Goods: Okita Souji Hakuouki Trading Voice Mascot Review (Movic)

Okita: Ah~ Hajime-kun… :3
Saito: … …

Title: Hakuouki Supicotto (Speaking mascot?) 薄桜鬼 すぴこっと
Price: 4,410 yen (1 complete set contains 6 boxes)
Release date: 7 July 2011
Description: 60-65 mm. Each character will speak 2 lines from the anime.
Available from Animate Japan/Movic only. CDJapan offering proxy service! Check ’em out!

Made by the same company who gave us Durarara!! Trading Voice mascot figures.

About the character in the fictional otome girls visual novel game (Some spoilers ahead):

Okita Souji (沖田総司) (Voiced by: Morikubo Shoutaro)

Okita is the First Division Captain and a peerless swordsman. He suffers from tuberculosis, and is later visited by Nagumo Kaoru who gives him a bottle of Ochimizu as a cure for his tuberculosis. Driven by guilt at being incapacitated by his illness, Okita drinks the elixir. Although he becomes a Rasetsu, the Shinsengumi discover that he does not benefit from accelerated healing when wounded by silver weapons, thus discovering the weakness of Rasetsu. He is based on the historical Okita Souji.

Okita staying cool in his packaging.

I have a special affection for character chibis that has a mouth in the shape of ‘W’ :3

Nicely detailed for a chibi figure.

Cute side view with top knot. Small bump on the hair.

Love the character design :D

Another sexy back!

Good quality paint job and sculpting.

Cutest side view ever.

Notice his sandals? Very crisp paint work as well.

Weird to see that hole right between his legs ^^;; Top of the voice base, button and speaker.

Bottom of the voice base. Yep, made in China ^^ Notice the on-off switch on the right.

Such a cute and mischievous looking face.

And another shot! Pokes the tummy area XD

Slightly smudges on the white but no biggie. What is he saying to Hijikata?

Looking cool! :3

Looks like pineapple? Sparrow’s tail? lol~

Let’s hear how Okita sounds

Speech 1: 新撰組 一番組組長 沖田総司 Shinsengumi First Division Captain, Okita Souji

Speech 2: この子を傷つけたら殺すよ I will kill you if you hurt this girl

Okita sounding sweet even when he is threatening you lol… He is, I believe the most popular character in Hakuouki after Saito Hajime?

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Okita Souji Hakuouki Trading Voice Mascot Review (Movic)”

  1. @ponytale: mhm, it takes me by surprise since I’m sure there are probably better otome games than Hakuouki ^^. Hehe, Toriumi Kousuke <3~!

    And yeahhh, Kinose was the first to have an iphone app and figure. I thought their most popular was either around Miyaji,Suzuya, Hoshizuki (well he's in there) or like Homare~ Then again, Idk really know the Starry Sky boys popularity.

    Mhm, I didn't find Kinose sweet either like the rest of the characters. But yeah, I understand why Hoshizuki is No.10. Ishida Akira has a sweet voice :3 and I like his character.

    1. @momo: having the game’s anime done properly helped raise its profile and translated into good sales too. And maybe the characters are based on historical people, which help the players identify with them more.

      I also read about utapuri game sales doing well after the anime was broadcast.

      I’m looking forward to Hiiro no Kakera anime which is planned for next year? Since the illustrator of the game is also Yone Kazuki :3

  2. @ponytale: Ahhhh. lol, yeah, I had the impression that Saitou was the most popular. He’s like…the cool, quiet & shy boy. lol.

    You know, I’m still really surprised that Kinose Azusa is the most popular out of Starry Sky cause you know, there’s like 13 other boys…and well, to me, Azusa isn’t my favorite haha. I like him and all but he probably ranks bottom for me. He wasn’t too appealing :( when I played ~In Summer, and read the review for ~After Summer.

    And Esuto Linuado? He’s such a kiddie looking boy. -__-; haven’t played Wand of Fortune yet though. But he’s a cutie :)

    Oh~ And the blonde guy in Tokimeki Girl’s side 3rd story is cute~ :3

    Hehe, I haven’t played much otome games, but I’m still really surprised that 6 of the Hakuouki boys made it to the top 10 out of all otome games O__O; I mean there’s alot. But I guess its cause Hakuouki is popular~

    1. @momo: yeah and it’s Toriumi Kousuke <333

      I don't play Otome games either and it's like you said amazing to see the Hakuouki guys sweep top 6 out of all the otome games in the market.

      I'm also surprised how popular Kinose is. No wonder honeybee made his character first in both the iPhone app and figure PVC. I didn't find his character as sweet or striking than the rest if the characters.

      Hoshizuki I can understand since it is Ishida Akira. He was no.10 in the ranking.

  3. Cute! :3 He’s soo cute~ he’s my favorite character even if he is Yandere.

    O___O; really? I thought that it’s either Hijikata or Saitou who are first popular followed by Okita. Well, that’s what I feel from when I’m reading/looking up stuff for Hakuouki. lol, but I’m not so sure about that. It’s one of those 3 tho~ ^^

    1. @momo: Saitou is definitely the most popular… I have the impression of seeing him rank top in those fav character surveys in game magazines ;D

      In October 2011 B’s log, they published their survey for all otome games top 10 fav characters by readers, Saito is number one, Okita is 2nd and Harada is 3rd! Heisuke 4th and Hijikata 5th before Kazama at 6th. Other guys that made it to the top ten were guys from Wand of Fortune (Esuto Linaudo?), Tokimeki Girl’s side 3rd story (the cute blond guy) and Starry Sky (Kinose Azusa and Hoshizuki Kotarou).

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