Goods: Rasetsu ver. Hijikata Toshizo, Okita Souji, Saito Hajime 1/10 figures (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)

Rasetsu version of Hakuouki figures

Those are not official images from Kotobukiya. I whitened their hair to help myself visualise what they’ll look like and maybe decide if I want to get them.

Title: Hakuouki Hijikata Toshizo Rasetsu ver. 「薄桜鬼 土方歳三 合戦Ver. 羅刹版」(数量限定販売)
Title: Hakuouki Okita Souji Rasetsu ver. 「薄桜鬼 沖田総司 合戦Ver. 羅刹版」(数量限定販売)
Title: Hakuouki Saito Hajime Rasetsu ver. 「薄桜鬼 斎藤一 合戦Ver. 羅刹版」(数量限定販売)
Size: 1/10 scale so should be around 18 cm / 7 inches or so, depending on their pose.
Price: 7140 yen each
Official page:
Now available for order from Animate Japan and Movic online store.

The 3 figures will be pre-sold during Comiket 80 on 12-14 August 2011 in limited quantities. Thereafter, my guess is that they’ll be Animate/Movic exclusives again. Check out the original versions here, also Animate exclusives.

I’ll be receiving both Okita and Saito original version figures soon. I skipped Hijikata… :-\ somehow his pose doesn’t attract me as much as the other two. So that’s already 7,140 Yen x 2 (+proxy) of ~$$$~ gone. OTL;;;

Let’s see if they’ll have any other colour differences besides their white hair. I would be quite tempted by Saito Hajime’s figure if he really looks like my coloured pic ^^;; If budget doesn’t allow for it, I guess I’ll just imagine his hair white or photoshop it when I take his pics in the future lol. How about you guys? Tempted too?

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28 thoughts on “Goods: Rasetsu ver. Hijikata Toshizo, Okita Souji, Saito Hajime 1/10 figures (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)”

  1. I was really impressed by normal Okita! So I might get rasetsu Saitou. The white hair seems to really suit his outfit. XD

  2. I might actually get them if Big in Japan stocks them cause I missed out on Hijikata and Saito when they first came out and when Saito was reissued DX But I managed to grab Okita when he was reissued and actually got him today :) But he does seem a little bit smaller compared to my Akira and Shiki military 1/10 because of his pose. The only major decision I have now is whether or not to get Okita in Rasetsu ver. to complete the Rasetsu ver. set XP

    1. @KTYC: icic hopefully you can get what you want :O It’s really frustrating when we miss out on these items :( I would love to have the Rasetsu version too but $$$ SIGH. OTL;;; the problem we all face.

  3. @ponytale thanks for the info, just to imagine the final price for convention items… :S

    Sadly I don’t have the Lamento complete set *cries* only Rai, which is *_*. I bought on ebay a couple of years ago for just 30euros. Now these figures goes 3-4 times that price OTL .

    Harada in that alternative clothes is hottie, but without clothes he’s more hot XD it’s a pity they don’t release him as figure, same as Kazama, mmm… sexy bad boy… I’d love to see him in his oni version *drools*

    I don’t have too many expectatives about Hiiro anime U_U maybe for the possibility of figures. I didn’t like at all the cuality of Hakuouki anime, they look like old travesties for me OTL. And Togainu was even worse… because it was not only the cuality of the drawings, it was just all a big shit… oh well, at least we have junjou, sekaiichi and no.6 wich is very interenting ^_^ and that sexy Nezumi… want a figure from him too!! XD

    1. @izas: no worries… can’t be helped when items are event exclusives OTL;;; and trying to bid for them during auctions after that will probably cost more and the stress of monitoring for them sheesh…

      I have Asato and Bardo from auctions at a good price. Rai and Konoe are still out of my reach due to the prices.

      Yeah! He looks hot in both outfits! Pity Harada isn’t exactly a “pivotal” main character :-\ I would really love to have a scaled figure of him. Kazama is yummy too XDD Btw, if I remember correctly, he is the same seiyuu who voiced Barnaby from Tiger and Bunny XDD

      I thought Hakuouki anime wasn’t too bad… cos like you said, it could be much MUCH worse like Togainu’s “shit” of an anime indeed.

      OH YES. I also want Nezumi x Shion figures \(^0^)/

  4. It’s a mirage, it doesn’t exist, it’s an oni from other world XDDD

    Seriously, I always want those Hakuouki figures, Rasetsu version would be amazing too, but limited/exclusives are so cruel, I’d love to have Okita. In this hobby life we have to be used to these situations, it’s like Jagger would sing, you can’t always get what you want…

    1. @planck-chan: lol XD if only our money can manifest like that lol I think I’ll not attempt to buy them during comiket. Double the proxy fees OTL;; I’m quite sure they’ll be released at Animate Japan/Movic again then I’ll decide if I have the budget to get them then. I think Saito looks pretty good with the white hair :3

  5. @izas

    Hey! Thanks! Ah, yeah I saw it from that site as well but I’ve never bought from them before ^^

    lol. I’m a big fan of Hakuoki, and Okita Souji! But, I prefer their normal ver v their rasetsu ver. So I’m looking to get Okita :) But, they do look pretty small /x

  6. This is bad … this is so bad … U_U” I’ve never used a proxy service for conventions, but I assume it’s more expensive due to have to go phisically a certain day to a certain place and “fight” for the items in your place XD. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    And the scale is a bit … well … I have already Okita and Hijikata and I’m waiting for my Saito reissue (I was late in January to reserve him) but as I have them surrounded by Taeyangs and Isuls which are 1/6 with 1/3 heads …. Then their poses don’t help them to look bigger. They seem a bit smaller than Togainu/Lamento 1/10 releases for me. Anyways, I would buy them again lol… they’re small but so cute…. that little Okita’s abs…

    I have to admit that I love Kazuki-sensei’s works, which is something really awful for my poor economy OTL

    @momo if you’re not a big fan like me maybe you prefer to wait and see the new ones and decide which version you like most. In this page still have Okita and Saito for order, but I’ve never ordered in this site, so I cannot tell you if they’re reliable :/ so it’s up to you (

    1. @izas: yep, if its conventions, they’ll charge a higher service fee, including travelling expenses, entrance ticket (if any) etc. So that’s about 50% more at least, not including shipping.

      You have the full Lamento set? *envious* :3 Lol~ little Okida’s abs <3 I wish they made Harada too… I want his hard chest :D~ If Hiiro no Kakera anime does well, we may also get these boys' scaled figures too :O

  7. ^^ Yay. Thank you! I’d like to see that. lol, all mine are 1/8 scales so yeah. >.< I kind of consider him expensive for the size he is. And plus, exclusive! more $$$ to spend. Haha. Can't wait to see :3

  8. Hehe. Yeah. I’m actually thinking of getting him. But…the only issue I have is that its a 1/10 scale >: But he’s still realllly pretty ^^ So I’m considering it.

    1. @momo: icic… I’ll be able to see if he is worth it when I receive him :3 i’ll try to find the time to do a quick review then.

  9. i have always wondered, how do you go about ordering these exclusive figures? i mean since they are limited quantity, how do you make sure you get one?

    1. @iced_wine: there are no guarantees unfortunately.

      If the store accepts foreign credit cards like Animate Japan, I’ll try to quickly order it by myself before it gets sold out and use a forwarding service. If it’s an online store like gift online that only accepts cash etc, we will have to use a proxy service and it takes time to send a request etc. We can only keep our fingers crossed that it’ll get through.

      As for event only goods, we can only use a proxy and hope that they manage to secure the items before they’re sold out. It’s like a war out there for limited goods at conventions and events ^^;;;

  10. oops! I meant the original one that was already released~ He looks really nice :) And Okita is my favorite. And I agree with you on Hijikata. His pose is just o.o kinda strange lol.

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