Goods: Prince of Tennis Jumbo Cushions (Anikuji Tennis no Oujisama, Animate)

Featuring Ryoma Echizen 越前 リョーマ and Kuranosuke Shiraishi 白石蔵ノ介 in non-sexy poses lol

Title: Anikuji Prince of Tennis アニくじ テニスの王子様
Price: 500 Yen per try lucky dip (Lucky draw)
Available: 21 July 2011

Prizes: Set A~F
Set A: Jumbo Cushion – Rouma 1 type – A賞:ジャンボクッション・リョーマ (全1種)
Set B: Jumbo Cushion – Shiraishi – B賞:ジャンボクッション・白石 (全1種)
Set C: Shoulder Bag, 3 types – C賞:肩掛けバッグ(全3種)
Set D: Colour box, 3 types – D賞: カラーボクスBOX (全3種)
Set E: Illustration stand, 10 types – E賞:イラストスタンド (全10種)
Set F: Towel Wrist Band, 4 types – F賞:タオルリストバンド(全4種)

Official info:

Available at Animate Japan only. It’s possible to try your luck online but you’ll need a proxy :3

The cushions measure 45×60 cm each which is a nice size for hugging :3

The other goods are nice too but I think most fans will be trying for the cushions.

These Anikuji prizes usually get sold out in less than a few weeks, so grab them while you can. But you can also wait till later for them to surface in auction sites. Most of the time, the “lesser” prizes are sold at reasonable prizes or at cost. It’s the cushion/rare type prizes that often go for a premium (and people still buy them anyway ^^;;)

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Prince of Tennis Jumbo Cushions (Anikuji Tennis no Oujisama, Animate)”

    1. @Tasukihoneybunny I think they are ^^

      Body pillow for fan girls are getting more popular now so I believe you’ll get your wish soon!

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