Goods: One-Coin Togainu no Chi Reissue Preorder

Update: 8/8/2010! Will be re-released again on January 2011 ( CDJapan | Playasia )

es Series One Coin Figure Togainu no Chi Box / Figure/Doll

I recycled an old post lol :P Anyway, you get the full set, so no worries ordering one box. But for those who already own it, there’s not very much incentive to buy again unless you want a backup set… it would’ve been more worth it for us if they have remade these chibis into 2nd generation one-coins whose heads are removable.

Update: 6/6/2009 ~ Will be re-released again on 5 November 2009.

Togainu no Chi One-Coin

Togainu no Chi is popular!!! How I wish they do the same for Lamento =.= I would love to own another set.

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16 thoughts on “Goods: One-Coin Togainu no Chi Reissue Preorder”

  1. i’m sad, when i was moving my figures to the display case, i noticed i was missing the tiny togainu no chi “solid”.OTL
    Do you remember which figure came with the solid? Was it Akira?

  2. Ponytale-san you must help meeeee! T___T
    Should i buy the Togainu no Chi one-coin figures for $40 + $10 for shipping?? T___T

    and i feel like Ponytale-san something for christmas!
    Love your blog XD

    1. (T_T) Really sorry, still very busy with work… US$50? It’s actually not a bad price. Can you show me the link? :O
      Thanks! That’s sweet of ya~ *hugs* Sigh i’ve been neglecting the blog tho. So many things I wanted to update/write about but not enough time :(

  3. i got my one coin figures in the other day! I am extremely happy there so cute! I found the kitty,suit case of line, and to my surprise the super tiny tiny bag of solid to be So cute but I’m afraid i’ll lose them there so small! One thing i noticed from the lamento coin figures is that the togainu have a more flatter shape face, especially on keisuke an motomi….are maybe its just me. I’m very happy with hobby link thank you for suggesting. I cant wait to receive the others im just worried i have no more room on table for them.;;;

    1. That’s great! Yeah these one-coin figures are worth the price for the beautiful details ^^ Hmm now that you mentioned it… they do look a bit flatter :P or maybe its the design? cos they captured Arubitro’s big hair perfectly XD I love the secret military akira… it’ll go great with the upcoming Shiki in Chiral forest that’s due for release end of Nov! XD Can’t wait to strip the Y-shirt Akira too kekeke

  4. There are 3 series of Hetalia chibis released, the tiny chibis that feature almost all the countries (2 boxes) and the Kotobukiya one-coin version which are bigger. The tiny ones are so popular! I didn’t buy them cos I find them expensive for the simpler design. I prefer the design of the bigger version ^^ I don’t follow the manga anymore but I watch each new anime episode faithfully every week hehehe. So far, I like Italy and Germany the most XD Japan, China (prioritise food over everything else lol~) and Russia follows closely. America is cute too!

    Agrees. Aarin is seriously the best for BL stuff… Is Hiiro no Kakera only available in PS2? I think there are English forums that has otome games but I’m not sure which one. I’m not in any of them but I think there’s a supposedly popular Chinese forum for that called Otome Dream

  5. Yea those hetalia chibis are selling out like i dont know what, its so popular!XD
    I didnt get so far in the comics though my only favs so far are china,russia,italy,an america XD you?

    I tried to play the game but i had trouble alot with it so i only got so far.;o;
    I wish there was a helpful site for otome games an a place to dowload them too like arrinfantasy.

  6. Hmm it shouldn’t be to hard to figure out the rules of the card game….maybe someone has translated it online?

    Gah 15 repeated cards, sorry to hear. ;_;
    If i had some cards to trade with i would trade them with you but there so expensive.OTL

    1. That’s possible… I’ll look around when I have more time XP but if you discover anything, do give me a heads-up kekeke. Yeah, would be nice to trade huh…

  7. Okay~! Pre-ordering time ^v^

    You have the basara an hetalia chibis! *o*
    Thats neat i cant wait to see them sometime!

    I currently have my eyes on some hiiro no kakera coin chibis..but because i’ll be working i might end up losing a bid on it *cries*OTL
    I saw that they have lucky charm thing for the hiiro no kakera series too….i don’t know why but i’m kinda interested in buying though i really shouldn’t be relying on good luck charms!XD
    I think it’s be neat to have it dangle from my Car keychain though…..ah i’m so silly OTL

    1. Good for ya XD
      Yeah! I’ll try to put up a Basara chibi special soon. The box packaging for Hetalia chibis is cute! So many things to do, so little time!

      Good luck on the bidding! :O I considered getting the Hiiro no Kakera one-coin chibis when I first saw them on pre-order too… but after some struggle, I decided the save the budget for other stuff *_* You’re a big fan of the game huh… Ah~ the lucky charms are cute too! ^^ Hehehe I don’t believe in charms but I agree they’ll look great dangling from keychain or mobile phones XD

  8. Thank goodness you got your refund back. O~ dun worry about CDJapan. They’re trustworthy ^^ I often buy CDs and goods from them. I pre-ordered the recent Togainu trading game cards from them too. I received them last week. I have 15 repeated cards!!! Darn… I’ll try my luck on another box when I have the budget. The images on the cards were pretty high quality. I’m quite happy with them. The trading card box box also comes with a clear collectible card of the Shiki x Akira design on the box too. Anyway, I still haven’t figured out how to play the trading card game lol~

    I should do an update about them. Gaa~ I have quite a number of new arrival items I want to do reviews on like the Hetalia and Sengoku Basara chibis but I just don’t have the time to do it :( They’re still unopened.

  9. @akiyama: yeah… xP I’m quite looking forward to sweet pool merchandise too hehe

    @Fuuga: You may not be able to choose the exact figure you want if you buy them separately cos the boxes are sealed but if you buy all, you’ll get all the figures keke. Each figure is about 4cm tall, head width about 2cm. Very nice details and high quality. Definitely worth it XD

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