Goods: RAH Mashiro Moritaka (Bakuman, Real Action Heroes, Taka Saikou)

What happened to your face, Moritaka? SIGH.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Bakuman バクマン。boys being made in Real Action Heroes figures since the series is by the same mangaka, Obata Takeshi 小畑 健 who drew Death Note. But this turned out to be quite a disappointment :( I don’t like Mashiro Moritaka’s face sculpt at all. Maybe it’s the angle of the photo but something about it just doesn’t look right. What do you think?

Title: Real Action Heroes No.536 Bakuman. Mashiro Moritaka 真城 最高
Publisher: Medicom Toy
Price: 17,800 Yen (w/tax)
Size: appx. 300mm
Available: September 2011
Accessories: Pen Parts, Hooded Parka and Striped Shirt, etc (Outfit), Sneakers, Figure Stand. Based on the RAH 301 Kai body.

To look on the bright side. I can save quite a lot of money by not buying him.

Hopefully there’s a better looking Takagi Akito/Shujin 高木 秋人 when he is finally released.

As for Nizuma Eiji 新妻 エイジ (Available July 2011), both of his face-sculpts look pretty awesome to me and at the same price at Moritaka, I think is a real bargain. He is currently on my watchlist “of to-buy-eventually” figures. Not a big rush to grab him since the release date is still quite far away.

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2 thoughts on “Goods: RAH Mashiro Moritaka (Bakuman, Real Action Heroes, Taka Saikou)”

    1. @sigma: yeah so disappointing when I saw his face :(

      Hopefully the other upcoming boys look better. I want to see a good looking bishonen megane RAH ^^ The rival boy would be a good buy. More accessories (including his extra head).

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