XD.
    And here is all the text, there is Harada and Saito in there too, but even though you do have them both on the site, I just left it there anyway. XD

    1) そろそろ起きてくれねぇか?

    2) 起きたか?こうして毎日お前の寝顔を眺めるのも・・・結構いいもんだな。

    3) ほらほら、いつまで寝てんだ?まぁ・・・まだ寝てな。

    4) おいおい。もうこんな時間かよ。ったくせわしねぇご時世だぜ。

    5) 俺は幸せものかも知れねぇ。一番大事なものを見つけることが出来たからな。

    1) 起床の時間だ。

    2) 起きたか?・・・ん?なぜ同じ布団にいるかだと?

    3) 「お前が好きだ。愛している。」

    4) 準備は出来たか?今日はお前と一緒に出ようと思うのだが。

    5) お前をいとおしいと思う気持ちは、言葉だけでは伝えきれない。

    1) 早く起きろよ・・・な?

    2) よっ。おはよう。・・ん?いつからそこにって?

    3) まだ寝てんの?最近疲れてるんだろ?無理すんなよな。

    4) やっべぇ!遅刻だ遅刻!お前と一緒にいると嬉しくてすぐ時間忘れちまうよ。

    5) そっちいってもいいか?お前、すっげやわらかくて・・あったかいよな。

    1) 早く起きなよ。

    2) おはよう。今日も君に会えて幸せだよ。

    3) 起きないの?それって僕のこと誘ってるわけ?

    4) 出かける時間だよ?

    5) もう起きるの?まだ君のこと抱き足りないんだけど?

    1) さっさと起きろ。

    2) やっと起きたか。お前の作る飯以外は食った気がしねぇ。

    3) ふっ。無防備な寝顔しやがって・・・。そんなに俺のそばが落ち着くのか?

    4) 時間は守るためにあるんだ!ぐずぐずすんな!

    5) お前がそばにいねぇと落ちつかねぇ。さっさとこっちにこい。

    1. @VK: Thanks! :D all of them say such sweet things huh. I’ll find time to update when I can. Good luck to you again in getting the clock you want!

  3. I love these clocks and I am trying to get one myself (Hijikata <3 Live in hope lol).
    Anyway, I don't know if it's useful to anyone, but I have a list of all the lines each of the clocks say (all in Japanese mind you).
    Would anyone like me to post them here in the comments?

    1. @VK: Sure thing! Please share the text XD I’m sure you will get your Hijikata clock one day too! Then you can share his yummy wake up calls with us too <3

  4. OMG! :O I would be so so happy if someone could point me in the direction of where to buy this Saitou one and the Heisuke one. Pretty please :) I LOVE Hakuouki!
    Nosebleed for sure. Geez! At least we would all wake up smiling every morning, ne? :D

    1. @Sayuri: They’re currently out-of-print. Your best bet would be Yahoo auctions Japan ( and Used goods store ( :) Good luck!

    2. Ah thank you! I found the Heisuke one thanks to you :) He is even harder to find than dear Saitou-kun :P

    3. @Sayuri: that’s great! Glad to help. Please share with us his morning calls when u receive him! I would love to know what they sound like XD

  5. That picture of Saitou waking up!! Irresistable!! and lines 2 and 5 are so precious XD

    Being the noob I am, never realised that these were voice alarm clocks…. would have gotten myself a few of the Starry sky ones from Animate when i saw them during my taiwan visit if I had known back then :(

    1. @Spider9: starry sky didn’t release any voice clocks if I’m not wrong, so j believe u didn’t miss much :D

      I would be excited to know if they did make any!

      Saito is /RABU/

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