Goods: One-Coin Lamento Chibi Reissue Preorder

One Coin Figure Lemento -Beyond the Void- Box / Figures & Dolls

My prayers were answered! The Lamento CHIBIS ARE FINALLY BACK!

I wanted a second set for safekeeping just like my Togainu set ^^” Yay~

Update! 2nd (3rd?) reissue (again) Release date: February 2010

Place your pre-orders now XD

Supposedly limited stocks :P Don’t miss it…

Full set of 10, including 8 characters + 2 secret, damage: 5250yen

Available on 10 April 2009

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32 thoughts on “Goods: One-Coin Lamento Chibi Reissue Preorder”

  1. i got it from here (ponytale edit: Buyer beware! There were complaints that say they carry bootleg items!)

    yea he appears after you complete every ones routes. Not many liked his ending cliche i guess; but i liked it.

    Wah! Thank you for link!<3
    I remember that BL ova it was great~! I loved his voice in it~ ‘//v//’
    And Hanamachi…*died*

    oh the akira from miracle noton of course!XD
    (honestly i can’t see akira from togainu with hips lol)
    i got my artbook from benippon
    (It was cheaper but i guess because of the yen it went up in price.)
    I had brought it in December last year so i think the copies they have come with the game. In the Artbook contained a few new images not much.;
    <3!! Realrode looks great! *_*
    I’ve still havn’t palyed the other one she did the drawings for that looked really good too… revo i think it was called.

    *o*!! wha thank you for all the recommendations!(will look into)

    Uh i’m also sorry for all the comments! i’ll make this my last post here so i dont flood up your blog entry!^^

  2. Oo~ which shop is it? :O

    Icic the secret guy only appears after you completed all the endings right? I remember reading about that one… but I don’t think I can stomach all the depressing scenes to get there. The anime could be better but I guess it was a miracle it got made anyway ^^

    Yesh… incredibly huge, fleshly hips… on MEN! My eyes my eyes!!! *_* Dirk~ ah… his seiyuu is Hiyama Nobuyuki. I like him too XD Guess what, he is the voice of Aki in Sensitive Pornograph! Now that’s one hot, manly uke. But he is more often cast as seme than uke. He was in Hanamachi Monogatari. Go here for a list of all his BLCD works.

    Which akira? :^D~

    Are the mini-games only in first press or in all editions of the artbook? They sound like fun! XD There’s a non-BL PS2 game where Yura is the illustrator. Very beautiful pics! See the official site

    Hmm… you can try Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku 薔薇ノ木ニ薔薇ノ花咲ク -Das Versprechen. Gothic mystery and it has great reviews. There are PS2 and PC versions. Gakuen Heaven PS2 (18+ version of cos kekeke) for the seiyuu cast, fluff and bishonen pics. I have them but I haven’t finished them yet ^^;;; It was a bit difficult to play in privacy. PC games are easier cos of the ALT-TAB key lol~ Just a note PC version of Gakuen Heaven is not voiced tho’

    I like Bokura no Renai-Shinrigaku 2 (Cafe Lindbergh) cos of the cast but I’ve only played the fans disk before. It was very fun ^^ It is timed bejewelled-like couple matching game. After you clear the blocks of couples and unlock the H-image behind the blocks, you get to the nosebleed H-scene XD Still trying to hunt down the out-of-print physical copy tho’

    Oh yeah I read that Ore no shita de AGAKE 俺の下でAGAKE is very good too but I’ve not played before. And not to forget, Junjo Romantica PS2! XD Pure cuteness. I’ll still trying to get my grubby hands on an actual copy.

  3. o-opps…OTL i think i might have fallen into the same situation again;;;
    (found another onlinestore that had military akira…………………..)

    lol yes enzai was hard for me to complete too…some of the ending and cgs were depressing to look at. TTATT(got many bad ending with guys at first XD; )
    I think my favorite character from the game was Jose and the secret character.<3
    (and gah i saw the anime… the animation/story sequence didn’t do yuras drawings justice OTL)

    lol! omg yes most of the men in game did have very hug hips XAX;;
    I didn’t bother me much until the cg with kei with hug hips came in i was like "nooo~~~~"TTATT
    (Dirk was my fav uke from this game i loved his seiyuu!!
    I went looking for dramas he’s featured in but there are not alot…;A;)
    Hmm i think there was maybe one are two cgs of akira with hips but i can’t remember XD;
    I have the mini games disk that came with miracle noton artbook if you want i can upload them if you ever want to play them.(it includes typing game *which doesn’t work for me TTATT*/dress up game*you have to complete the board game to get extra dressup clothes XD;*/Board like game/and pingpong like game*nosebleed*)

    Wahh i finished off lamento…so i have no more bl games to play anymore.;o;
    Do you recommend any?

  4. i got e-mail today about the akira figure…..sold out OTL
    luckly they refunded me…This figure is hardest to find out of all Nitro ones.

    lol aww I love teacher moe!*blush*>///<
    I just wished that the teachers i had were crushable enough….(were all very old OLD men *shivers*)TAT

    I totally agree on the hanamachi chibi figs!They’d look great in artist style~
    (Would love to see figs from all vivd color/Langmaor games *v*)

    I think i would die if there were figures for yura’s bl game "miracle noton". I love this game alot. Have you played?It’s kinda like enzai mixed with absolute obedience and cuteness all in one just to warn you if you havn’t played it yet.XD;
    You’ll love Noton~<3

    I love his sister too. Uh Nitro+Chiral is so different from other bl games i really like how they add so much depth to there characters/story. I played to some of rais route today and got a bad ending….I thought i wouldn’t like Rai that much but after this route……..why nitro? TTATT

    1. Phew~ thankfully. The akira figure is sold out at most places, so I’m quite surprised that thisisanime is carrying it at quite a good price too. And another thing about Yesasia, sometimes they list items when they actually don’t have stock on hand. I’ve ordered a limited edition cd that was listed and they just cancelled the order without informing me few weeks later. But since I was paying by credit card, they didn’t make any charges first, so I wasn’t that upset.

      *blush* me too! Teacher moe XD Well, I was taught by one or two “moe-able” younger male teachers (30s) but honestly, now that I look back they’re actually not that good looking… ^^;;; but still… we had fun in class. The girls would go (quite typically) KYAAA~ at whatever our teacher did. I think he was quite frustrated with us tho.

      Teenage school girls: Erm, we’re paying attention to -YOU-! KYAAA~
      Frustrated sensei: *dies*

      lol~ As for old men teachers that taught me… *_* there were a few who were quite handsome for their age but I was too young to figure that out as moe XD

      *nods* Let’s hope these BL games companies release some good quality figures of their popular games ^^

      Oo~ I’ve read about “Miracle Noton”! I think the story is quite innovative! I’ve seen the CGs but I’ve not had the time to play it. I tried Enzai but I couldn’t get through it… too dark and depressing. Maybe I wasn’t in a good state of mind to play it at that time. I don’t remember even completing any route except getting one bad ending where Guys was killed.

      Absolute Obedience was funny tho’ the only complaint I have is that the ukes that Yura drew for the game have huge girly hips. I like my men to look like men. ^^;;; I’m glad that Miracle Noton” didn’t have that issue. The boys are so cute! I’ll try to get my hands on the game and play it someday…

      Yeah, it isn’t easy to create characters that we can identify with or care about. Hehe… I like Rai’s seiyuu, so I was already swayed although Rai seems very arrogant. When he first appeared, I was like KYAAA~ kakkoi~ ^^;;;

  5. Hmm… icic… hopefully everything works out well for your uniformed Akira o_O

    If they’re designed by Yupon, they’ll definitely be cute XD OH we forgot about Tetsuo/Youji’s main instinct ending c*i*d (spoiler censored… make a hangman guess) I think he’ll be really CUTE! (There isn’t a hidden character in the secret route tho’)

    Yesh, Sensei! I think manga and anime have brought out the sensei moeness to the extreme. But then again, who doesn’t have a crush or two on their teachers before? XD

    I hope other BL game companies would release figures of their games too. I’ll love to own some Vivid Color Hanamachi Monogatari chibis ^^ yupon style.

    I like the scenes when Youji chats with his sister… very heartwarming :)

  6. Yea i should email them…i already paid TTATT
    If they don’t have it hopefully they give me refund…

    I think the character in Tetsuo/Youji’s route at end will be secret figure *_*(are atleast i am hoping i think it’d be cute)

    Sensei is a must.

    its be neat to see youjis sister too i dont think they have a girl chibi yet XD

  7. XD Glad to help! They’re really fast huh! If you used EMS you’ll get them early next week kekeke… As for thisisanime, I read some mixed reviews about them… I think it may be good to pester them for a status report of your Akira. Have you paid for it yet?

    Sweetpool chibis figures!! I believe Nitro+ will make figures for them ^^ The fat guy will still look cute if he is also designed by Yupon (who did lamento and togainu chibis) He is also an important character in sweet pool after all. And I also want sensei chibi… maybe he’ll be a secret character? XD Oh and also Youji’s sister would be nice.

  8. Omg they had it and its already shipped out~*n*

    Thank you so much for all your help!*major hugs*w<

    Yes~I want my Uni Akira.;A;

    Do you think theres a chance that they’ll make sweet pool figures? I’ve seen a art picture of them in coin-sized/chibi look-alike, its be neat but they would be one character short i think.; (If they did an they included that fat man i would probebly end up burying it in back yard XD;; *does not like that character)

  9. I’m sure it is in stock. Don’t worry :) And trust me, you won’t regret it. Anyway, after mandarake processed your order, you can email them to quote you SAL shipping just to compare prices. It takes about 1~2 weeks longer to reach you but so far I’ve not encountered any issues.

    I just popped by yesasia… sheesh, everything Togainu they’re selling are all overpriced!

    Really? XD Nano wants to be loved! (Nano: Take me take me!!! *Jumps into the shopping cart*)

    I wouldn’t buy the chibis separately though since we’re sure to get the whole gang if we buy the full box. Oops… yea Nano is in his box… feeling lonely :P I put the others inside a wall mounted display case so I’m quite lazy to change them ^^”

    Good luck on getting your Uniform Akira! Keep me posted huh.

  10. TTATT I love you~~~~~~Thank you!<333
    I-i ordered it OTL i hope i dont regret it;
    They probebly won’t have it in stock though knowing my luck;
    (SAL is unavailable unfortunately, thank you though ;v;)

    I think it is US site. I dont remember what method i used. But i’ll wait until next week to e-mail them. ;-;

    lol aww you probably have N(nano?) in his box then?;A;
    I love Nano his one of my favorites. I heard hes the most easiest to get when it comes to the coin chibi figures at random.

  11. Mmm… sometimes it happens *_* but I think you should still be able to find them on sale after they were released, since people may cancel their pre-orders. It’s a pity that most Japanese stores don’t ship internationally cos I often find out-of-print items on those sites.

    Togainu no Chi chibis are even cuter than the Lamento ones. The secret chibi is the cutest ever :) It was reissued a few months back so I guess most places have already sold out.

    I found this link:

    Those are pre-owned tho’ you can still consider it. You can pay using paypal ^^ They charge an additional handling fee of 500Yen. You can request that they ship via SAL to save some $

    Hmm… If I’m not wrong thisisanime is a US site? what shipping method did you use? I’m not sure about them cos I usually order from other sites.

    Currently I have 9 of my fav chibis selected from Togainu and Lamento on display, like Rai, Shiki, Akira, Rin etc… Others are kept in their boxes ^^

  12. T-they might already sold out through pre-order….!?TT____TT
    Its just the price and the size thats holding me back….i think i will wait until april i’ll have more money. *knows i’m going to regret doing this…*
    For some reason i really like the togainu no chi ones but can’t find those anywere but one place an i think that is yesasia…

    I kinda wary about ordering anything expensive now though…have you ever ordered from this place?
    I order this from there and they still havent sent me a e-mail saying they shipped what i brought out. Two weeks…don’t ever order from here….OTL

    !Wha your going to have so many chibis in your room~ *_*

  13. It really depends… some places might have already sold out during the pre-order stage… if you really really like it, why not order it from the shop you saw?

    I think these chibis are very cute and worth the money :) *whispers* I already have one set I’ve opened up for display… so I ordered the reissue as backup *dies*

  14. Its so hard to decide….The pre-order i saw end at the end of this month…I dont know if i should get are not…there like 2inchs? Aww but the leeks one is very cute~

    Do you know if they will have the item at the online store available for buying after its relesed date are no? It’s probebly something you can only pre-order right?;n;

  15. It was almost lost in the mail I think cos I had to collect it at the post office instead of it being delivered to me.

    Oh yea… I just emailed you about the revoltech sale at playasia… xD

    The few revoltech figures I have are
    1) Yotsuba (normal and summer version)
    2) Fate/Stay Night’s Saber and
    3) Jyun
    I would like to get the Danboard boy but sold out at shops that ship internationally already. I didn’t expect that. (T_T)

  16. Two months? wah..but can track it anot?
    XMAS is not a holiday in Japan but good for business it think…

    Those idol master revoltech are not limited/rare items probably will buy it before XMAS
    i think they sorta like figma, easily re-stocked

    self control ……*chants* you don’t need have Miku’s lovely figma. XD

  17. Wah that’s cool! I was also tempted when I saw the girls but I told myself… self-control self-control x_x

    Hahaha… she’s a girl after all. Can imagine the slo-mo NooOoooOoo collapse XD Well, the figures can be a reward. Like say if she does well in school, she gets to choose her toy keke. Or she can earn it by doing chores around the house…

    Depending on your shipping method… but Xmas does affect SAL more. EMS not as much. Last Christmas, I ordered Mirage of Blaze R1 DVDs from Rightstuf (USPS/SAL) during the sale, it took almost 2 months to reach me.

  18. As for the revoltech idol master i think im going to buy a pair. Looks more cute as a pair.

    Chrisan got her STREET FIGHTER action figures of SAGAT and RYU. She dressed up the boys as if a girlie XD i think she likes action figure…future collector perhaps?
    GAH!! expensive hobby and i have to pay for it. Nooooooo…..*slow-motion*

    Yep tht could be the reason. Does XMAS affect the delivery time very much?
    You get ur items mostly by EMS, right?

  19. Erm yeah lol~ in the story, Cloud used to idolise Sephiroth until he betrayed them… right? Right? XD SO MUCH ANGST!!! XD They’re my first FF BL doujinshi pair. The kind of things we find on the internet when we were actually looking for something else *sweatdrop* that’s why I just cannot shake the image of them together. And if I buy Sephy, I must have Cloud x_x I currently have Advent Children Play Arts Cloud and Sephy. I didn’t buy the game versions tho.

    Hehe.. you know, I bet your girl will definitely want to play with them :P If I can only buy one, I’ll choose the pink girl. XD

    Well, so far, apart from screw ups like my SnapPs Konoe, this is the first production delay I experienced. I think most of the items I preordered were produced and delivered around the estimated arrival dates. The economic downturn might have been a contributing factor to the delay this time.

  20. BL connection eh? XD
    Awww you fans…..
    well there’s another marketing gimmick..if i buy Sephiroth only i will not be satisfied becoz only one-winged bishonen LOL~

    Dunno which one..before actually buying it i want to think about the display box. dun wanna make it look cheap XD

    Have you ever pre-order something and experience this kinda long delay before?

  21. No worries. I’ll have to say… it is good influence! Thank goodness PA doesn’t charge unless items are shipped :)

    That single wing design makes Sephiroth and Cloud figures a pair. They have one-wing on each side. *ahem* can’t help but notice the BL references… They cost about 3800 Yen each ^^

    SnapPs? Check out their website. Currently there isn’t any new items planned.

    Those idol master revoltech girls are very sweet. Reasonable/cheaper price too. Which are you getting? I think both pink and black are pretty. Your girl can play with them too ^^ even better than Barbie?

  22. i dont mean to make some influence on you juz because im not keen on Togainu ‘Hold hands’ but the delay is quite annoying.
    While you’re waiting for them, you can miss some other good things.
    I hope they goes on SALE on PA someday…

    yup i notice than single-wing design.
    Haha definitely, bad guy is more fun_not in real life of coz.
    i look forward for an update from ur blog. im worrying abt the damage..khu khu khu

    Do you hear more release news of SNAPS product?
    im going to buy a idol master revoltech just for fun.

  23. Yea… cos I realised that in general, certain figma releases are not as rare and they get restocked pretty quickly. Even Miku and Fate were reissued within the same year! So that removes my anxiety of missing out on any figma figures that I liked, unless if they are special edition releases such as Figma Suzaku.

    Anyway I lose out a little on Shana’s preorder discount but it’s okie. I can buy her later on when I have the budget ^^

    *rubs chin* Indeed… I think I’ll cancel the hold hands figures and wait for sale or when I’m richer.

    Both Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth and Cloud figures have only one wing each. Beautiful design there. I want to see better photos of these figures and their faces before making the post. If I have to choose only one, I’ll also take Sephiroth XD

  24. Oh you cancel your Shana?

    OMG. tht’s quite a delay. really annoying. well if you think you got something better coming up canceling them can be a good idea.
    who knows Togainu hold-hands will be on SALE on PA next year. Kya!!!!

    Yup i check on the link..Sephie (sweet nickname for him) is awesome looking. *drools* delicious character yummy XD
    Will be very grateful if you make some post about them.

    As for Cloud im not sure…not a fan. i can only buy one and tht’ll be Sephie instead of Cloud. i hope the details are good.

  25. Now that’s a good reason to save those pennies XD It’ll be awesome if they have Yupon designed Sweet Pool chibi figures ^^

    Linebarrels of Iron Yupon chibis are cute too. I’m not a fan of the series but I pre-ordered them… I’ve since cancelled the order due to other more droolworthy figures coming up o_O and I also cancelled my Figma Shana preorder… Aarrgghh…

    I’m seriously considering if I should cancel my Togainu hold-hands figures (T_T) Both Vols were delayed till December so I still have a chance to cancel them if I want to.

    There are 2 upcoming Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Sephiroth and Cloud action figures that are awesome looking. They’re on my wishlist too. Might do a post about them later.


    One set is enuff for me, gotta save $$$ for future figure release of SWEET POOL.
    Dunno when but “Luck favors those who prepared” XD

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