Goods: Review One Coin Grande Figure Collection Chiral Gakuen 2nd Period (Kotobukiya)

Guest review by sugarcakey! Enjoy :D

Welcome back! Now I’m going to present Chiral Gakuen Coin Figure set 2.

Title: One Coin Grande Figure Collection Chiral Gakuen 2nd Period/Limit ワンコイングランデフィギュアコレクション キラル学園 2 限目
Price: 6,300 Yen (w/tax) for box of 10 figures (including the secret). Total 12 figures to collect because of the colour variations.
Available: 26 December 2011


Konoe and Asato welcome you just like set 1’s box, set 2’s box has a diarama setting on it’s backside. This time, it is the school yard, plus a small room.


Again, the latches of the individual boxes feature two characters that aren’t included – Rai and Bardo!


I don’t see the parallels to Gunji and Kiriwar though~ Any idea why they picked these two?

Now to the figures~

First we have Shiki and Kiriwar! Those two sure look badass!


As you can see, I got Shiki’s white version. I think it looks gorgeous, but black suits him as well. You don’t get a card with Shiki in white uniform though, as his card features the black one.

Next we have Asato and Tetsuo.


Love all the details on Asato, as well as Tetsuo’s little cat! So cute


Now Gunji and Zenya..Those two could be siblings! They have the same kind of pose…
Again, lovely details on Zenya, since he comes with his pet and a patterned bag.


Shui-sensei and Kamiya-sensei! I love Shui, but I think this figure of him looks a little bit..mean? ;U; Still pretty though!


And last but not least….Konoe and Nano (secret character)!


Konoe is such a cutie! I want to cuddle him, because he looks like such a happy school boy! Nano comes with his cute little cat, which – in comparison to Tetsuo’s – looks a bit grumpy.

Here’s Nano’s face upfront:


Ponytale told me that a friend of her’s got Nano without his kitty! Again, it seems like the quality check lacked a bit… The figures are lovely, and have pretty designs, but they could have done better with Rin’s hair and check for missing pieces. I didn’t check for too-wide seams between the hair parts or anything, but nothing was too obvious. So I guess the overall quality is good.

Group photo time no.2!


And their cards:


Remember part 1? Again, the backsides of the cards are puzzle pieces, and both sets together reveal a lovely artwork of Akira and Keisuke! Isn’t it pretty?


So as you can see, the coin figures are as lovely as ever. But I bet you already knew that due to the designs and stock photos! In my case, the quality was good (except for Rin’s hair….but ponytale said that her Rin looks the same, so it’s serial), but there might be exceptions. However, both sets are definitely worth buying! Especially if you’re a collector like me ;> The details are gorgeous – especially for figures that small! – and the poses are dynamic and varied.

Unfortunately, I had to put them back into their boxes, because right now I lack the space to display them (or a box with glass front, so they won’t get dusty)…. ;U;

Ponytale: Thanks sug again for the awesomely detailed and enjoyable review! \(^o^)/

Please check out sug’s review of the 1st set here if you haven’t done so!

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11 thoughts on “Goods: Review One Coin Grande Figure Collection Chiral Gakuen 2nd Period (Kotobukiya)”

  1. Great review!! Love the pictures!
    aww~ so that’s how’s Nanos display is supposed to look.;v; mine was the one with no kitty. *emos*

    I’m not sure why but i liked how Rin’s hair came out, it’s all…sparkly~XD

  2. Asato is too darn cuuuuuute!!! 8D Scratch that, all of them are adorable!! Looks like I’ll hafta make a trip to HLJ soon. Once again, wonderful review! ^w^

  3. This figures are super cute!!!! I wish I got Konoe. He’s super adorable!!! kyaa~! But still, I’m happy to have some of them. The picture of the puzzel pieces with Akira and Keisuke is soo amazing!!! Love the artwork.

    1. @MisakixUsami yeah I think Asato and Konoe are the cutest cat boys in these 2 sets. Rai is cute too but different feel hehe sorry Bardo.

  4. I have both sets! Haha but I didnt get any of the rare versions :P

    But they are super adorable, and I think Konoe is SO FREAKING CUTEEEEEE!! I wanted to hugggg him but lol, sadly, he’s too tiny XD

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