Goods: Rub your wrist over Youji’s naked torso (Sweet Pool)

Naked Youji

Lolz~ XD~

FINALLY! Official goods of a sexy bishonen on a mouse pad! The only things missing are (smaller) humps on the chest (since he is male), we’re so used to seeing on mouse pads featuring girl characters lol.

Part of the Sweet Pool Hadaka (ra) “Naked” Set (sweet pool 裸 セット) official goods that was sold at Comiket 76 (14-16 Aug 2009).

Original price at: 3000 Yen but they’re selling at auctions now for over 4000 Yen and up. Darn.*&^%$@#

Sweet pool goods

This pic was grabbed from one of those auctions. *_* MEGA-Serious WANT.

There are also other yummy goods on sale during the convention. Gotta keep your eyes open for bargains now O_O

More information at Nitro+ Comiket76 page:

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18 thoughts on “Goods: Rub your wrist over Youji’s naked torso (Sweet Pool)”

  1. LOL I was wondering how the mouse pad will look like since Youji don’t have any boobs… XD
    But still, such a sexy set… *Q*

    1. YEAH! I want him to have padded breasts too! *looks at those hentai-poi mousepad for male otaku* LOL~ I wouldn’t mind padded ones for poses focusing on Youji’s @ss too XD

    1. Yep that’s her! Mmm I’m on wallet crunch too… must resist resist!!!! Anyway the ebay price for that is incredible *_* over $100. It’s no longer on the listing now tho’

  2. Icic… I’ve not made my attempt at the movie yet. I’ll see how it goes lol~

    Ooh~ and Yura did the illustration for the fan! If I’m not wrong, these are supposedly approved doujin goods and probably cost around 2500~3000Yen as a set.

  3. lol yea uhh i watched 20 mins in an it did put me in a really sleepy mood it was TOO slow paced i lost interest. ‘_’;

    omg i so love these!! there not the ones but still so cute! ;w;

  4. omg she feel alseep XD…..i hope i don’t im always tired..*prepares for it when i watch the movie*

    i have to get used to the actor playing ginko he looks….worn outish from the picture XD;

  5. icic okie ^^ yeah all the girls would go KYAA~ if we had such a cute and genki sensei. It’s up at BL Drama forum already :P I haven’t finished listening to it yet.

    I heard of the mushishi movie before but haven’t seen the trailer yet. The funimation link seems to be redirecting elsewhere… Okie… found it on youtube… ooo does look pretty interesting… I think they’ve covered quite a lot from the series huh… My friend akiyama said she nearly fell asleep watching it tho’ lol XD but I think maybe partly cos she hasn’t watched the anime before and the movie was kinda slow paced. I think we might enjoy it more since we’ve watched the anime ^^

  6. its okay, it wasn’t important i think it was a one time thing that bs log released this year.^^

    omg! leo is 24! lol he does look younger!

    libra is funny it figures there had to be a school nurse if not female then male.XD

    oow~ i ran into a ad showing mushi-shi movie! have you heard about it yet?
    from trailer it looks good!

  7. Yea… our mouse and wrists would be very happy too ;P

    Maybe you give me the name of the product? I’ll go check em up.

    Really? hehehe… so moe~ ah~ lemme see. Oo~ you’re right. Gemini is a trainee teacher (21 yo) , Leo is teacher (24 yo he looks younger than Gemini XD) and Libra is the school’s medic (26 yo) It’s a nice change since almost every other character is a student XD

  8. lol! true true~ still it would be nice to have despit it all. XD

    i’m wonder have you seen these yet anywere? I remember seeing it on ebay once. I tired looking for the scans but no luck.
    (*links wont show up;;)

    uh i remember i wrote in one of your posts about starry sky leo being only teacher. i was wrong. i just found out today all of autumn are teachers! ;w;

  9. lol! i agree but then if my friends an family came to my room to use computer questions will be raised, why he has humps?! XD

    also from the paper doll thing ummm i don’t remember that first outfit from the game. keisukes outfit?

    1. Why he has humps? XD cos boys have chests too! I think our family and friends would all sweatdrop when they see the mousepad as it is already hahaha but having the humps would make an even more hilarious conversation topic XD

      Yeah, I don’t think Tetsuo has worn the casual wear in the game before. Oh! It does look like Keisuke’s outfit! :D

  10. ZO-MFG Why do i so want this~!!? X///D;;

    Nitro is killing me! M-Mouse pad………………………Kawaiii! lol

    1. @Sigma: YES!!! I love Youji’s blushing expression!!! XD~~~ *drowns in drool* They really should add the humps to his mousepadded chest *pouts* Protects our wrists, you know? XD

      @SaffronSugar: Yep that’s a paperdoll of Tetsuo lol~ and if only they sell the mouse pad separately… *_*

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