Goods: Official Shi-zaya BIG pillow case high-school version (Durarara!! DRRR!! Izaya + Shizuo Dakimakura)

♥ ♥ ♥ First revealed in November 2010. Now with updates! ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: Durarara!! BIG pillow case. Set of 2 デュラララ!! BIGピローケース 全2種セット
Available: Late April 2011
Price: 2,400 Yen per set
Size: 160 cm x 50cm

They are surprisingly a lot cheaper than what I expected. I thought they would cost like 9,000 Yen each or something when they were first announced. Which goes to show how much the otaku/fujoshi are being ripped off when it comes to similar but way more expensive goods. I hope they can continue to make these goods affordable so that we can stretch our dollar more as we are doing our part to support a wider range of the industry lol~

I love Izaya’s pose cos it looks like you are hugging him from behind. Uber cute. Shizuo’s pose is typical guy’s sleeping pose where he is scratching his belly lol~ (reminds me of Gin-san) If I’m not wrong, they are supposed to be their high school/college selves in these two poses.

Another thing I like about the size is that you can buy fitting pillow stuffing quite easily compared to the Viewfinder Akihito dakimakura cover where you need to buy a custom-made pillow stuffing.

1) You can now preorder them off this Japan only store at the above price. Use a middleman/forwarding service.

2) Or go to Toyslogic if you want to buy them separately. I personally have a not-so nice brush with their service a few years back. However, if you’re located in the US, then it will probably be ok for you, cos to be fair, they do seem to have many satisfied customers. I may be just unlucky.

Just a note, Toyslogic is charging double the price for each pillow case but it may add up to about the same after the middlemen fees depending on your shipping location.

Information about the unofficial but hotter, adult-looking pillow covers in this post.

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37 thoughts on “Goods: Official Shi-zaya BIG pillow case high-school version (Durarara!! DRRR!! Izaya + Shizuo Dakimakura)”

  1. I think I’ll be able to buy the pillow case next month (YAAAAY!):3 Though I don’t really get the whole middlemen fees :< It will be the first time that I'll be ordering something online that's from another country. Plus,I fear that the shipping fee would be very expensive :'< Do you know someone who already bought this ? What were their feedback ? It would be great if you tweet me your reply,or inform me that you have replied to this post on twitter (@shan_burn) so that I can check back and view your reply. Thank You~

  2. @Nyaa- – I found Izaya on eBay again. Actually, I just bought Izaya too, but there’s another! It’s 100$ + 15$ – 20$ shipping, depending on what method you use. I haven’t received the item yet, but the seller seems really good so far. The same seller is selling Shizuo for the same price it seems too actually. (How did he get so many I’m starting to wonder lol, they’re official products, not bootlegs.) Just search “Izaya pillow”/”Shizuo pillow” in eBay. The seller is “g.h.r-japan”.

    I hope I’ve helped~

  3. @Nyaa- – Sure, I definitely will. Could you tell me if you find it also?
    Anyways, I found Shizuo on eBay! I was so excited, I already bought it and can’t wait to get it~
    The best bet is definitely auctions as Ponytale said. I’m going to keep looking for Izaya until I find it.
    Good luck, I’ll keep you updated if I do find them in a store, (please keep me updated too ^_^) but maybe I should contact you some other way?

  4. @patricia
    erm sorry for asking but do you mind
    telling me if you find a store that sells
    i really want it too :(

  5. @ponytale – Oh I see, darn it got me all excited. Oh well I’ll keep looking. I’m determined to find them somehow! X3
    Thank you so much for checking that for me~

  6. @ponytale –
    If I click the grey button next to the red one it takes me to what I’m assuming is logging in, but if I click the last black box it takes me to an agree/disagree (I think) page {} then I’m at a page that looks like filling out shipping/billing information. But I have no idea if that’s what it really is. ^^;

    Thank you so much! ^_^

    1. @Patricia: oh that’s the link I provided… Actually the red button says they’re sold out. Grey button means “I’ll not buy today” and it functions like a wish list :-\

  7. Sorry for posting twice, but it seems like the Japan only store is letting me order it…but I don’t know Japanese (so I’m not sure if it really will or not)… If it does and I use, can I order it? Does it come with both? But I still can’t read the Japanese… T_T

    Thank you and sorry for being a bother~ >_<

  8. I don’t suppose anyone knows where to get these anymore? PLEASE if someone knows please tell me! T_T I want these SOOOO badly, I wish I knew about them while I could still order them. Someone please, please, please help me find these~, I’ve been searching everywhere with no luck T_T

    Thank you~

  9. @ponytale
    what do you mean by prize item..??
    do you mean this dakimakura is a prize ??
    and they’ll not going to restock it ? T^T ??

    1. @Nyaa~: yes, it’s like those prizes you find at UFO catchers in game arcades or lucky dips. Not likely to restock but I’m not 100% sure. But keep checking auctions in case one turns up at a good price. Don’t give up!

    1. @Taro: The pillow cover is made of 100% polyester. There’s no washing instructions on the label so if you can find out the usual method on washing polyester… it should be alright..

  10. i want one 8D
    but do you know any other website which sells the pillow?
    but but it can be better if the pillow comes from england or any european country

    1. @Lugichan: not that I know of besides the ones I listed. They are out of print now. Try eBay or Yahoo Japan auctions? Good luck! :D

    1. @YukiAzuma: Which location are you in? You’ll end up having to pay double shipping. First ship to me then to you. ^^;; How about getting a proxy like to buy for you?

  11. @Kanon Yep, but these are sort of like “game prizes” similar to this Grell figure, so if I’m not wrong, they probably won’t get re-released. If you must have them, I think it’s best to get them now :O or wait for them to come up on auctions.

  12. Uwaa!! When I saw the picture, I was afraid to look at the price! But that cheap? Most definitely will consider them! Izaya is a lot cuter here. Too bad I’m broke… Ah well, I’ll just cross my fingers for a re-release in the future. ^^;

  13. @Luvi – Replied! Yes… when I first saw the price at Toyslogic, I wondered if they were selling bootlegs although they’re known to sell only licensed and legitimate merchandise :P Then I did a bit more research and it turned out to be really that cheap! (And even cheaper at the Japan store) So… yeah. Temptation magified like a 1000x. Happily suckered in by the price. X3

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