Goods: Quench your summer thirst! Togainu no Chi anime goods at Comiket 78 (Nitro+Chiral)

And cool down with Togainu no Chi ice cream…

That was the packaging for “Togainu’s Ice” ice cream (300 Yen) on sale during Comiket event. There’s also bottled water “Togainu’s Water” too at 300 Yen.

Other newly announced goods on sale includes the following:

1) TVアニメ「咎狗の血」スターターセット
TV anime Togainu no Chi Starter set

Price: 2000 Yen
The set includes:

  • TV anime Togainu no Chi Official guide book
    Size: B5, 80 page (All colour)
  • TV anime Togainu no Chi Clear folder set
    Size: A4, Quantity: 2
  • TV anime Togainu no Chi Canvas bag

That’s quite affordable for a 80 page guide book with extras :)

2) 咎狗の血グッズ『アリス×クロスグッズセット』
Togainu no Chi Goods Alice x Cross set (Trading card game)
Price: 4,000 Yen (w/tax)

  • カード収納ポーチ Vinyl Card pouch
  • デッキケース Deck case
  • マイクロファイバープレーイシト Micro-fibre play sheet
  • 4ポケットバインダー 4-pocket binder
  • 不織布バッグ Unwoven cloth bag

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5 thoughts on “Goods: Quench your summer thirst! Togainu no Chi anime goods at Comiket 78 (Nitro+Chiral)”

    1. @Siedlce: Yeah, no news of any purely Lamento items so far. It’s kinda expected cos Togainu no Chi’s anime is coming soon while Sweet Pool was the latest game they released. Lamento was caught in the middle :P The closest goods of Lamento coming out is the drama cd :)

  1. Hey ((: Thanks for the reply. I am so happy that you are willing to be my friend. ^^
    Do you mind dropping me a mail so that we talk more about BL ??


    The chibi characters are SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!
    How I wish that I am in Japan right this instance so that I can land my hands on the above listed items! (: ALAS! I wonder how much damage my bank account will take.

    Hey (: Erm do you mind making friend with me ?? I am also a SG BL fan. Just want to have one more person to share my interest with ^^
    && Thanks for uploading this great post (:

    1. @buttertoast: Thanks for dropping by! :D Yeah that’s major yu-pon cuteness. I’m interested in the guide book too ^^ a big part of my $ has been reserved for the figures and plushies OTL so broke.

      Hehe I don’t mind! I’m a closet-within-closeted BL fan tho’ XP

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