Goods: Review Shukan Soine Reo Dakimakura Cover and Hugging Pillow Inner Stuff

What is sweetie Akira doing on my bed?

He’s unpacking a vacuum packed inner stuffing for a dakimakura! :O

Size measurements: 160 x 50 cm.

Plastic wrapping cut! :D

There! If you’re interested in where I got this dakimakura stuffing from…

Title: Vacuum Pack Nude Hugging Pillow Long 160×50 cm 真空パック ヌード抱き枕・ロングピロー 抱き枕 160×50 cm
Price: 2,640 Yen
Shipment charge of the shop is 630yen.
Made in Japan.

You have to factor in proxy fees and international shipping. I shipped it with other stuff, so the final value isn’t that accurate. The total should be around 6,000 Yen if you only buy this item. The store also sells 170 x 50 cm pillow stuffing, so it’ll be useful if you need one for the upcoming Kichiku Megane covers :D

The quality feels quite good. A little flat straight out of the packing but with use, it puffs up. It feels quite heavy and I’m not used to the weight OTL;; The length is something that needs getting used to too. I’ve used shorter ones measuring less than 120 cm. Very huggable though and probably good for sleeping posture. Another good thing is that it generally doesn’t trap heat.

I’ve not tried Cospa pillow stuffing before, so I can’t make a good comparison. Generally Cospa pillows cost around 5,000~7,000 Yen before shipping. If you have them, please share your thoughts.

Thanks sweetie *squeezes and smoochies Akira* Now to review the cover :D

Title: Shukan Soine CD vol. Reo Dakimakura Hugging Pillow Cover 週刊添い寝CD vol.5玲央抱き枕カバー[BR-0019G]
Price: 7,000 Yen (w/tax)
Size: 160 x 50 cm
Order period: June 2011 ( Made-to-order only. Proxy needed since BlackButterfly doesn’t ship international.)
Date available: September 2011.
Comes with a bromide and setting paper.

The set comes with the cover, paper and bromide. I received it a while back but I only bought the inner stuffing recently.

Made in Japan. 83% Polyester ポりエステルand 17% Polyurethaneポリウレタン. Washing instructions: Do not use chlorine or bleach during wash. Light~medium wash and iron at low temperature. Wash separately from other items to prevent colour transfer. Don’t leave it in a wet state after washing. Let it dry well after wash. Avoid spin-dry or using a dryer to tumble dry.

Back views. The A4 paper included is a mini character design setting with comments by illustrator, 榊空也. This is her website:

Reo’s character setting is a 27 year-old model. His theme is about outward appearance and his real inner self. He is forceful and self-confident (oresama-type) The listener is his high school classmate who already knew him before he became a model. Read more about him in my previous post about the CDs.

Removed from the plastic wrap. The colour printing is gorgeous! The texture of the material is very smooth and literally milky soft. Feels luxurious and high quality.

The other side. Gorgeous!

Checking out the opening below.


I love his feet :D

And in goes the pillow stuffing :3 Doesn’t it look like I’m helping him wear his pants or something lol~ XDD

While this one looks like I’m taking off his tank-top while he lies there smiling so serenely at me lol~ ^^;;

Top part done ^_^)/

Crotch-shot!!! 8D Err… I mean… lovely artwork!!! (^///^)

Yes! Fully inserted! Zenbu Haitta! :D

Zipped up :3

Reo: Mmm?
Me: Oh… Hi… (^///^)

The full length at 160 cm and cover is about my height. A 170 cm long dakimakura will probably not be as comfortable for hugging if you’re not that tall? Akira sitting there and getting cosy with the new bishie addition to my room lol~

Yea, the sweetie is admiring Reo too.

I’ve only used the cover for only about a week or two and to my horror, I discovered that the fabric has started to show signs of wear *_* I think my toenails must have scratched it while I slept. I didn’t expect the fabric to be so delicate! But I guess this maybe the trade-off to achieve the silky smooth texture. Does your dakimakura cover suffer similar wear/damage in such a short time? The top part is ok though. I must have been doing some massive kicks when I slept ^^;;

*cries* DX So now I wear socks to sleep to prevent further scratches OTL;;; and it works. Thought I should mention this in case you’re also a newbie to using dakimakura covers like me. Why hasn’t anyone reviewed the “aftermath” of using their dakimakura covers before (T0T) or am I the only one with this problem?

Anyway, this is the only cover I have of this bishie and it’s too late to regret the decision to use it ^^;; I’ll just live with it and enjoy it.

Despite this, I would still recommend getting the covers if you can afford it because the artwork is gorgeous and the fabric is really comfy. And at 7,000 Yen for a double-sided full-sized dakimakura cover, the price is quite reasonable (if you don’t factor in the proxy fees). Just remember to wear socks when you sleep! D:

BlackButterfly is taking preorders for a new series of made-to-order dakimakura covers for volumes. 7-12. Hopefully this review helps! :D I’ve already set my eyes on two of the designs. I’m waiting for the artwork of the other sides to be finalised before making a decision.

And for the big question… did I get weird looks from my parents? ^^;;; Well, from my mum, yes. She looked like she wanted to say something but I just kept a straight face and acted like nothing happened lol~ So the “what the hell is this???” question never came up. Now its just a part of the eye-candy on my bed along with my other bishies including, Boys in Summer LalaParadise pillow.

Share with us your bishie dakimakura adventures too :D

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55 thoughts on “Goods: Review Shukan Soine Reo Dakimakura Cover and Hugging Pillow Inner Stuff”

  1. @ponytale
    T.T I missed my chance… *sigh* Thank for letting me know though. Do you know any other place where I can get other covers?

  2. Can anyone sort of guide me through the site to get the Dakimakura Nude Pillow and the Black Butterfly site? I want to purchase these but I’m not fluent enough in Japanese to make the purchases… Please HELP!!! Also, is the standard size for a Dakimakura 160 X 50? Do I need to live in Japan to get these? I’ve been looking to get a Dakimakura for a long time now, so help would be much appreciated~

    1. @Roxzaney: The Black Butterfly dakimakura cover preorder period is over. As for the pillow stuffing, you can use a proxy buying service to get it. Try
      Male Dakimakura usually comes in following sizes: 160×50, 170×50, etc so you should read the description before buying.
      The Shukan Soine ones are 160×50 :)

    2. If the preorder period is now over for Black Butterfly, does that mean I can not get them… Ever?! O.O Thanks for replying so quickly!!

  3. Uwa~ Reo’s my favorite of the Shukan Soine series ; 3 ;

    I really want him, so at the current moment I’m super jeloooous of your > A x <

  4. *wooooot* who is this guy? I’ve been living under a rock the past year, yeah.T^T But wow, I would love to have me one of those as well. So now you have the Akihito, this and your Togainu pillows.. I wonder how your bed looks like. Would be interesting if you could post it. haha. :)

    1. @banoni: Very busy with studies? *hugs* This bishie is from the Shukan Soine (Weekly sleeping boyfriend) series of cds. Check out the related posts for more information :D
      I don’t use Akihito’s cover cos I don’t have the stuffing :3 So I have this bishie, Togainu pillow (using one of them) and a few other pillows XD
      Hehehe… my room is really messy! I don’t think I wanna show that lololol~

  5. Looks comfy! *wink wink*

    Well I do not have a Dakimakura ..(yet!) but my Yukimura blanket I bought a while got snagged on something now if you look you will see snag mark that goes across his neck! He is made of a satiny-fabric. So now I make sure that he away from items that could snag him!

    With my Tezuka and Atobe (yes I broke down and got both! :D ) blankets ,hopefully coming instock soon, I can keep them from suffering the same fate as Yukimura did.

  6. i can imagine how a mom would react..
    tho my parents would be okay with it i guess XD

    poor reo, well, i hope your sleep is soo much more comfortable and taking all your stress away (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

    /stares at reo /gaah reo is one of my fave shukan soine charas

    1. @mai-chan: Hehe I think your mum looks like someone who would be cool about this? XD
      Yeah its comfy~ the stuffing is just right and I’m used to it now :D
      If you like the upcoming ones, grab them too :D

  7. Nice!! Do u like this character? This is your first dakimakura?
    I have the katsuya megane one and one from the BL game called messiah. All of them are smooth and silky.
    I treasure both of them, but I think the messiah one is alot more rare and R18 lol. Take a look here :

    I only wish I had ordered 2 of them so I can sleep with one, but it was too expensive and budget didn’t allow.. I regret. He’s my favorite uke voiced by my favorite seiyuu and the artwork is done by one of my favorite artist. I should have gotten one more.

    Anyway, I don’t use anything (not to mention something so expensive like this) when I only have 1 of it. If budget allows I always buy 2 of something that I wanna use.

    1. PS: at least you only got a weird look from your mom. I was told by a guy friend when he saw it, and he said “get a boyfriend, or you will need to see a psychiatrist”

    2. @Urusaiii: It’s not my first dakimakura cover but is the first one I actually decided to use. I like this character and the design isn’t too provocative. I think the family needs to be slowly eased into this idea of dakimakura printed with men on it OTL;;;

      That’s a delicious looking Messiah dakimakura :D I wasn’t so informed at that time… if not I probably would have tried getting him too.

      Yeah I was taking a risk since I only have one of it. I never expected the fabric to be THAT delicate. Really… what was I thinking *cries* (ToT) However its sometimes kinda sad to have these nice things and never get to enjoy them. Sigh. I also wished I ordered 2 of every dakimakura covers I buy but like you, money is limited.

    3. @ ponytale
      Do u know the messiah game? Takuto is soooo delicious…
      Dakimakura usually Prices around 7000yen to 10000yen each, and double sided printing is usually on the higher end. So I guess this one is considered “cheap”.
      However, it’s still just a piece of cloth …>_<!!!and they are too delicate to use. Now that I think about it, even if i were to have 2 I wouldn't use it.
      There r sellers selling custom dakimakura for $25, I was THINKING of making the messiah and megane one so I can use them and i don't have to care about them getting worn out, but then these will become my first "bootlegs" in my entire lifetime. I will feel ashamed.

    4. @Urusaiii: Yep, I’ve seen CGs of the game but I’ve not played it. I think the CGs are hot :D
      Yeah I think the Shukan Soine covers are way cheap compared to most other covers too. Premium bedsheets are delicate and can cost a lot too, so I guess we can think of these covers as the same.

      To be honest, that same thought about using bootleg covers crossed my mind too but I just couldn’t do it in the end :(

    5. @ponytale

      Ya I think the only ppl who actually buy these covers and sheets r Japanese ppl and probably some fangirls overseas coz bishies/ yaoi stuffs.
      Btw first year that spray is not having calendars for winter comiket!!
      Next dakimakura I would like to see is omertà ones but if they ever do they won’t be cheap…
      But… My bed is so lonely … I don’t open anything that I buy unless i have 2.. And Akira is so cute lol!!!! Ooohhh!! Next should be Akira bed sheet or dakimakura!! Those “jumbo pillows” are still too small!!
      You should play the messiah game ^_^ what’s stopping you?

    6. @Urusaiii: Yeah cos we sort of hangout with fellow otaku/fujoshi it seems like we’re a big community but compared to the mainstream, we’re still minority. And as for buying bishie/erotic covers and sheets? We belong to an even smaller subgroup within the otaku/fujoshi community so… Shikatanai ne… =_=;;
      Maybe Spray will spring a last minute goods update? It’s still 2 weeks before the event. Update: They have a STEAL! Calender in their set tho.
      Woah… omerta ones will be so HOT (*q*) omg my wallet…
      Sometimes I feel that maybe I should just use an item… who knows maybe one day I’ll “grow out of BL” ^^;;; although that’s not quite possible.
      Time is a factor… it’s a luxury to be able to spend time playing games OTL;;

    7. @ponytale

      I know, BL merchandise are hard to come by, dakimakura are even rarer…! I rarely read BL manga unless they are my favorite mangakas, because the art has to be really good for me to continue through. Most of my favorites come from Yaoi games and of course, the goods would be very limited and most of them are only available in comiket and events, so fees are a killer.. >__< Seeing that you stalk all these Japanese websites to discover the latest news and goodies, and you are able to buy all these things, you must work hard and not having enough time to enjoy any yaoi games. I'm in your shoes, except I don't even have the time to discover myself so I rely on your site alot. Please, do NOT stop being a BL fangirl and continue this site! Forever lives Ponytale!!!

    8. @urusaiii: in a way it’s good that you don’t like as many things as I do cos you’ll spend a lot less when it comes to buying goods orz;;; my bank account is in perpetual comatose state, so I guess I do have to work hard to keep it alive (x_x) and buy these goodies.

      I hope I don’t have to give up my interest too :) and you guys definitely made it fun for me to keep the blog going.

      I would love to have more time to stalk more sites, post updates and write reviews of stuff but… Sigh. Until the day comes when I don’t need to work so hard for $$$ lol *dream* xD I guess I’ll just try my best.

  8. *dies of jelly*

    You got him ;;
    He looks amazing and I’m sorry about the fabric thing, though I don’t think that’s exactly normal.
    Know people who own dakimakuras, sleep with them, have their cats go over them and, being older than yours in terms of usage, are still pretty conserved : |

    1. @Oru: The fabric is mega mega smooth tho :( maybe that’s a reason? It has the same texture as Akihito’s dakimakura cover.
      Or I have toe-nails sharper than a cat’s orz;;

  9. He’s gorgeous. I love that he’s double sided. I’m also eyeing two of the new ones too! I’m eyeing boy 11 and boy 12 :> Boy 11 looks so tsuntsun lol ^^ and Idk, boy 12 just looks sexy with that short hair and megane + all black jersey hehe. And yep, I want to see the other designs before ordering. I’m glad it extends until January.

    I have the Izaya one and I wish it was a zipper so then it would be fully slipped onto the pillow, but the Izaya one has that slit on the back (ya knoow, I think you have him as well :D-)

    I like that your pillow is moore skinny. Mine’s so poofed up x.x but it works!

    1. @momo: Boy 12 is a definite yes for me too :D I hope his other side is just as awesome. I’m wavering between No.7 and 10 for the 2nd design I wanna get. The other boys are cute too… gaaaa OTL;;;
      I have the Izaya school boy :D I haven’t opened him up yet tho~ I didn’t know he doesn’t come with a zipper? :O Should go check him out Teehee XD

      I have an inflatable pillow so I’ve experimented with the size. When fully filled up, it’s really uncomfortable to hug due to the width x_x Flatter pillows are better and more “ergonomic”. Try lying on yours everyday to flatten it :D

    2. I know. All the other boys are cute too! >.< It's tough cause I want both but I think I really can only afford one of them x.x

      yeah, no zipper on Izaya :( But he's still a cutie.

      Mhm, the fluffier pillows are just…too fat haha. Yeah, I shall try lying on it everyday ^^

    3. @momo: Can’t wait to see the pix of them! And comiket 81 goodies too! I need to know what goods will be out and their prices, so that I can calculate how much everything is going to cost me OTL;;;

      Hehehe a new way to plank XD Lie on your dakimakura!

  10. OMG~!!! I wanted his dakimakura for a long time ever since I listened to his cd. It’s probably too late to order him right…. TT_TT Thank you for showing the dakimakura :D Ahh~ Now I can’t wait to order Shukan Soine vol.7-12 dakimakura covers~

    1. @Tina-nana: Hopefully BlackButterfly will do the made-to-order special again for the old designs. Yeah, don’t miss out the current ones if you like them :D

  11. Dakimakura with a lokkalike Ichigo bishie, voiced by Yocchin? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

    I wish I could get one, hate my perpetual poverty and absurdly tax fees for imports of my country D:.

    xDDDDDDD Probably my mom would have done the same as yours, or even say anything in the lines of mock me or trying to embarrass me xDDDDDD; as for my sister she would give me mischevous looks and say things xDDD, she knows I’m kind of perv xD. Better yet, they would nod, give me hopeless-yet-funned looks and then giggle lololololol.

    I still want that Kidou dakimakura I showed you *-*

    1. @Asamisa: Yeah, she gave me funny looks a few times over the next few days after Reo’s appearance lol~ but didn’t say anything in the end.

      Try writing to the artist about the dakimakura? :D

    2. @ponytale xDDDDDDD moms….

      I don’t know if it was Miyukiko who designed them or not, but as far as I now she’s not doing commission right now D:

      Kidou-kantoku *drools*…

    3. @ponytale Hmmmm, don’t know. I don’t have money to pay her anyway, so xDD…

      I have an artist friend, and she does really nice drawings. I could ask her, buuuut… She doesn’t like that kind of bishies, I mean too effeminate, she prefers them more muscular and… Well, you get the point xDDDDD. When I showed her the dakimakura pictures she liked them, but still thought they were 14 xDDD (I have to admit that, for having 24 in GO, they’re still pretty short XDDDDDD).

      Maybe if I beg her…

  12. Also, I have a question… Do you think the company will one day let people order those whenerver they want? D: I want to buy one so much but I’m still a student with no money so it would be great if I could still buy them in the future QQ.

    1. @plup: I don’t know *_* Maybe? But probably not so soon. I think these companies generally want to create the illusion of limited edition of these products to make people buy immediately. Having them available all the time doesn’t really encourage impulse buys :-\ but we can hope tho.

    2. What I’d love right now would be an ARTBOOK. THAT WOULD BE GREAT 8DDD!! But there’s not enough material for them to get one out right? orz

  13. I have several bishonen dakimakura covers, some 2-3 yrs old, that I rotate on 2 pillows and machine wash and have never had this happen, but I tend to not put them under the covers with me. However, my hubby throws them briskly off the bed a lot without causing any damage (he tolerates my obsessions but teases me about them). So maybe its just the fabric they have used, too bad. Thank you for the post! It makes me more anxious for March than I was before.

    1. @Prettyvillain: I see… oo… maybe when you’ve received yours in March, you can make a comparison of the fabric with your other covers, assuming that BlackButterfly uses the same fabric for the new ones.

  14. AMG JSKHDFKJDFHSKJFLSHJKDFHSKJ I WAAAAAANT /SOB. HE’S SO GORGEOUS. AAAAAAAAH it must feel great to sleep with that every night T////T.
    And… I have a request… orz… If you don’t mind, can you scan the paper and the bromide please? ; u ;””’ I’ll understand if you won’t, after all, you’re the one who paid more than 7000 yen @ W @;;;;.

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