Goods: Review Keisuke & Akira After School figure set (Togainu no Chi, Kotobukiya)

Togainu no Chi sweetie pie stalker Keisuke spots Akira on the way to school!

Title:Keisuke & Akira After school set (ケイスケ&アキラ~放課後せっと~)
Price: 2,000 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: August 2011 (Comiket 80 コミックマーケット80)

Preorders opened at (Ships internationally) at a reasonable price (Doesn’t include the handkerchief)
Available in December 2011

Description: ワンコイングランデフィギュアコレクシヨン One coin Grande Figure Collection. The set comes with a lunch mat (left) size 30 x 30cm.

I managed to get a set from Comiket 80. It’ll be available for sale again at Animate Girls’ Festival on 23-24 September 2011. Kotobukiya will be there like last year. I’m considering if I should try getting another set from Animate Girls’ Festival or wait till Kotobukiya start selling them at Animate Japan store :-\

More information here:
There are lots of other goodies for sale during the event too, so you might want to check it out as well :)

Back to the review! Front view of the boys in the original packaging.

Back view of box. Cute chalkboard design and graffiti of Akira and Keisuke sharing an umbrella XD The board reads Chiral Gakuen, one coin grande figure collection and Keisuke & Akira After School set.

Bottom view.

Unboxed. Akira had extra plastic to protect his head from possible paint smudges from the headphones.

Headphones removed.

Nice paint job and detail. The electric blue looks fab!

Love the silver paint too and the logo looks clear and crisp. The headband is flexible and can be widened to fit heads slightly bigger than Akira’s.

Akira’s hair is flatter in order to fit the headphones better.

Small details are beautifully painted.

Side views show more clearly how they made more allowances on Akira’s head and pushed his ahoge back so that the headphone fits better.

Very nice details.

Hair tucked behind his ears to accommodate the headband of the phones.

Side view. His school bag details look good!

And his dog tag is nicely painted and defined too.

Next up! Keisuke :) Such a cutie. His skin tone is slightly darker than Akira’s.

Love that chibi cheek! *pinches* Well-painted bento.

Side view. Despite being such small sleeve buttons, no smudges!

Due to Keisuke’s hair design, he can’t wear the headphones properly.

Akira’s base. 1 year student.

Keisuke’s base. Also 1st year student. Check out those cute white school shoes :D

The paper packing can be used as a background for the two.

Yep, removable head! :D

The headphones can’t cover Keisuke’s ears due to his sideburns. It doesn’t fit well on all chibis.

Another shot of the sweetheart.

And Y-shirt Akira attempts headphones-moe.

The lunch mat. 30 x 30 cm. Plain green with an illustration of the couple.

Washing instructions. 100% cotton material and was made in Japan.

The figure set can be purchased separately without the lunch mat but if you’re like me, I don’t think you can resist collecting this lunch mat too.

Keisuke is so cute here.

Ah~ Keisuke caught up with Akira to give him the lunch bento :D

Omake :)

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27 thoughts on “Goods: Review Keisuke & Akira After School figure set (Togainu no Chi, Kotobukiya)”

    1. @Boo: no worries! The shop doesn’t ship international so you need a proxy buyer to get it for you and if I remember correctly, you need a Japanese credit card too.

      Hope you can get ur own set too ^^

  1. Didn’t find a post for this, so i’m just going to go ahead and post here, ALTAiR’s Izaya figure opened for preorder on ami-ami~~~~~

  2. D’aww! They are to cuuute! I…I just want to pinch their cheeks… The details are all just so lovely for such a tiny figure! And the background is precious <33 Ahh, thank you for the review!

    Why must Animate Girl's Festival be so far away…? Why must net auctions be so expensive?! I guess I'll hold out for the full set, but… open-eyed Keisuke is too adorable~~

    Ahh…but between Hadaka Shitsuji and that Kanata Nanami chuu-pillow, my wallet is tapped! Perhaps my wallet is telling me to chill out for a while…;;

    1. @iced_wine: yep :) but I’m not sure if it’ll ship international.

      I bought them along with other comiket stuff so it’s not that accurate. Should add at least 1000 yen additional not including shipping.

  3. Lucky. That’s so cute. I actually wanted to get him but…eh, I didn’t have the funds either. So I decided to just wait for the Gakuen Chiral set 1 to be released. Even if I get a closed eye Keisuke (whose still cute)

    ^___^! MAN, I’d love to get this as well at animate girls festival but but…I have SO many pre-orders for the end of this month that I’m just going to have to hold back -3-

    But I love the pictures. Adorable :D

    1. @momo: yeah I only bought 1 set due to lack of funds.

      I may wait for the Animate store release. If not then maybe it’ll show up on Kotobukiya online store.

      I’m expecting a couple of items too. So also broke :P

      They’re so cute it’s difficult not to take good pics of them lol XD

  4. *0*
    wow you got the exclusive couple *-*
    i dont like keisuke tho :c

    i cant wait to get my chiral box next moth x3
    (it comes out this month but yeah, that doesnt really count, says its late sep, and it takes 15 days to get home ~.~)

  5. *scream* kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa———!!! *cough* so cute!!! So it’ll be sold again at animate girls festival~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ kyahahahaha~ can’t wait for that then *start collecting money in pocket* gomene mako-chan… I don’t think that I will be able to buy foods again because of this cutie upwards… *end of pray* (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Aki-chan~ Kei-chan~

    1. @Mito: I think we’ll all become slimmer if we don’t eat in order to save for our figures lol. Ooo figures. Just noticed the double meaning XD

      But it’s bad. I can’t live happy without good food lol.

  6. So lovely! Luckily we’ll have Akira in the Chiral Gakuen regular set (I’d love to get the pink earphones), but I’ll miss sweet Keisuke face with open eyes, I’m out of money to try a proxy with YJA now but for the future it’s a possibility.

    1. @Planck-chan: maybe hold out from auctions first since they then to be more expensive. If they don’t release at Animate, they’ll most probably be on sale exclusively at Kotobukiya’s new online store :) might be cheaper to get a proxy to buy there later.

  7. awww~~~looks amazing~ if they come out with general release like they did with white military akiraXshiki, i’ll definitely be getting one~

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