Goods: Ren x Masato Uta no Prince-sama oyasumi good night bedsheets (Utapri)

Masato: *gropes*
Ren: Oh Masa~ I never knew you were so daring! ♥ ♥ ♥

Part 2 of Utapri bedroom offensive!

Sold separately but they look perfect together!!! And Masato is wearing yukata *nosebleed* I… I have to control myself!!! orz;;;


Title: Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 1000% – Goodnight Bed Sheet Jinguuji Ren
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000% おやすみシーツ 神宮寺レン

Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 1000% – Goodnight Bed Sheet Hijirikawa Masato
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000% おやすみシーツ 聖川真斗

Price: 9,000 yen (w/o tax) each
Release date: 28 April 2012

Printing: 4C ink jet full color
Material: polyester suede
Size: H2400 x W1500mm x thickness 0.2 mm

In case you’re wondering, the bedsheets should fit Double/Full size beds. Those with queens would need both bedsheets ;)

Produced by Broccoli. The rest of the boys will be up in the following month:
May 2012: Otoya and Tokiya 音也、トキヤ

Cute :D

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16 thoughts on “Goods: Ren x Masato Uta no Prince-sama oyasumi good night bedsheets (Utapri)”

  1. I think Masa has the best pose/outfit out of the lot *wipes nose*.

    However, I’m somewhat disappointed by the preview images of Otoya and Tokiya since the position of their bodies look a bit awkward.

    1. @xraiko: AGREE! That yukata itself is a crime waiting to happen! *nosebleeds*

      Otoya is still cute :D though I do wish he was sexier. I think they ran out of poses lol…

  2. I love how those sheets fit together! I wish all these were as sexy as the anikuji pillows, but I want them all the same..Thank you for the preview of the last 2 boys, now I can make an informed pre order.

    1. lol. it is strange how the sheets fit together so well! They should produce ones just like that too :)

      I’m tempted to buy Ittoki lol -3-

    2. @momo: They’re doing it on purpose! Lol~ Hmm… but the last set of boys’ poses don’t seem to get so well. But I’ll give it a try later when the bigger pics are available lol~

    3. @Prettyvillain: Are you going to try your luck for the anikuji pillows? :D No worries! I’ll post if I can find a bigger pic of the previews.

  3. Omg! They look so sexy! And Ittoki looks SO cute. > 3 < LOL GOSH, I have a queen size bed but you know, I wouldn't dare to use it anyways.

    Ittoki is sooo cute…I-I think I might have to get this. I'm like on a hunt to collect his things lol!

    1. @momo: The way they’re churning out Utapri stuff I think resistance is futile orz;; I have a queen bed too *_* I may consider getting them if they go on discount like the DRRR!! sheets.

      Yeah Ittoki’s pose is cute :D But would have been nicer he was given a sexier pose hehe. His dream pillow is definitely a win.

    2. @ponytale

      Mhm! Making me so poor. Oh?! Those were on sale? HMM…I think I might have to check it out for discounts too!

      Yeah, I wish it was sexier tooo :O But mhm, his dream pillow is win. Gosh, so many choiceees to pick from!

    3. @momo: No guarantees about the discount but since there are so many to choose from now, choose wisely!
      If the dream pillow cases were available at that time when DRRR!! sheets were out, I probably would have just gone for the pillow cases because the art is so much better :)

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