Goods: Ooh~ I love… celery?

Figma MikuOr… leek I guess.

Figma MikuVocaloid Figma Hatsune Miku by Good Smile Company / Max Factory will be on sale soon. It will be released for general sale in Japan on 10 September 2008.

The damage: 2500 Yen (w tax).

My goodness she sells out FAST. Apparently there is very limited stock, like Figma Fate.

I’ve resisted getting the Nendroid Miku despite her uber cuteness but this action figure is quite a tempting addition to the Figma series.

What attracted me most to this Figma is her costume… She has -SHINY- boots and skirt and sleeves. Err that’s boots, right? The material looks different from the released figmas so far. Err… or maybe it is just superior lighting that gave it a glossy effect. I don’t know. I find it pretty. I’m strange I know. Oh yea… and the leeks and microphone.

“Commercial Break” lol~ Nendroid Caramel Dancin’! XD Must watch!

Incidentally, the other two Vocaloid characters, the Kagamine twins will also be available in Figma versions soon. Official date and pics are not out yet.

Anyway, when the twins Figmas are available, I will probably get them too. Besides being cute (I feel so shallow ^^’), they have rather nice props like guitar and such ^^

Update: 2 Sep 2008.
Official release of the Figma twins is in October ^^ but erm… I guess I won’t be buying them unless there’s a sale or I’m feeling rich cos they don’t look as good as Figma Miku from the official pics. Although I like Ren’s keyboard, I won’t want to buy him just for the sake of it.

Hmm… since I’m on the topic of girl figures… there are a few other ones that are on my wishlist.

She Predator MachikoReal Action Heroes Chun LiRyougi Shiki

1. She Predator Machiko 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys
Ok… the detail is fantastic and she just screams sexy and power. Oh if you noticed, she happens to look like Angelina Jolie whom I happen to like :P Damage: US $159.99 (approx 17500 yen)

2. Real Action Heroes Chun Li by Medicom Toy
Erm… I’m not exactly great at fighting games like Street Fighter… in fact, I kinda suck at them XD But this Chun Li figure looks lovely… look at her legs kekeke… Muscular contours ooo~ if there’s any RAH female figure I want to own, it is this one. Death Note’s Misa Misa figure really can’t compare to this babe. Well, from what I can see from the pics anyway. Her face sculpt is also pretty. Damage: 16800 yen. I’ve already ordered her x_x

3. Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyokai – the Garden of sinners by Good Smile Company
I haven’t seen the anime but this statue/figure caught my eye when I was surfing figure websites. Very beautiful, especially the intricate detail of her kimono. Damage: 6500 yen. Seriously tempting even for my no-statue figure buying policy x_x (ok… Togainu Shiki and Akira in Military uniform are exceptions.) Very tempted but not priority. Only if I have spare cash (That’ll be a miracle XD) Preorder and bigger pics here.

Anyway, even if I don’t buy the statue, I’m going to be so broke (T_T)

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12 thoughts on “Goods: Ooh~ I love… celery?”

  1. Wow… I think it is well worth the wait, isn’t it? Don’t statues like these make you want to learn how to make sculptures? xD

    Btw, I found the Super Sculpey clay at a local art shop. Around S$24 but I think it is still cheaper than trying to import it on our own. I bought a pack and played around with it… quite fun! Feels just like plasticine :P So many things to do but so little time =_=

    Ah~ the Zero helmet. In order for Lulu to wear it, we most probably have to remove his head from his body first :) I’ll take pics of him when he comes.

  2. Vagabond’s statue/figure is something i’ve been waiting for couple years tht’s why I have a certain hidden budget for it.

    Lemme know when R2 lulu arrives, curious of zero helmet.

  3. I think ingredients for Gyoza are quite varied. Leek is one of them :D

    YES YES!!! Zero Lulu coming soon! *meow* They should give us neko-mimi accessory…

    Another thing, Togainu “hold hands” mini figures were delayed last month so I might get them end of this month too ^^

    Wow that figure/statue is expensive o_o almost S$300… but I have to say, it is definitely a work of art. Very beautiful.

  4. Leeks is also needed for Gyoza izzit? Because i like Gyoza
    I think i might change opinion abt leeks. Thanks!

    OMG! so R2 is this month heh?

    Well…i think most expensive is probably ARIA ‘Alicia Florence’ 1/6 or Serial Experiment Lain figure (still in their respective boxes)
    My figure collection is in modest Yen price, but this crazy thing will be my most expensive collection
    ~yeah i know i’m crazy.

  5. Yeah leeks do have a unique aroma. It’s a pity I can’t cook the dishes… hehe I’m better at eating XD If the opportunity arises, must try… I’ll see if my mum is ok with it… ^^” or we can always visit a restaurant here :D

    If you like dumplings, try them first. I think you should be able to find the packed ones easily at supermarkets or at Chinese restaurants. Anyway, although I have preference for certain foods but I usually eat almost anything hehe

    What is your most expensive figure to date? When the R2 Zero Lulu arrives end of this month, he’ll be my most excruciating wallet bleeder at S$190. o_O gaaaah so expensive *cries*

  6. Whoa….

    I dunno anything abt Chinese New Year leek dish..this is new and i think you have a talent in convincing ppl because i suddenly eager to give it a try.
    Yah invite me on next Chinese New Year.
    Hopefully can change my opinion abt leeks.

    Like it or not leeks is an important additional in meals, especially asian meals. I think they gave certain aroma.

    Yeap, that’s it. and hahaha rite it’s expensive!!!!

  7. Ookie… here’s some info about the Leek dish that my mum cooks during Chinese New Year…

    * Vegetables *
    “Chinese leek” or da suan which sounds like “counting” is served by the Teochews with other dishes to make a combination of auspicious abundance. Mixed with “cuttlefish” or you yu it means “counting continual abundance”; if cooked with prawns or har it becomes “counting with laughter”. The Fujians serve leeks during the Reunion Dinner. Leeks are sometimes hung for good luck during this season.

    Very yummy loh ^^ There are other leek dishes that are superb yummy. Leek Dumplings XD 韭菜餃子 Tastes great dipped soya sauce with diced ginger strips. I just had “Creamy potato with leek soup” my friend cooked the other day. Slurps :9~

    Wah~ the 1/8 Blanc Neige is beautiful but expensive o_O is this the one you’re referring to?

  8. What’s a leek dish? any online reference?

    I dunno tht, but maybe it’s not big deal for me..but thanks thou i will check it out.
    Other that im aiming is Shining Wing 1/8 Blanc Neige.

  9. Hahaha… no worries… no matter what I’m still their queen XD

    Cannot imagine the leeks scene… x_x But maybe if you’ve tried the leek dish, you may change your mind? lol… quite yummy…

    If you can get your hands on the wonder fest nendoroid Miku version, you’ll get 2 leeks instead of one. And I think you also get a different Miku face from the normal release ^^ check it out.

  10. yup..saw the vid. Cute but i turn off the volume coz i hate tht typical dance song.

    She’ll draw many attention from Naoto, Light and lulu, sure you won’t get jealous?
    Now the boys have kicks ass big sista…haiyaaa!!!

    i hate leeks in any shape or form. I would hate Iwaki if he’s covered in leeks. *disgust*

    im getting the nendoroid hatsune miku. XD

  11. Ah~ depends on how you cook it? If I’m not wrong it is an ingredient for a Chinese new year vegetable dish? Not sure hehe but I kinda like it.

    I’m hoping that She-predator has a big pre-order discount. Duck doesn’t have to worry. He is protected and well-loved XD I’m pretty looking forward to Chun Li. She’ll be my first female RAH ^^

    Did you see the vocaloid youtube vid? XD Yeah I’m not going to buy the Figma twins… their nendoroid versions waaay cuter, especially Ren’s pouty face keke. But I placed a pre-order for Figma Miku already. And I’ll stick to my no-statue figure buying policy about the kimono figure.

  12. I hate leeks.

    Hee hee cannot stand the temptation eh?
    Dun buy tht She predator Machiko…if you dun wanna your yellow Junjyo duck turn pale.

    As for number 2 and 3….i like them but my hands and wallet are tied. XD
    Chun Li kicks ass, while Misa is errr pain in the @##.

    The vocaloid figma is not as cute as the nendoroid ver. the leg warmer looks weird.

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