Goods: Review Nendoroid Petit Akira (Togainu no Chi True Blood Limited Edition PSP)

Togainu no Chi PSP Limited edition with nendoroid puchi (petit) Akira arrives!

Title: 咎狗の血 True Blood Portable DXパック Togainu no Chi Portable DX pack
Limited edition Price:
7,140 Yen (w/tax)
Limited edition bonus: Akira Nendoroid Puchi (9999 pieces only)
Release date: 23 December 2010

See this post for more information about the game

Back to the review. This is the back of the packaging.

Another angle.

Sides of the box packaging.

Unboxed. Includes the game disc, Nendoroid box, screen cleaner and a small leaflet about CHiRAL MOBiLE service.

The cover jacket of the disc package is the same as the normal edition. On the right is the nendoroid petit box package.

Back views.

Another packaging shot.

The inside with disc and the instruction booklet.

Finally! Nendoroid petit Akira unboxed. He was wrapped with thick bubble wrap (not in pic).

Mug shot of Akira, taken lying down. He measures 6.5 cm tall (including his ahoge hair)

The back view. The hole in his wrist reminds me of Playmobil/Lego toys lol~

360 degree shots coming up. Front and back views. Face looks very good. Just like the prototype.

Angle views. I didn’t push his blade further into the hole in his hand just in case it gets stuck cos by the time it went that much in, it seemed very tight.

Details of his chibi right hand was nicely defined. Paint work is pretty good.

Akira dissembled :D Notice, the nicely painted zipper, dog-tag and chain details.

Back view. As a typical nendoroid petit, you can change his parts with other nendoroid petits in your collection too.

Chibi Akira army! :D Also shows the size comparisons.

How does Akira measure up when standing next to Junjou Nendoroid Petits Usami and Misaki?

Same pose! And Oo~ Akira in a suit! What’s behind the teddy bear? :D

Final Verdict: If your aim is only the figure… :-\ hmm… to be honest, I don’t think he is worth that much unless you can sell off the game or something. But if he was a full-sized nendoroid or a figma bundled with the game, then probably yes. Personally, I would have preferred to have a figma instead.

However, if you intend to play the games as well, then Nendoroid Petit Akira is definitely a bonus and worth getting cos it is a Playstation 2 port with an extra mini game. I can’t review the games yet because I don’t have a PSP console! OTL but I’ll review it when I can borrow or afford to buy one ^^;;; If you’ve already played the PSP games, please share your thoughts.

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28 thoughts on “Goods: Review Nendoroid Petit Akira (Togainu no Chi True Blood Limited Edition PSP)”

  1. @ponytale
    Haha yeah that is definitely true, but the problem is when you get to have a laptop and your normal pc breaks and then your parents use your laptop ._.
    XD that happened to me, my mother uses my laptop from time to time, so it’s still a big no no for me XD Im glad to hear that this version is safe though XD

  2. I wonder if this version is the sexless if I were to play togainu no chi I would need that version cos my mom uses my computer so having the pc version is a big no no XD shame for me and my lamento liking tch xD
    The cover is pretty btw 8D

    1. @Rukia: there’s no R-rated PSP games lol so this should be fine :3 yeah playing and having Yaoi stuff on a shared home PC (with parents) is definitely dangerous lol

  3. @ ponytale: since they don’t sale the ps2 game here I don’t really know if its has the same story line with the PS2 or not but still it lovable to play! >:D well just in case I can’t finish the poker one because I lose frequently… =.=”

    1. @Mito: icic but I know that PS2 version does not have the mini games ^^ So if you don’t have PS2 version, getting the PSP version is definitely a bargain! I think I’ll finally buy a PSP console this year cos the new PSP Vita has just been announced! X3

  4. AWWWWWWWW~ I’VE PLAY THE GAME ALREADY…. but err… not gonna buy the disk cause at that time I’m in global crisis…. =.=” *little laugh then sulk in the corner* I’ve just finish the game a week ago and make the review today in my blog if you wanna see~ >:D i’m not spoil everything~ XDDD

    1. @Mito: lol well try to get it when you can since it comes with the cute figure :) I can’t remember but it has the same storyline as the PS2 version right?

  5. @ponytale – DAMMIT! yeah i know them and want them but theyre pretty rare and expensive i cant beeleive i missed by chance to buy the kotobukiya akira for $20!! $20!!!! im a noob

  6. @ponytale – yeah i dunno, i prefer sexy not cute :D lifesize akira figures would be more my thing. and yeah i did read about them they are a must have, and by exclusive do you mean only by in japan cause that would totally suck balls!

  7. nah dont have th cnsole never played a ps2 in my life :D yeah i know the hakuouki one coins i ordered over a week ago they should be here any day now! any hakuouki figure they ever make I WILL OWN! but i didnt like the one coin togainu no chi they were ugly as and why did their eyes have retarted swirls they just looked really junky.

  8. haha gotta love togainu no chi, want to play the game but its in jap and i dont have a ps2 dammit. i just want the figure!!! i love akira! why dont they make a whole nendoroid petit series i mean come on! or a hakuouki nendoroid petit …man id be drewling all over those

    1. @Brittany: Akira’s nendoroid petit come with the PSP game… do you have the PSP console? :D There are cute one-coin chibis of Hakuouki by Kotobukiya which are quite drool worthy too ^^

      And woah… I’m sure we’ll snap up the TnC boys if they ever made a series of them like they did for Bakemonogatari. I will surely buy them too.

  9. I got confirmation this morning that mine is shipping today – can’t wait to get it! Thanks for the review. It’s so hard to choose what to buy when there are so many goodies out there…

  10. Aaaaaaw *_*
    You know, your review had the opposite effect on me :P Even though you say: “Final Verdict: If your aim is only the figure… :-\ hmm… to be honest, I don’t think he is worth that much unless you can sell off the game or something. But if he was a full-sized nendoroid or a figma bundled with the game, then probably yes. Personally, I would have preferred to have a figma instead.” I ended up freaking out about him even more and now it’s done, omg y__y. Just bought him at amiami (and of course I don’t own a psp…). But what can I do? Akira deserves everything, and I am sure all my boys will be very glad in meeting him hahaha.

    1. @Faye: Akira is definitely nice to have…. well, a solution to make the money worth… play the games! Borrow a console from your friends or something :D (or burn another 200 bucks for a PSP) OTL;;

  11. Yep, and Nanoha ones too are bad. So good that Aki is safe!

    He’s lonely but make him as slut version, while Shiki is out, he can be having fun with other male petits! XDDD but no, Usagi and Misaki don’t cheat each other, use Death Note puchis, or maybe Kaito or Len XDDD If I had him, first thing I’d do is put his head on Light secret, that one with open arms in a yshirt. So bad he’s with pants too XD

    Yep, first I saw this, and then I’ve started to think we’re truly doomed if they were plushes. Then they were put on MyFigure Collection database:
    I don’t know the information source though.

    I only think they’ll be exclusives again, they’ll make us cry blood tears, they’ll rob our wallets and we’ll end up happy anyway XD
    I’d only buy Akira and Keisuke in those jumpsuit.

    1. @planck-chan: ah~ Akira’s head on Light secret… good idea! I should try that :D We have to try making his lower body huh lol~

      Jumpsuit Akira & Keisuke are awesome cute! I’ll prioritise them too ^^ Will probably try to get the rest if budget allows. My guess is that the pics were probably taken during the recent comiket 79.

  12. So you got yours! I haven’t ordered this, as you said, it’s not worth buy the whole set only to get the puchi. I don’t have a PSP and maybe sell the game is difficult. He’s adorable though, his face is too cute, but his hand with that hole looks so weird. So the paint job is good, it’s the least they could do, cos lately some puchis specially when a box has some ugly paint. But you’re right, if he was a nendoroid or a figma, it’d be totally worth… but really a figma without Shiki or Keisuke would make him look so lonely, more than a nendo, I think.
    I’m stalking him at Mandarake and YJA, now he’s like that咎狗の血+ねんどろいど&auccat=&aq=-1&oq=&ei=UTF-8&tab_ex=commerce&slider=0
    But it’s still pricey, considering proxy fees and shipping.
    And then Gift will rape our wallets again with new TnC plushes, so no spending at all.

    1. @planck-chan: yeah I’ve read about low quality control Fate/stay night petits and I’m relieved to see that Akira looks good :) Well, I think he looks lonely too :-\

      As a limited item, I think 2000~2500 is a reasonable amount, just that we have to pay middlemen fees which makes it way more expensive. Would be great if he is sold on mandarake :D

      There are new TnC plushies? :D

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