Goods: OMG! Suzaku Figma!

My prayers are answered XD

Only available at Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer], a one day convention on 3rd August and Goodsmile’s web store for a limited period. BUT knowing how $ economics works, we can expect the mass market version to be available for order soon after that… I – HOPE – ^^” Gaaaah… I must get it somehow (T-T) Suzaku Kururugi is voiced by one of my favourite seiyuu, Sakurai Takahiro.

*EVVIILL LAUGH* XD Look forward to it Lulu! (Lulu: Erm, what does that have to do with me? o_O”)

Update: He turned out to be a limited edition figurine.

Price: 2500 Yen but thanks to the exclusivity, I spent more than 4,000 Yen on him. But money well-spent :D Lelouch is not lonely anymore!

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