Goods: Saito Hajime Hakuouki Trading Voice Mascot Review (Movic)

Saito: … …

Title: Hakuouki Supicotto (Speaking mascot?) 薄桜鬼 すぴこっと
Price: 4,410 yen (1 complete set contains 6 boxes)
Release date: 7 July 2011
Description: 60-65 mm. Each character will speak 2 lines from the anime.
Available from Animate Japan/Movic only. CDJapan offering proxy service! Check ’em out!

Made by the same company who gave us Durarara!! Trading Voice mascot figures.

About the character in the fictional otome girls visual novel game (Some spoilers ahead):

Hajime Saito (斎藤 一) (Voiced by: Toriumi Kousuke)

Saito is the leader of the Third Division and a master of the left hand sword technique. He is silent and taciturn but also very loyal, polite, and wise. He often analyzes the situation before attacking to figure out which actions are necessary to complete the mission. Saito left the Shinsengumi apparently to join Itou’s group, but later it turns out that he was commanded by Hijikata to infiltrate Itou’s group for information concerning Itou’s plans. In the anime he is seen making a final charge against the enemy as his comrades are all slain. He is based on the historical Saito Hajime.

The ever composed Saitou Hajime

He reminds me of Akira from Togainu no Chi, not only because he is voiced by the same seiyuu, but also because of his quiet character. This chibi’s face is so “Akira” lol~

I love everything about this chibi <3

The ear looks adorable!

Nicely detailed hand.

Back view and flowing scarf~

Pokes the cheek XD

Pokes cheek again lol~

Saitou looks badass from this angle! Better not try poking at those cheeks too much ^^;;

He looks good from this angle too except for that hole right between his legs ^^;; I wanna see his underpants!!! OTL;;;

Bottom of the voice base. *Attacks Saitou from behind* XD

Size comparison for the fun of it. That’s a Hakuouki castella reviewed in this post.

What an ikemen (handsome guy)

Cool and determined.

Cute cute cute!

Hijikata: I know I can count on you…
Saito: … …

Gotta love that ahoge (strands of hair sticking out)

Let’s hear how Saitou sounds

Speech 1: 新撰組 三番組組長 斉藤一 Shinsengumi Third Division Captain, Saitou Hajime

Speech 2: あんたを守るのに理由など必要ない I don’t need a reason to protect you.

Saitou is the most popular character in otome game polls! Is he your favourite too? Reviews of the remaining characters coming up over the next few days! :D

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4 thoughts on “Goods: Saito Hajime Hakuouki Trading Voice Mascot Review (Movic)”

  1. Oh my! *_* I was just looking at these online just the other day! I hate that I’m on a budget right now! X3

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite between Saitou and Kazama for me. Saitou would normally win out for me, but Kazama’s cocksure arrogance is just full of hilarious win!

    1. @Ericha: I think they won’t be sold out that soon especially since we need proxy service to get them. ^^;;; Saito is so cute :D But if you’re a Kazama fan, he sure is irresistible.

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