Goods: Reissue! Sexy Akira Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion 1 and 2 (Shiki x Akira)


If you missed them the first time, don’t miss them again!

Animaxis is taking preorders for them now, so at 3,675 yen each, they are a real bargain compared to auction prices.

Good news everyone! Both sexy Cushion/pillow 1 (left) and Cushion/pillow 2 (right) are being reissued!


Title: Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion/pillow 1 & Cushion/pillow 2
Price: 3,675 yen each
Release date: November 2010

For my review of cushion 2, click here to view post :)

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22 thoughts on “Goods: Reissue! Sexy Akira Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion 1 and 2 (Shiki x Akira)”

    1. @Wendy-chan: They’re currently sold out now :O but if there’s a reissue, I’ll definitely be posting the info ^^ If not, your best bet would be ebay and Yahoo Japan auctions. Good luck! :D

  1. @ponytale: I choosed the cheapest option, which in my case was SAL. EMS would have been about 10usd more for me.
    My countrys (Austria) limit is 22€, everything over that got the +20% vat. Maybe I am lucky to not get taxed, if the package is small.

  2. you’re so cool…………..what a body……sexy so mutch…for a you person just like me…sorry i can’t buy any of those because i am far fram japan…

  3. OTL Why is EMS cheaper than Airmail and SAL? I would’ve bought them just now of it weren’t for the ridiculous shipping charges and the compulsory USD currency. :

    lol, when I get my bill, I’d just quickly glance at it to make sure the transactions look familiar and then dump it on my desk.

    loooool that’d be awesome! XDD

    1. @Luvi: cos I think they wanted to encourage people to use EMS. As for the USD, I’m not sure why tho’ The other times I bought 2 cushions per order so I had discount for using EMS ^^;;

  4. Oh, thats some good news. Always regreted that I not bought the nr 1 cushion. Ordered right after reading your post. Can´t wait to see my mothers look when she sees it XD
    Too bad the shipping from animaxis to me is so expensive. It sux to pay 60€ for a cushion. I just hope customs will overlook it, or it may become a 80€ cushion ..
    Anyway, thanks for letting us know about the re-issue^^

    Btw, do you already have some news about the maybe re-release of the military uniform pvc figures of togainu?

    1. @pyoko: That’s great! :D It’s worth it! Did you use SAL or EMS? They mail the cushion flat and vacuum packed in an envelope so the shipping cost should be lower than boxed packages. Oh my, how much is your country’s customs limit? D: Hopefully it goes through without tax!

      So far no news about the military figures. I’ll keep a look out for them :)

  5. I-I shall leave this up to fate too! Will definitely order cushion 1 if they’re still up for pre-orders after my trip. orz

    And it’s okay~ I’m a bad influence on my friends too~ XDD Besides, splurging on stuff I like makes me happy anyway. |3

    ………… You know, I kinda have this idea to put the cushion propped up against the wall beside my pillow. With Shiki’s side facing out. So the first thing I see every morning is his crotch. OTL *hopeless pervert*

    1. @Luvi: Hmm… There isn’t any cut-off date for the preorder and there are about 20+ pieces left for each cushion :O So probably while stocks last.

      Yeah, splurging makes me happy too! Although the happiness level dips a little when I see my CC bill OTL;;;

      Lol~ that never crossed my mind! Well, sexy crotch… I don’t mind! So I guess if we put the 2nd cushion on Akira side, that means we’ll be facing Akira’s ass the second we wake up everyday hahaha XDD

  6. Awww maaaaaaan. I want the cushions. I REALLY want them. B-but. My mom might just kill me if she sees anymore ‘guys in suggestive poses and/or in various states of undress’ on my bed. ;A;

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