Goods: Official Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler Body Pillow Come Hither Sebastian Michaelis (male dakimakura)

Lying on a bed, removing your glove and loosening your tie in that manner… Are you trying to seduce us, Sebastian Michaelis?

Well, he sure is, since he is “Come Hither” Sebastian ^^;;

Title: Black Butler Body Pillow: Come Hither Sebastian
Price: US$39.99 (Discount: US$29.99)
Available: 31 March 2012
Size: 13.5 x 42 inches (34.29 cm x 106.68 cm)
Material: cotton and polyester. If I’m not wrong, Sebby is printed on both sides of the pillow. It is a pillow, so it is stuffed already.

While I was preoccupied with Japanese dakimakura and other cushions, I chanced upon Sebby’s body pillow at Rightstuf! Great Eastern carries official anime goods, so we can be sure that it is not a bootleg.

What do you think of the art? Sebby definitely looks delectable… although they should have made him show more skin lol~

The body pillow is smaller than usual Japanese dakimakura. The pillow is stuffed with polyester filling. It is not just a cover. Initially, I was concerned about the weight but remembered that Rightstuf goes by per item ordered. So international shipping only costs US$10 for this item.

I’m very tempted to preorder it (*_*) but… short of cash… I’ll keep him in my wishlist for now.

Photos kindly shared by TasukiHoneyBunny! :D

Hmm… The printing seems pretty good.

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40 thoughts on “Goods: Official Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler Body Pillow Come Hither Sebastian Michaelis (male dakimakura)”

  1. Oh I bought one of this too, a few weeks ago.
    I’m from the states, I love these dakimakuras so much, so I buy online. found this site after a friend referred me to it. Been doing a lot of research for other places, but you know, anime expo is like only once a year. Cannot wait for so long!

    1. @TasukiHoneyBunny: wow he looks hot (*q*) I’m even more tempted now! Thanks for sharing dear <3 just wondering, is he shipped in a vacuum pack?

  2. Actually this dakimakura was release in October/November I think this is the second preorder.

    I have it and the quality is kinda good, not as the Japanese dakimakura which the fabric is like peach skin fabric or something, the fabric is not shiny..

    anyways I love Kuroshitsuji so this pillow is my heaven

  3. Haha, even though he’s not showing very much skin, I think this is the most he’s ever shown?? Sebastian hardly shows skin at all… ;A;

    Ahh, what a tempting pose *__*

    1. @Mayon: It’s smaller size and usually items licensed for overseas market is cheaper. Not sure about the quality since I don’t have or seen the actual item. Can’t judge yet :)

  4. Have seen several tempting body pillows from Great Eastern at cons and online with characters I haven’t seen in Japanese releases, but have yet to buy partially due to the plethora of other dakimakura in my bedroom. And for some reason they don’t produce the same gut reaction for me as say the upcoming Kichiku Megane case I hope to receive soon…

    1. @Prettyvillain: They have to be more daring with the poses :D I’ll probably save this for later… since I’m also expecting 4 covers coming end March XD

  5. -_- Needs less cloths I love the whole biting the glove thing bu,t lose the coat and shoes.
    Shame on you Sebby you know full well that you can’t tease fans with inadequacy in fan service And you call yourself a Phantomhive Butler for shame -^-

    1. @Shirokaze: Wishiist it! The good thing about locally licensed stuff, there’s a high chance you can get them and they don’t go out of print that quickly.

  6. He looks so hot (what a obvious thing to say, Sebby always looks hot! XD), but I’d prefer less clothes. Shoes on bed kinda bothers XD. I’m also out of money T__T. I’d like to get the Junjou Romantica DVD boxes from Rightstuff. But have you ever bought something from them? Some people here in Brazil said the package is really nice, good costumer service but you have to scan your credit card to prove your information?!?! That’s very weird.

    1. @planck-chan: Yeah Sebby is smexy XD and all of us want him to show more flesh lol~
      Yeah, I ordered their DVDs and goods before. They asked for my scans too ^^;; to prevent fraud. But they’re supposedly one of the more reputable and cheaper stores, so I did what they asked. Everything is all good for the past few years.

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