Goods: Type:YOU Customised PC with seiyuu voiced themes (Hatano Wataru, Smash Core)

And we thought personalised voice alarm clocks were bad enough for our wallets…

Latest gadget seiyuu fans can blow their savings on is Smash Core’s [Type:YOU] Seiyuu Original PC series with seiyuu voiced themes! Now you can hear your favourite seiyuu address you by name when you start-up and shut-down your windows PC.

This is the second round of orders with male seiyuu Hatano Wataru 羽多野渉 and female seiyuu Harada Kana 阿澄佳奈. The first round with Miyata Kouji and Kato Emiri has ended. I wasn’t aware of it then. Sorry for not posting earlier if you were their fans *o*

1. You can specify your name and script (within 20 hiragana characters. Punctuation marks are excluded.)
E.g. 「あきなさん、きょうもおしごとがんばって。」 (ささやくように) (18 characters)
Akina-san, Kyoumo oshigoto ganbatte. (Whisper)
E.g. 「たかしくん、おつかれさま!」 (元気に) (11 characters), etc
Takashi-kun, otsukare-sama! (lively)

2. Besides that, you can also specify the tone and atmosphere of the voices, like gentle (やさしく), chirpy (元気に) etc. Non-specified tones will not be performed.
3. Start-up voice will be about 4 seconds. (pay so much for 4 seconds orz;;) I wonder how much companies have to pay to engage the seiyuu to do an hour’s work :P

The customised notebook will also be designed by the seiyuu who will choose his favourite colour for the cover and his autograph. (Delivery period: 60-70 days)

2 types of specs to choose from. High spec and normal version.

1) Title: Type:YOU 15.6 inch Notebook PC Hatano Wataru – High spec ver.
【Type:YOU】 15.6インチノートPC 羽多野渉さん -ハイスペックVer.-
Preorder period: 8 August 2012 1200 hours – 8 October 2012 2359 hours.
Price: 185,000 Yen (w/tax) (approx. US$2365)
Available: December 2012
Order Link:

Size: 15.6 inch Notebook PC
Processor: Intel Core i7-3610QM (Quadro Core/2.30GHz/TB max 3.30GHz/6MB smart cache/HT compatible)
Resolution: Full-HD(1920×1080)
Graphic board: NVIDIA GeForce GT650M 1GB / Intel HD Graphic 4000 (NVIDIA Optimus technology compatible)
Optical drive: Blu-ray readable / DVD writeable

2) Title: Type:YOU 15.6 inch Notebook PC Hatano Wataru – Normal spec ver.
【Type:YOU】15.6インチノートPC 羽多野渉さん -ノーマルVer.-
Preorder period: 8 August 2012 1200 hours – 8 October 2012 2359 hours.
Price: 148,000 Yen (w/tax) (approx. US$1892)
Available: December 2012
Order Link:

Size: 15.6 inch Notebook PC
Processor: Intel Core i3-3110M (Quadro Core/2.30GHz/intel smart cache 3MB)
Resolution: Full-HD(1920×1080)
Graphic board: NVIDIA GeForce GT650M/1GB
Internal drive: DVD super-multi drive

Individual recorded voice can be setup to include your name and other words「お名前・セリフ設定」

How to order:
You can customise with your name or other nicknames you like.
Please specify “words” in [hiragana of less than 20 characters] including a name.
However, since it will be recorded as the voice for starting and shutting down of Windows OS, it may be edited if the content is not suitable.
*Note: We do not accept other company’s specific characters and words due to copyright. Please make sure that you’ve entered the correct delivery address when you place your order.

Q1: Can I specify my original script?
A1: The name you want the voice actor to call and sentence to be within 20 hiragana characters. It will be used when windows OS is start up and shut down. We may edit the script if it is unsuitable. Please take note.
Also, please understand that we do not accept other company’s specific characters and script due to copyright.

Q2: What are the available payment methods?
A2: You can choose to pay by bank transfer, convenience stores escrow (payment vote system), Internet banking, etc. including the various credit cards (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DC, Diners, UFJ, NICOS) in which installments are possible.

Q3: What is the product warranty period?
A3: 1 year warranty.
Mail and telephone support is provided by ユニットコム (PC manufacturer). Details at:

Q4: Can I cancel or change my order quantity?
A4: These goods are made-to-order. Cancellations are not allowed.

Q5: How many pieces can I buy?
A5: Maximum 2 per person.

Local delivery charges: 1,000 Yen

Hope the information helps if you’re going to buy it :D As for me, I shall avert my eyes and look away… (ToT)

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18 thoughts on “Goods: Type:YOU Customised PC with seiyuu voiced themes (Hatano Wataru, Smash Core)”

    1. @Shirokaze: My mental note of the price includes proxy fees + import tax lol~ so it is REALLY expensive. But if I was in Japan, I may be more willing to buy it if I had the money and need for a new laptop. My current one is about 2 years old :D

    1. @urusaiii: I believe they probably do :P I don’t see the branding of the PC. Probably a local manufacturer which produces customised PCs. Guarantee/warranty page:

  1. That’s actually really cool. Its quite expensive but when I look at the specs, the high grade comes with 120gb ssd and its quadcore and 1080pi and other good stuff! Though I think the most expensive thing about it is the seiyuu voice and its customized. I might have gotten it if it was my favorite seiyuu and I had money Haha. Cause I have a laptop already~

    1. @momo: If I were in Japan, I would consider it. But to import it will incur customs tax + proxy fees *_* And personally I don’t like the big screen. I prefer something smaller like 13.3″. Let’s wait for him to voice the customised capolla alarm clocks and we can make our own windows startup/shutdown sounds ^^;;

    2. I don’t mind the big screen size because I don’t have very good eyes so small screens hurt my vision. But yeah, the price is REALLY expensive + tax + proxy fees + shipping (laptops can be heavy) -.- Just a lot for some voices you know?

      Plus, imo, I can get a really good laptop for cheaper anyways X] Just gonna wait for some more voice alarm clocks!

    3. @momo: I used to have a 15.4″ and it was quite a chore to carry it around due to the weight :D And if I needed a bigger screen, I can always connect the laptop to a monitor :P Yeah, I’ll be patient too and wait for his voice alarm clock :D

    4. It is a chore to carry around. My laptop is a 14.5″ screen I think? It’s pretty thin and not heavy so I like it. I would really only use a big screened laptop at home or if I was going over to a friend’s house. Wouldn’t bring that thing around traveling and stuff.

      I use my computer more anyways (barely use the laptop) :D

      yes! Gotta wait for that voice alarm clock :]

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